A quick guide to scuba diving holidays in Fort Lauderdale, FL

A quick guide to scuba diving holidays in Fort Lauderdale

Do you wish to have some water therapy? Do you want to enjoy some scuba diving deep in the blues that can give you intense peace, taking you away from the hustles and bustles of your life? If this is your case, then its high time you plan a holiday to Fort Lauderdale, FL, to calm the wanderlust cravings inside you. For a Florida Vacation, Fort Lauderdale is a place that can give you all that you want to enjoy a phenomenal vacation. So here is a quick guide that will help you tour this sunshine state.

Where is the Fort Lauderdale FL located?

Fort Lauderdale is situated between the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and The Everglades. It is also known as “Venice of America” and is a coastal city in the Florida state of the United States, perfect for a beach vacation. It derives its name as Venice owing to the extensive canal system in the town and is also quite famous for its serene beaches. Though this city is small in area, it houses over 170000 people and is also referred to as the larger Metropolis.

Where should I stay when visiting Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Fort Lauderdale, a popular tourist destination, is blessed with canal waterways, sandy beaches lined with palm trees, and many other eye-pleasing exotic sites. Being at this place, one is exposed to a multitude of options to stay and enjoy life in Lauderdale. If you want to see some action and power-packed holiday with outdoor fun, scuba diving Fort Lauderdale, marine life exploration, then residing in the Central Beach area can be your best bet.

This part of the city is profoundly mesmerizing and is known for its super fabulous beaches, sandy shores, gardens, and museums that surround the place. Apart from this, during the night, you can come across a whole different city that can spark up the globetrotter inside you, giving you a chance to hit the local bars, restaurants, and pubs of the place. You can also tour in the cruises at Port Everglades, which lies near the central beach area and can also consider taking a stroll or walking alongside the exotic beaches.

Apart from the central beach area, you can also stay at the following places to enjoy the sand and sun:

  • Fort Lauderdale Beach
  • Imperial Point
  • Las Olas
  • Poinsettia Heights

What is the best time to visit Fort Lauderdale, FL?

If you are hunting for the best time to land down in Fort Lauderdale, FL, then there is some piece of good news for you; you can visit this beachy destination in any part of the year and yet enjoy vibrant and fun-filled holiday time.

January to April

The early months of the year witness a lot of tourists from all around the globe because the weather offers them a perfect treat to delve into the depths of the city. You can experience a jolly good time at this place, which bestows a sunny delight with a little rain during these months. You can consider carrying a light sweater if you are planning to visit the place during these months as the temperatures can drop during this time of the year. The summers may still take time to take a bloom, and thus you can experience a perfect scuba diving vacation in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

May to September

These are the months wherein you can experience the summer season of the place. This time is perfect to opt for boardwalks and beaches. All you need to have is summer kissing dresses, beachwear, sunglasses, underwater mask, and definitely some sunscreen, and you will be all ready to have a blast out there in Fort Lauderdale. Also note that the months between June and November can witness storms, so be geared for the same of you are landing down in Fort Lauderdale during these months of the year.

October to December

Visiting this place during October and November is not prohibited, but you can consider avoiding these months as the monsoon season sways up with full force during this time. So, there are chances that you may not get to explore the city as you would have done in other parts of the year. But if you still want to visit Fort Lauderdale during these months, you can be part of various activities and events such as boat festival, film festival, etc. that takes place in this course of time. The weather can be quite variable during this time and can soar between hot and windy, thus pack your bags right to be geared up with all the staples of the season.

What is the best weather to visit Fort Lauderdale, FL? 

best weather to visit Fort Lauderdale

The city’s temperature usually varies depending on time to time; some areas may be less temperate compared to the other areas of the place. Half of the year, the city is hot owing to the humidity content in the air; otherwise, the other half of the year is pleasant, offering fair precipitation chances.

The best time to enjoy the weather and beauty of the place is to drop down in the country bounds anywhere between December and April. These months experience a warm climate and offer an escapade to the tourists who do not wish to shiver during the chilly winter months.
If you plan to hit the destination during warm months, the period between July to September is the best time to plan scuba diving holidays. Also, you need to note that the hurricane season usually commences between June and November, with the peak being witnessed anywhere between the mid of August and October.

How far is Fort Lauderdale FL from Mexico?

Fort Lauderdale FL is the best place for scuba diving in Mexico, which is about 2080 kilometers far from the city of Mexico and is well connected by airways. One can easily book nonstop flight tickets from Mexico to Fort Lauderdale, FL, by any of the local airlines, which will take around three hours and forty-five minutes to take you to your destination. The connecting flights can also take about 22 hours, depending on the stopovers and waiting duration. Still, one can easily get nonstop flights to get to this water destination within a couple of hours.

What to do in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Fort Lauderdale FL is a whole bundle of surprise and is far beyond just the sands and waters. There is a lot that you can explore as a globe trotter, ranging from picturesque places to the stunning sceneries, marine life, wildlife, vibrant attractions. It is a whole mix of different attractions that can lure visitors. So, here are a few things that you can do in Fort Lauderdale that is studded with beachfront and canals.
Enjoy a water taxi

Apart from enjoying scuba diving Fort Lauderdale FL, if you further want to add some more water memories in your trip to Fort Lauderdale, you can consider hopping into a water taxi. Getting into a water taxi that is available in almost every thirty minutes, you can explore the city by traversing through the waterways. You can take sneak peek into the city from an all different perspective by opting for a water taxi, which has specific routes to take you through the amazing water routes.

Visit the Bonnet House museum

Visit the Bonnet House museum

This museum holds its name high as it is listed as a treasure in the national register of historic places. If you have a knack for art, history, and ecology altogether, this spot will not disappoint you in any way. This historical treasure was built in 1920, owing to its design courtesy to Fredric Clay Barlett.

A wide array of personal and art reassures are displayed on the museum’s walls and stands as an ancient winter retreat place for the Barlett family. The museum’s vicinities contain five ecosystems coupled together in the form of a maritime forest, dunes, freshwater slough, beach, and a mangrove wetland.

So, if you are someone who wishes to explore and witness that sands as an open book for art in an all different combination of five ecosystems, this place should definitely be in your must-visit list.

Scuba diving in Barracuda reef

Barracuda reef

Barracuda Reef is one of the top reef diving centers and considered as the best place for scuba diving Fort Lauderdale FL for beginners. The depth of this reef lies in the range of 20-35 feet and is enough to offer a deep dive for the novices who plan to kick-start their scuba diving journey. You can also explore the marine life of the place that houses some beautiful water species that you may have never seen before. One can also consider scuba diving in other places, including Tenneco Towers, Hammerhead reef, The Jax, Mercedes, Hog Heaven, The caves, etc. However, don’t forget to pack your scuba diving gear to ensure your safety.

Reconnoitering in Riverwalk Lauderdale

Riverwalk Lauderdale

Another fun thing to do in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is to drop in the vicinities of Riverwalk Lauderdale, walking down the streets to enjoy your partner’s company. In the calmness of this place, you will never complain of unwinding yourselves in your loved one’s company.

Explore the wildlife in Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Apart from exploring the marine life while scuba diving Fort Lauderdale FL, if you wish to explore the wild, you can straight off hit the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. This park stretched down to 180 acres and considered as a symbol of ecological significance. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and intercostal waterways and is a perfect place to land down for an afternoon picnic walking along the quiet green trails. One can also rent out canoes to get into the lagoons for some quick fishing and wildlife exploration. Also, there is a birch house museum that gives a glimpse of the rich history of the park. Further, the guests can also enjoy cycling, roller boarding, and beach view during the early evening.

Take a glance of antique cars

If you are fond of antiques and looking at yesteryear cars wakes up the racer boy inside you, then stepping in the Antique Car Museum is of paramount importance. This car museum is dedicated to the late President Roosevelt and features some of the best car treasures of that period and specifically focussed on the cars manufactures by the Packard motor company. This museum takes you down the memory lane showcasing the changes that occurred over time in the trends of cars.

Drench yourself in the beaches

Being at Fort Lauderdale and missing out on the beach fun, is a total no-no. It will be a major missing if you do not go by the beachside to spend some memorable moments and click out some awesome pictures at the shore. Fort Lauderdale beach is known to be the heart of all the tourist attractions of this place and is an entertaining water stretch that is a perfect place for all age groups to take an escapade. The waves, the sound of water, the sand, the water sport activities can mesmerize you to unwind yourselves on the serenity of this beach.

Yachting your way in Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard is another place that you shouldn’t miss on your itinerary to explore the intercostal waterways and mansions that lie along with this place. Las Olas Boulevard is a very popular tourist place that houses some of the best waterside hotels, cafes, art galleries, museums, and yes, of course, shopper’s paradise to spend a whole day in its lap being amazed by its beauty. You can also consider exploring this area from the core by hiring a yacht or boat to explore the depths and wilderness of this place.


Fort Lauderdale can be the best place to land down to spend some moments of fun and relaxation in a far off land. This place is a perfect destination to fill up your travel diaries with trips that can take you down the memory lane. We hope that this guide proves to be helpful enough to plan your holidays in the spring break hot spot Fort Lauderdale.
So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags, and stay tuned to enjoy a trip in Lauderdale worth all your excitement and traveling goals.