3 Best Places To Scuba Dive

3 Best Places To Scuba Dive

Finding the best places to scuba dive always needs to be based on the experience of the diver. Without taking experience into account, there is no sure way to determining the best locations. A few countries around the world offer dive locations for al skills and ages.

Going to Australia is a guaranteed approach to finding the best scuba dive locations throughout the year. Dubai, the Philippines and Thailand also offer an impressive selection of dive locations. Going further up north in the Northern Hemisphere, divers can find unique locations such as those in Spain, France or even Iceland. Before checking into these holiday destinations, those seeking the best places to scuba dive will see what they get in return.

Those who have not yet visited the following locations can do so with their local tour operator. Those who’ve already been to these countries surely have thousands of reasons to go back. Before venturing off, it is wise to look at weather predictions, types of gear needed for the dives, depth, and length of the dives, accommodation options as well as at the cost of all of these together. Here are 3 top destinations to release some of that scuba diving energy and enthusiasm.

1. Australia


Australia might be known for its sunshine dive locations, but it is also one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. It has thousands of species of fish and it has breathtaking diving locations. At times, some of these locations can even be dangerous. However, Australia now has a special place in the heart of divers from all over the world.

Ribbon Reef is one of the top destinations in Australia. It boasts the world’s largest coral reefs. It is estimated that a few thousands of types of reefs can be seen here. For divers, this is a unique place worth visiting as much as possible. The SS Yongala is another top destination. The wreck is there for tens of years but there is plenty of fish to be seen there as well. The fish are known for their impressive size. Some of the world’s largest turtles can also be seen around the wreck which means those seeking the next photo opportunity might be in for a treat.

2. Indonesia


Indonesia has about 20% of the world’s coral reef. As a result, diving in Indonesia is one of the best places to consider from the entire world. Dives full of color are found here and experienced divers can find something to get excited about as well.

Bali is a popular diving destination. It brings in tourists from around the world and it represents a solid option for those seeking a bit more freedom of movement in an exotic location, with its shallow water divers.

Jakarta also offers a few diving locations close by. The main advantage the city has its amenities. Divers can stay within the city and then embark on day trips for a quick diving session. The waters around the city are not as crystal clear as others around the world, but they are still great for a photo opportunity. Since the city is an economic hub, its surrounding waters are filled with wrecks as well. This is why all divers can consider the area as a top destination if planning to see multiple wrecks in the same place.

3. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands always make it to the world’s top 10 dives in various specialty magazines. This is actually on merit as the islands are remote and the scenic waters are perfect for diving. Apart from their remote appeal, the islands also stand out with their volcanic nature. There are about 20 islands to explore in the Galapagos in-between dives.

El Arco and Roca Redonda are among the world’s top dives. Incredible whale sharks can be found here. Diving on an underwater volcano is also possible here. This unique experience is nearly unmatched and the scenery is breathtaking, as one would imagine. Sea lions make the islands an even more attractive location.

Arriving in the Galapagos is quite complicated, however. All divers first need to travel to Ecuador where they catch a connecting flight. There are 3 main airports in the islands. The Seymour Airport is on Baltra Island. The San Cristobal Airport is located on the San Cristobal Island. The Emetebe Airport is located on the Isabela Island.

There are no international airports in Galapagos. Situated 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, it requires connecting flights. However, many of the world’s best scuba diving places require connecting flights and boat travel.

Final tips

Before embarking on a trip for the best places to scuba dive in the world, proper planning is needed. Even traveling to the Galapagos Islands can take up to a few days, depending on the starting point around the globe.

Weather changes rapidly in these locations at times. This is why scuba divers should plan at least a few days in their destination in case they cannot go scuba diving in the first few days of the arrival. Some of the world’s best diving spots can also be planned individually. Places such as those in Jakarta don’t need a tour company. However, it is not recommended to go unprepared in a new diving location.

Booking one or multiple scuba dives in these locations is possible even for smaller groups. Resorts should have information or connections which would recommend such companies for those seeking to explore these best diving places and even learn scuba diving. The great part is that even a single country can offer multiple inspiring dive locations. Divers can book longer stays to make the most of each location, especially since the world’s reefs are so endangered. It remains to be seen how long they can be enjoyed as they are at the moment.