15 Tips for Snorkeling for Non Swimmers

15 Tips for Snorkeling for Non Swimmers

All you need to do for snorkeling for non swimmers is float on the water.

And float is something you can do easily, either with a life jacket for snorkeling. But this can be a bit sluggish. However, beggars cannot be choosers. So, when you cannot swim, it is anything goes for keeping you afloat.

Or you could use a floatation belt for snorkeling. Works even better than the life jacket, is lighter and allows you to move faster in the water.

What we are saying is… there is always an option to snorkel whether you know how to swim or not. But… you cannot go for scuba diving if you are a non-swimmer.

Snorkeling is an easier way of discovering the ocean. It requires some techniques but with some tips, you can still do it. It is very true that you don’t have to be a good swimmer to go snorkeling.

All you need to have is the discovering spirit and the courage to boot, the right snorkeling gear and a few tips to keep you in the fun.

A beach vacation for the family is not enough without tossing in some snorkeling. Thankfully, anyone can snorkel irrespective of their age, water sport prowess and many more.

So, do not just soak some sun on the sandy beaches and then go home. Bring your snorkeling masks for everyone and take a look at the wonders of the ocean.

However, if you are a non-swimmer, do not jump headlong into the water. Ensure to do some research, you know the kind of gear to bring with you. Snorkeling booties, your wetsuits for snorkeling and others.

If you wear glasses, remember there are special snorkel masks for people who wear glasses. Remember to bring a camera to take pictures of those turtles in their natural environment.

Tips for snorkeling for non swimmers

Get the right snorkel mask

Get the right snorkel mask

A fitting snorkel mask is the first item you need for snorkeling. It is like your lifeline you’re your face is under the water.

There are two different types of snorkeling masks and these are the traditional mask and the full face snorkel mask.

Traditional snorkeling mask

The traditional mask only has two parts and these are the mask and the snorkel tube. The mask will only cover the nose and the eyes. The snorkel tube has a mouthpiece for breathing. The traditional mask allows you to snorkel deeper in the ocean or just on the surface. It is most suitable for experienced snorkelers.

Full face snorkeling mask

The full face snorkel mask is best suited for non-swimmers and for beginners. With this mask, snorkeling for non swimmers is made better. Thanks to the 180-degree view design of the mask, you just wear it and get into the water. Therefore, get yourself the right mask and make sure you get the right size.

I would recommend that you buy a snorkeling mask on Amazon.com. There, you will find more variety and better prices.

Snorkeling fins and a vest

Since you are not a good swimmer or you are not even a swimmer, a good snorkeling vest and a pair of fins makes snorkeling easier.

Most of the experienced snorkelers also wear fins to make it easier for them. Other than making it easier for snorkelers, fins have a protection function for snorkeling for non swimmers.

One is recommended to get a slightly larger pair of fins. Sometimes, full foot fins shrink when you get into water due to the coldness. Besides, it is cute to take a picture of yourself in large fins.

For non-swimmers, beginners, the seniors and the children, it is recommended that they wear vests to help them float on the surface.

The bright colored vests also help other surfers or trainers to see you clearly. Visibility is very important in surface water sports to avoid any risks.

Sun block

It is important to take care of your skin just before you get inside the water. A few hours or even minutes of exposure to the sun are capable of damaging your skin. Skin cancer is very real, and dangerous.

You can buy the SPF50 sun block on Amazon.com. This one is capable of resisting the water. A full skin suit or a rash vest is also recommended to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays; you also need to be a little bit warm in the cold water.

Practice first

It does not matter whether you are an experienced swimmer or it is your first time of snorkeling for non swimmers, you need to practice. You need to practice with your snorkeling gear to get how it feels. See whether they fit well and just acquainted with the sport.

If you buy your own snorkeling gear, you should get it way before you go for your vacation. Use the gear in your swimming pool or just somewhere there is a swimming pool. Practicing first is important so that you can get others in case whatever you picked does not fit you well.

If you rent snorkel gear from a dive shop on the beach, practice on the shallow water first. Just make sure everything is ok before you embark on your deep sea snorkeling. Practice is highly recommended for non-swimmers especially those that fear of water. It will help them conquer their fears.

Be aware of your surroundings

Most beginners are too excited to start snorkeling and they forget to get acquainted with their surroundings. The ocean is beautiful but sometimes it can be dangerous. Therefore, you should be keenly aware of your surroundings.

You should never snorkel beyond the safe area as it might turn dangerous. Make sure you don’t separate from your friends. Also check your location after every few minutes. Make sure you stay close to the boat at all times and most of all, practice safety.

Only snorkel at the areas that are designated for snorkeling. The currents will be right, the water depth and there will be a lot of marine wonders to see. Thankfully, if you are in the US, there are so many snorkeling destinations. 

Pick an interesting snorkeling spot

Pick an interesting snorkeling spot

Just before you embark on your snorkeling journey, find an awesome snorkeling spot with beautiful fish and equally awesome corals. Choose a calm spot and have the most interesting experiences ever. Besides, calm spots are safer for beginners because the waters are clear and they can see pretty much everything.

Avoid murky waters, which can be dangerous because you cannot see danger coming. Most of all, take people’s advice especially that have been snorkeling for long; they know better. If you are an itchy-foot traveler, you can carry your snorkel gear to wherever you are going.

There are snorkeling destinations in Africa, in the UAE and other places such as Thailand.

Relax, enjoy and rest

If you do not know this, swimming is a lot of work and it uses up a lot of energy. Most beginners get exhausted because they swim too hard. It is not like diving where you can use an underwater scooter for diving.

Snorkeling for non swimmers can be hard because they have no experience in swimming. Therefore, one is advised to be careful in order to manage their energy. As a non-swimmer, you should be relaxed and calm. Breathing easily and smoothly is one of the relaxing benefits.

Use your fins and your vest to float as well as swim. If you have some basic knowledge in snorkeling, you do not need to worry too much.

If there are unexpected incidents, do not panic. Keep calm and get help from your friends. Rest after every 30 minutes and drink some water when you are resting.

Employ some underwater etiquette

Do not touch any of the marine life. Both the animals and the corals can be quite dangerous. The corals can scratch you and you know some of them can be poisonous.

Some marine animals can get aggressive if they feel threatened. Therefore, try not to disturb them. Just respect and love the marine life from afar.

It is good to carry your scuba diving knife with you. You never know … you could help disentangle a trapped animal.

Do not snorkel alone

Never snorkel alone because you need each other for comfort and help. You could get exhausted or suffer from panic attacks when under water. That is why company is needed. Children under 12 years should never go snorkeling.

Children who are over 12 can go snorkeling with their parents or a guide.

Keep a weather eye – best advice for snorkeling for non swimmers

It is important to know the current local weather, which includes the ocean conditions. Ocean waves, currents, surges and winds change all the time. Therefore it is important to be prepared on what to expect and when to expect it.

Just enjoy your snorkeling experience

Just enjoy your snorkeling experience

Snorkeling is less of a physical activity but more of a meditation. You have to allow yourself to be in the moment. Allow yourself to be supported by the water and just experience your surroundings.

Snorkeling, just like scuba diving to the deep is therapeutic if you love being in water. It really feels like home.

It is fun and it is an experience of a lifetime. Before snorkeling, ask yourself some questions like, why do I want to snorkel? If you do not love marine life or just being in the wild, you will probably not enjoy a thing. 

Don’t stand on the coral even if you are tired

Not touching coral is a snorkeling etiquette 101 and you are wondering how can avoid it. Once you get tired of floating about on the water, you will definitely want to take a breather. Standing on the coral is the most natural thing to do.

You can however take a rest without standing on the coral. All you have to do is lie on your back to the coral. You already know how to float and lying on your back is definitely an easy task.

The other way to take a breather is to bend your knees close to your body thus avoiding touching anything. Also, be aware of your fins so that you can know if they are touching anything.

Use Prescription masks

If your wear glasses because you have an issue with your eyes, it is recommended to get a prescription snorkeling mask. You can wear contact lenses too.  Do not forget to clean your contact lenses as soon as you are done with snorkeling.

Remember, it does not matter how old you are to scuba dive or snorkel. What matters is that you be of sound health. It is also important to have the right scuba gear.

Bring a long sleeved swim suit or a rash vest

If you are snorkeling in the tropics, make sure to bring a long sleeved swimsuit or a rash vest. You should also get a cover for your head and your neck in case of sunburns. Even in dry or warm conditions, you should have a wet shirt or just something appropriate.

You may buy your swimsuit on Amazon.com where there are better prices and varieties. You may try other online marketplaces too.

Use a GoPro for your underwater escapades

I am sure you want to show your kids that you used to have a life before your hair started graying.

A good GoPro camera that you can buy on Amazon.com  is essential to record your snorkeling adventure so that you can replay it later when you need to remind yourself of the good old times. Without a filter, the underwater footage will come out blue in color.


If you are not an experienced snorkeler, it is important to take immense care because drowning is real. Even the most experienced people can drown when they get too tired to swim. Be smart and keep close to the shore. Surface water sports look simple and fun, but one moment of carelessness can turn the tables fast. With good preparation, snorkeling for non swimmers is possible, and it is a lot of fun too.