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The Best Snorkeling Gear 2019

So you are looking for the best snorkeling gear. You have decided that the warm weather is not going to waste. Good idea! But a man is only as good as his gear. Snorkeling is one of the most popular water sports. Most people that we know have it on ...
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Do Wetsuits Keep You Dry?

Do wetsuits keep you dry? Well, that is what you are trying to figure out if you are reading this. However, from the “wet” and “suit” combo, you can guess that this is a kind of a water suit that keeps you wet. So, quick answer to the question is ...
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Image of how does a wetsuit work

How Does A Wetsuit Work?

How does a wetsuit work? This is one of the frequently asked questions that both beginners as well as advanced divers ask. After you complete your diving certification course, which could be PADI, NAUI or even SSI training, you will be yearning to go and dive. However, you will find ...
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How A Snorkel Works -Breathe Underwater Safely

If you are a diving enthusiast, then you know that the snorkel is the most crucial of all scuba diving and snorkeling gear. However, have you ever stopped and wondered how a snorkel works? A snorkel supplies you with air when your face is submerged in water. Since you do ...
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Image of Can you breathe underwater with a snorkel

Can You Breathe Underwater With A Snorkel?

Can you breathe underwater with a snorkel? That indeed is the 64-dollar question for many newbie snorkelers and divers. The answer is yes. The snorkel tube attached to the full face mask will allow you to breathe under water. It attaches to the mask at the top and it has ...
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