Snorkel Set Review: Cressi Lightweight Snorkeling Set for Adults

Cressi Lightweight Snorkeling Set for Adults 1

The Cressi light weight snorkeling set for adults is incredibly good, for lack of a better word. Many people that have owned this set say everything looks much better in person than you will ever see in the pictures. This is indeed a Cressi premium snorkel set comprising of mask, short blade fins, a dry top snorkel and a bag that you can reuse.

Snorkeling is among the most enjoyable outdoor water activities that you can engage in. It gives you a chance to have an adventurous time in water as you see and interact with some of the breathtaking aquatic life in the ocean. To do this however, you will need the best gear, and one of the most important pieces of this gear is the Cressi snorkeling set for adults.

This is a full-fledged package. The most basic items in the gear include the snorkel, a mask and fins. Cressi is an Italian snorkeling, scuba diving and other water adventure gear maker that has been manufacturing these things for many years. As one of the most recommended brand names in the market, you can buy without fear knowing that you will get great value for your money.

All the items in your snorkeling set must work hand in hand to deliver a great snorkeling performance. A low quality snorkel gear can only end up ruining your moments in water because it can leak or fog up thus distorting your visibility. Therefore, in order to ensure that you enjoy your snorkeling adventure to the maximum, plan to invest in a good quality and decent snorkeling set such as the Cressi Light Weight Premium Travel Snorkel Set and you will not regret it.

Features & Technical Details of the Cressi Palau Snorkel Set

The Cressi Travel Snorkel Set is light. It has been built for traveling. For many years, since 1946 to be precise, Cressi has been making innovative, high quality and reliable diving, swimming and snorkeling gears for men, women, youth and children.

What is in the set?

This snorkel gear comes in a Palau bag, and it contains the Cressi Onda mask, the Cressi Palau long adjustable snorkeling fins and the Cressi Gamma snorkel.

Cressi mask

The Cressi Onda mask skirt is made from pure hypoallergenic silicon tempered glass lenses, with a double-feathered edge that creates an amazing seal mask on almost all kinds of faces. The lenses are adequately wide, providing an awesome field of vision in every direction.

The mask also has an adjustable buckle system that helps you to enjoy a snug fit. As you put your face in the water, you can be sure that no water will creep into your face.

Like many Cressi masks, this one is designed to give you a wide view in the water. You will be able to see just as you would without the goggles. Your snorkeling experience is going to be very impressive with this mask.

Dry top snorkel

Dry top snorkel

The snorkel is the most important piece in a snorkel set. In this travel set, you find the Cressi Supernova dry snorkel that has been designed with a smooth bore tube with an anti-splash top end. It also has a unique exhaust valve that seals out water when it is submerged in water. If there are waves crashing over the snorkel, the special valve will keep the water out of the snorkel.

The internal bore ensures that no water is trapped inside the snorkel tube by allowing any excess water to easily and swiftly drain to collection reservoir. This means that when you come up on the surface after taking a dive in water, you do not have to drain the snorkel. It will do that.

Cressi fins

The lightweight and comfortable fins come in adjustable open-heel design that is able to fit a great range of feet sizes. This makes the set an ideal choice for a family or a group of friends since it allows you to share the fins amongst yourselves.

The design is also ideal for snorkeling in cold water because it allows you to wear a pair of snorkeling boots. The fin blades are designed to deliver strong thrusts while using minimal effort. In addition, these fins come with flexible side rails, which are very helpful while kicking or flexing. Finally, they also have an adjustable fin strap for a more comfortable fit.

Cressi fins

Cressi bag

All the parts of this snorkel set are well built using premier quality materials that are durable, and the set comes at an affordable price. Finally, the set also comes with a Palau bag with a zipper and shoulder strap that provides an excellent place to store your gear when not in use and makes it convenient for you to carry your gear while traveling.

The snorkel mask, dry snorkel and fins are available in two sets of colors – black and blue, and black and pink. Good choice for women and men respectively but frankly, you can buy either and it will still be as good.

Pros of the Cressi lightweight snorkeling set for adults

  • Flexible and lightweight fins
  • Adjustable open heeled fins that can fit a wide range of foot sizes
  • Comfortable mask and fins
  • Travel friendly
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Great quality
  • Comes at a pocket friendly price
  • Fits faces of all shapes

Cons of Cressi lightweight snorkeling set for adults

  • Short fins require a heavier kick
  • The bag could be a lot better

Who Should Buy This Snorkel Set?

This travel snorkel set is basically an ideal choice for any water enthusiast because of its versatility. It can be used for snorkeling in cold and warm waters. It will fit all face shapes and the best thing yet is that it has a good seal that keeps water away.

The snorkel set is a suitable choice for both women and men. The mask also makes it a great choice for women and young people especially those with smaller faces.

Who Should Buy This Snorkel Set

When it comes to the level of your snorkeling experience, this set has been designed for the beginners, intermediate and the experienced snorkelers. It does not matter whether you have just started snorkeling or you are an old guard at it because this set will serve your needs perfectly. Also, it is easy to wear straight out of the box since there is nothing you have to put together – no complications whatsoever.

If you love snorkeling in colder water conditions, this set will be a suitable choice for you because the open heel foot pocket allows you to don your snorkeling boots.

A family or a group of friends and snorkeling enthusiasts can also buy this snorkel set because the fins do accommodate a wide range of feet sizes thus saving them the money for buying many sets of snorkeling gear.

This product would also be an ideal choice for schools, again because of the fins ability to accommodate many feet sizes.

If you are into the snorkeling gear rental business, this snorkel set is a great choice for you because it can be used by people with different feet sizes and therefore saving you money that you could have used to invest in various snorkel sets to cater for every size.

Lastly, this snorkel set is not only ideal for snorkeling alone; it is also well suited for other water sporting activities such as boogie boards, swimming, body surfing and scuba diving. This means that if you are not a snorkeling enthusiast but you love the other mentioned sports, this set would still be suitable for you.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Cressi lightweight Travel Snorkel Set is one of the best snorkel sets that is available in the market today. All the parts come in a high quality build that is durable and they are very comfortable and ergonomic.

It is a great choice for snorkelers and divers who love to travel frequently. This is because it comes in a lightweight design and the set comes in a carry-on bag that allows you to travel conveniently with your set.

With that being said, this Cressi snorkeling set for adults is highly recommended to everyone and you can never go wrong with it. It is not only great for traveling but it is even better while in water. Your search for a good pair of fins, a good mask and a carry bag stops right here. If you take good care of this set, it should last you a long time. Clean everything with fresh water and leave to dry before storage.

Tip: Even though this snorkel set is built for traveling, when you are flying, you will have to carry it inside the checked in luggage. Do not let that deter you, you will be glad you brought it along.