4 Scuba Diving Holiday Destinations For Families

4 Scuba Diving Holiday Destinations For Families

Finding the right scuba diving holiday destination can be an exciting time. There are many exotic countries to consider and most scuba divers probably already have many locations on their must-see list. A few top destinations include Belize, Mexico, Bonaire, Costa Rica, Fiji, Malaysia or the Philippines.

Shallow water is perfect for families. Luckily, there are many such great locations to choose from around the world. From dives of just a few meters to dives of up to 20 meters, there are many US and abroad locations to consider. Proper planning is needed as weather can change quickly in these locations.

At the same time, parents can ensure they choose spots which have plenty of fish so that kids can learn more about sea life. But at the same time, diving in shallow water also means these adventures can be longer so a few hours of fun can be enjoyed in these locations. Staying up to 50 feet from the surface is possible with the next locations. All certification levels are accepted in such conditions and kids can have them form as young as 10. The following destinations can be booked with local tour operators in the conditions in which all participants have a diving certification.

1. Alligator Reef, Florida

Alligator Reef, Florida

Alligator Reef is a top destination right off the coast of Florida. It is one of the most accessible home-soil locations and it has a historic significance as well. Named after the USS Alligator sunk battling pirates, the location is a perfect combination of the haunting beauty of the ship with elements such as reefs and fish.

Hundreds of fish species can be seen in this location. This is why it can be a top destination for those with kids. Furthermore, it is important to know the dive is only 25 feet deep, which makes it perfect for those seeking a more relaxed experience without the fear of actually tackling deep dives. Since the dive is somewhat shallow, it is also short.

The best part about the dive is that families can take hundreds of photos in the clear water. Kids are fascinated by the wreck and the added reefs make the photos as special as most parents would expect.

2. Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Another top diving holiday destination can be planned on Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. The water is shallow at Tiger Beach, with an average of just 20-30 feet in depth. This is why it is actually perfect for families. It is actually one of the locations where divers can spend hours at.

The best part about this shallow water is that it allows multiple dives per day. This is why it can be a good learner destination. Those seeking a more special learning location can certainly find the Caribbean location to be a top destination.

As a natural amphitheater, the dive is also a top location to watch sharks. Kids can enjoy a view of some of the most exotic fish and dive right next to them to take impressive photos of the sand at the bottom as the water is clear. In fact, the most family member can spend hours right on the sand, getting familiar with diving and even learning how to properly move and breathe underwater.

3. Lighthouse Reef, Philippines

Lighthouse Reef, Philippines

Those on a budget can consider the Lighthouse Reef as a top destination in the Philippines. There is an actual lighthouse to visit after the dive as well. The clear water has a maximum depth of 30 feet and it is perfect for days out with the family.

Getting to Philippine is not as complicated as it used to be. In fact, the airfare is going to be the largest expense for many divers. The actual dives are affordable and they can be booked in advance. When it comes to unusual attractions, the Lighthouse Reef is also perfect for those seeking to use unique fish. The mandarin fish can be seen in this location with its spectacular mating ritual, mostly visible in the morning.

4. Sombrero Reef, USA

Sombrero Reef, USA

The Sombrero Reef is another USA location with shallow water. In fact, its 30-feet dive is perfect for beginners. Since the water is so shallow, diving can also be combined with snorkeling. However, it is not only the shallowness of the water which attracts divers here is it is about the many species of fish.

A unique underwater world is made out of parrotfish, brain corals and gorgonians. Spanish hogfish can also be seen here along tens of other species. Perfect for a colorful picture, the location is inspiring for the entire family. Furthermore, a lighthouse can also be seen nearby.

Final considerations

These scuba diving holidays are among the best at the moment. They offer an easy routine towards diving and they represent one of the best solutions for those seeking holiday locations for the entire family. Most are situated at maximum depths of around 30 feet which means they also encourage divers to stay in water longer.

Besides the fact divers can see reefs and unique fish species in these locations, it’s also worth noting that most of these locations are also affordable. Unlike some of the deepest dives of the world, these locations are in fact affordable for small groups. Multiple families can join these unique spots and book even a year ahead to get the best prices. Furthermore, these diving locations are on offer at many tour operators which will provide all essential diving gear for all ages.

When it comes to weather is forgiving most time of the year in these locations. However, those traveling to the Philippines are mostly recommended to book their holidays in the dry season, which runs from November to April.