Snorkeling Set Basics – 8 Steps to Follow

Snorkeling Set Basics

There might not be too much gear needed for snorkeling but all fans of the sport need to know there are a few essentials to start with. But not are snorkelers are the same. Some prefer to dive often while others might need just light gear for their hobby. Others prefer free diving and a comfortable mask which does well under higher water pressure is a must. Snorkeling fins immediately improve the experience as well. The following steps make the entire experience a successful one.

There are a few snorkel masks to consider, even for those who might not be familiar with snorkeling. Good snorkels are also needed. They mostly come together with snorkel masks, but their design is what sets them apart. Snorkeling fins also come in different variations, from flexible to rigid. Knowing the difference is essential. Great accessories can complete the snorkeling set basics.

Snorkeling equipment has its own variations. If the average person is not going to need a high-tech wetsuit from the start, a reliable snorkel mask is needed for the activity. It is why the following basics are ordered according to their importance in the snorkeling sets for adults world. In time, basic snorkeling sets can be achieved as follows.

1. Choose a snorkeling mask

Choose a snorkeling mask

Snorkeling masks can cover the entire face or just the eyes and the nose. Full face masks have taken snorkeling by storm. They are particularly useful for beginners who enjoy the included snorkel within the mask. At the same time, some of these full-face masks are known for their low fogging.
The right fit is always important with the snorkeling mask. It goes as far as men shaving to ensure the tightest fit. A good tip to follow is to choose comfort and if a mask feels like it would bring pain to areas of the face, it is not the best option. There are three main designs to consider.

Single window masks

Made from polycarbonate or tempered glass, single window masks have a wide field of view. Polycarbonate masks are very durable but they can scratch easily. Tempered glass masks are made to avoid major accidents by shattering to very small pieces.

Double window masks

Double window masks allow the use of prescription lenses. Used by those with vision problems, they can be customized to different lenses for each eye. However, everybody can dive uses contact lenses.

Freediving masks

Freediving and spearfishing masks are smaller. They are normally darker in color to improve camouflage. Their design covers the eyes almost entirely for this purpose.

2. Choose a reliable snorkel

Choose a reliable snorkel

Dry and wet snorkels are good options, even if they have different strengths. For example, a dry snorkel is not suitable for scuba diving, as it traps air and it can collapse. However, a dry snorkel is a top choice when snorkeling at the surface of the water.

The mouthpiece also needs to be comfortable. Most users need to find the right option for their own comfort as well. Solid and flexible snorkel tubes are available to choose from and it is a matter of preference for each individual. Flexible tubes tend to pull less on the face and they are popular in snorkeling sets. By type of activity, snorkels can be divided in 3 large groups.

Snorkels for snorkeling

Snorkels with a deflector are suitable for snorkeling. They prevent water to be swallowed even when facing waves. A fitted valve around the mouth can help get rid of water as well. As a safety precaution, it can be a good idea to snorkel with a brightly-colored snorkel for extra visibility.

Snorkels for diving

Diving snorkels are less about deflectors and more about flexibility. Compact flexible snorkels can bend and be stored in a pocket. High visibility colors are also suitable visibility from the surface. Snorkels with or without a deflector or valve are used for diving. A simple snorkel may have neither. A snorkel with a deflector can also come with a bottom valve, which allows divers to quickly get rid of any water which could get inside accidentally.

Snorkels for spearfishing

High visibility snorkels are not recommended for spearfishing. Everything is about camouflage and a darker color snorkel is recommended for this activity. Drains and deflectors are not a high priority for spearfishing. However, a larger diameter is recommended for improved ventilation between the spearfishing freedives. Spearfishing snorkels rarely have a drain valve or a deflector.

3. Choose top snorkeling fins

Choose top snorkeling fins

Snorkeling fins make swimming much easier, especially in currents. They are now a must-have in snorkeling sets for adults. Those new to snorkeling can consider them for that extra help during the longer swimming sessions. However, boots are another option to consider, especially if walking to protect the feet better. Paddle fins and split fins are the options at hand. The good news is that they allow frog swimming as well as alternate common stroke swimming. By activity, fins can be divided as follows.

Snorkeling fins

Snorkeling fins are lightweight and very flexible. Due to their lightweight nature, they are more versatile than other types of fins. This is why, at times, they can be used for snorkeling, diving, and even freediving.

Scuba diving fins

With all types of sizes, scuba diving fins are a bit more rigid. Actually, the longer they are, the more likely they are to be rigid. As a result, extra effort is needed to move. Adjustable fins for boots and full foot fins are the options for scuba diving.

Spearfishing fins

Very long fins are used in spearfishing. They are known for the extra power they can add to swimming but they are also fragile due to their size. These fins are the longest of all three categories.

4. Consider accessories wisely

Consider accessories wisely

A snorkel mask strap cover can be very useful, especially for those with long hair. Protecting the hair against pulls, it has high value with its simple use. A snorkeling swimsuit is also needed if going in the water on a constant basis. It protects the skin but it also keeps the body warm inside the water. A swimsuit which comes with a carry bag is perfect for any snorkeling gateways.


Other gear can be useful for a snorkeling set. A snorkeling camera can capture impressive images and help keep memories alive. But most importantly, all the gear actually needs to fit the individual type of snorkeling. It needs to be made to a high standard which is only seen with longer swimming sessions.