Top Skiing Brands of 2024

Top Skiing Brands of Armada

As winter sets in, it brings several unique challenges for the skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts that they can’t experience in the summer seasons. Not only it allows you to conveniently enjoy some outdoor winter activities but also help you to relieve your stress. After all, this is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and indulge in some snow sports, but make sure you have the right clothing and gear.

When we talk of the gears, the chief equipment for skiing includes that the skis and the ski poles. And when it comes to buying the equipment, it is always wise to buy the right product, by any of the top skiing brands. Though you can buy a product from a random brand, buying it from a reputed skiing brand can make a huge difference. There are lots of advantages of buying branded items such as:

Branded products can be easily identified. Hence, you will take lesser time to shop.

When we compare the quality of branded products, it is undoubtedly better.

The prices of the products are fixed by the companies. Hence, there are no chances of you being cheated.

When it comes to the usefulness, branded items come with responsibility.

If you are looking forward to buying some ski gear from the top skiing brands, then you can find many options. Before you go ahead, you need to know the brand names you can trust. In this guide, we are going to tell the same.

Few top brands to consider


Top Skiing Brands of K2

Standing in 2019, K2 is one of the top skiing brands both in terms of technology and design of snow sports equipment. They had introduced the fiberglass technology way back in the 60s & today, they have come up with skis that can multitask. They have incorporated the K2 Konic Technology in their Pinnacle releases. In 2019, they have come up with two of their impressive skis, namely Poacher and Press. For ladies, they have designed the Empress skis which are an ideal park option while the Misconduct skis are an all-mountain pair. Apart from skis, K2 is also known for their range of ski boots that come with an innovative Synchro Interlock Technology.



This is one of the oldest French ski companies that boast over 100-years of experience. Yet when we talk of innovation, standing in 2019, the brand is still leading. Their award-winning 7-Series skis feature one of the latest Air Tip Technology, a honeycomb design that aids in reducing the weight of the ski by 20% compromising on the strength. Another notable product is their 4-in-1 Soul 7 skis that have a 106mm waist and an aggressive sidecut. It is an impressive ski designed for women. In 2019, they have introduced the Experience series skis that have been redesigned so that you get to enjoy the best possible experience. The Rossignol is such a name which you will find in the list of the top skiing brands.


Top Skiing Brands of Line

This brand had initially stepped into the market with its range of park only skis, but today, it has expanded into the freeride big mountain area. In 2019, they have introduced a diverse segment known as the Sick Day series that are poppy, lightweight, and stable powder skis. If you want to conquer the parks, then go for their Blend Skis that will help you in mastering the rails and attain freestyle fame. The brand is also known for building high-performance and innovative ski poles.


Top Skiing Brands of Fischer

Fischer is another name in the list of the top skiing brands. It was originally a race-oriented company, having over the years entered the ski market. Founded in 1924 in Austria, today Fischer is a global leader in Nordic and Alpine skiing that is known for innovative and cutting-edge technology. In 2019, the brand has come up with the Ranger 98 skis, a part of their Ranger series with a 98mm waist that offers the rider more versatility in all-terrain ski experience. They are known for their lightweight skis and boots. Their mission is to introduce some of the most reliable, innovative and easy to use sports products.


Ever since the inception of sports, Volkl has made its presence in the ski industry. Their skis are engineered with the best German precision. Each of their products is a perfect blend of performance and fun. Their Bash 86 skis are the best pick when it comes to all-mountain skiing. Its light construction, carbon stringer and multi-layer wood core deliver solid edge grip and stability no matter how firm the snow is. Also, you can try Revolt 95 skis, a promising product offered by Volkl, one of the top skiing brands that fall under the affordable segment and work great for deep snow skiing.


Top Skiing Brands of Salomon

Born in 1947, today Salomon has many branches in mountain sports, but their ski department has bagged the tag of being the industry leader. They are a proud manufacturer of their reliable QST series. This twin rocker series feature a Spaceframe core, flax, wood and carbon sandwich that makes it rigid and lightweight. This series comprises of 4 skis, where the QST 106 leads. You can also browse through our collection of Alpine ski poles and get set for your adventure.


This is also a part of the list of the top skiing brands that work in close collaboration with some of the renowned skiers worldwide and aims at changing the overall perception of skiing. Their inventive ski design promotes creative and progressive riding techniques. Their ARV ski series includes 4-different waist widths which accommodate the needs of the various riders. The Phil Casabon’s new B-Dog from the house of Armada is your street smart, rail ski. Its features a lightweight fleet wood core along with a stiff horizontal laminate which makes it perfect for jibs and presses in the park. Their park ski Edollo rules the world while the prized pro model Henrik Harlaut delivers the finest traits that you would look in a park ski.


The market is flooded with end number of brands & as a user, making a choice becomes difficult. Now that you have got an idea of some of the top skiing brands, you can confidently pick the ski that meets your need. But since skiing equipment is quite expensive, you should know how to control your spending by deciding when and from where to buy.

The first thing that you should avoid is shopping from the Mountain Resort areas. There the prices would always be higher as people are left with few options. Another way of saving is to look for post-season clearance sales on ski gear on Amazon or any other store. It helps you to acquire goods from top skiing brands at an affordable price.