Men’s Snowboarding Gear – Durability Is Not What It Used To Be

Men's Snowboarding Gear – Durability Is Not What It Used To Be

Many people love to play different kinds of sports in the snow. Winters are favorite months of the year for many, and this is the time when you need to take out your men’s snowboarding gear and equipment to make the most of the snow around you. Snowboarding is one of the most popular sports that people love to indulge in during the snowy season. It is packed with fun and thrill, making it so much interesting.

Speeding through the snow at exhilarating speed surely intrigues a lot of people. But many people have observed that their cheap snowboarding gear of today’s time is less durable than what was available before. Many have experienced the same and have faced difficulties due to it. Is it really the reality? Is the durability the same as it used to be?

Well, it seems so. Several products tend to wear off within a few months of usage & the money you invested in them goes down the drain. But that does not mean all products are the same; you need to choose the right one among the rest. There are plenty of options available in the market that promise you to give the best comfort while skiing. But they can’t always meet your expectations.

Also, the durability of products depends not only on the quality of the item but also the way one uses it. Knowing the type of your need depending upon your ride, climate, and altitude of your destination, and the interval for which you will ski plays an important role in determining the durability of your snowboarding gears.

In this guide, we will be discussing the vital tips that will help you to identify the more durable men’s Snowboarding Gear. We have divided the segments into different parts that deal with separate items that comprise a snowboarding gear.

Vital Tips for Identifying the More Durable Snowboarding Product

Vital Tips for Identifying

Snowboards: It is the most important part of the men’s Snowboarding Gear. Always consult a size chart when buying a snowboard. It will help you choose a board with appropriate length as per your height and weight. If you are looking for a beginner, then you should always choose a board that is a few centimeters shorter than the recommended size so that you will be able to navigate more easily and can be more comfortable when transferring your weight from the toe to the heel. Many times, the uneven measurement of the board can result in it breaking much before than expected, especially when you don’t know how to steer it through the snow and the terrain.

Also, make sure you’re considering the type of snowboard based on the kind of terrain and snow conditions that you’re planning to ride onto. Your skiing speed is another dominant fact here. Choosing a camber board for fast snowboarding on groomed runs helps a lot.

Opting for a flat rocker won’t help that much in case of fast riding; rather, it would be prone to breakage. You can choose a flat rocker for soft riding purposes.

Snowboard Bindings: The bindings are very important and influence the overall durability of the boards very much. If you are a beginner and you want your snowboard to last for a much longer period, you need to make sure that the bindings are softer and flexible. Many riders also find it easier to balance and steer the board with the help of the straps which tighten the foot.

However, strapping the toe also has some disadvantages. So make sure to check what is comfortable and more manageable for you. It will prevent you taking a crash on the surface & the snowboard will also last for a much longer period.

Snowboarding Boots: You need to wear good quality boots when you are snowboarding. The snowboard boots are an integral part of the men’s Snowboarding Gear. The wrong pair of shoes can completely change your entire game and performance. Always choose boots that are slightly on the softer side to prevent too much stiffness on the toes.

Opt for a right pair of boots that ensure a perfect fit and are not too tight for the toes to move comfortably. Also, make sure your heels are not lifting up, and your toes touch the toe cap only. While considering the boot liners, try to opt for the standard ones that offer you cushioning and proper support to your feet to ensure an appropriate fitting with the changing time.

Snowboarding Boots for men

Another optional yet quite important thing that can be considered before opting for durable snowboarding boots is flex. If you are a beginner and willing to buy your boots with flex, then you must go for a softer flex. For advanced riding, boots with stiffer fitting flex are always recommended for better support.

Boots tend to get damaged very easily if you do not take care of them properly or use them very roughly. Make sure to buy your boots from a reputed and reliable brand because their products are of top quality.

Socks: In order to ensure proper fitting of your snowboarding boots, socks are designed accordingly. The customized designs of snowboarding socks are not something that you’re going to get from the ordinary daily-used socks. While buying a pair of socks for your snowboard riding, always go for the specially customized ones that provide natural articulation to your ankle and feet inside the boots. Wearing a wrong pair of socks may lead to discomfort inside your shoes due to frozen feet, improper fit, and other problems.

The right pair of socks make your riding experience a smooth one by absorbing moisture and providing increased comfort and warmth that is needed to keep your feet all time flexible. While choosing a pair of snowboarding socks, always opt for a breathable and comfortable fabric that ensures moisture management with a proper amount of cushioning and thickness. Refrain from buying excessively thicker socks as it may lead to chafing and restrict blood circulation of your feet. Make sure the fabric has improved thickness-to-warmth ratio to offer optimum warmth to your feet and toe. Also, avoid socks with discomforting fabrics to prevent allergies.

Helmets: It is always recommended to wear a helmet when hitting the slopes. Helmets protect you from the major accidents that can even result in life-threatening situations while snowboarding. But many people have observed that the helmets found nowadays are less durable than what was available before. Many of the helmets nowadays are made of materials that are not very sturdy and robust. They should be strong enough to resist the impact when you fall on the ground or on any other surface you skim through.

Never buy a helmet from unknown brands; always spend some more money and purchase from popular and well-known brands. Remember that never wear a helmet which is larger or smaller in size, but the one which sits perfectly on your head.

Gloves and Mittens: Earlier, Snowboarding Gloves and Mittens last for a long time because the manufacturers were able to produce them using the best quality materials. But nowadays, they tend to wear out very easily within a few months because the raw material is not of premium quality or the stitching quality is bad. These are an important part of the entire men’s Snowboarding Gear.

You need to use them to grip your snowboarding sticks and grapples effectively. Make sure that the gloves are made up of waterproof material and come with comfortable insulation to keep your hands warm. They also avoid hand freezing during the ride due to cold air and snow.

Jackets: Snowboarding jackets are also crucial to the men’s Snowboarding Gear because they keep the whole body warm. The warmer your body is, the better you are going to perform in the cold.

Snowboarding Jackets for men

Jackets are manufactured with the same motive to keep your body warm. They are made of good quality insulating materials that allow the garments to trap the heat. Also, it is always beneficial for you to purchase those which come with a waterproof feature to make them last for a much longer time period. Make sure to check the items that have been used to create the jackets and decide whether they are efficient enough to be used or not.

Pants: Like your snowboarding jacket, the snowboarding pants for men is a vital part of your costume. But choosing the right pair of durable pants may be confusing as there are plenty of features provided by different manufacturers.

While choosing the right kind of pants for your purpose, you need to keep some basic things in your mind like your capability of tolerating cold weather. If your body gets cold quickly, then opt for the insulated type of pants, and for those who get warm quickly should choose a more breathable type like the shell pants. Choosing a waterproof material for your pants is always going to be a smarter choice. The breathability of your pant’s material ensures increasing comfort while you ski. Make wise choices by choosing the most durable ones with all the essential features that ensure your comfort rather than selecting the fashionably fancy ones.

Snowboarding goggles: While snowboarding, saving your eyes from all kinds of havocs is important with the best snowboarding gear men. With the increasing altitude, your eyes get exposed to the lower UV rays, which increases the cold and uneven wind pressure and leads to tears and blurry vision. So, wearing the right kind of goggles is something that saves your eyes from all these things.

A right pair of goggles should include multiple vital features. Choose the right tint for your lenses based on the type of ride you take. An ideal tint should give you full coverage during the low-light and sunny conditions. Also, it must provide you with proper depth and contrast by ensuring the avoidance of eye fatigue and other discomforts.

Try to choose lenses that protect your eyes from glare and give ultimate protection from rays like UVA and UVB with the increasing altitude. Also, you need to focus on a good peripheral vision that helps you to get a proper view to avoid a crash with other skiers and riders. Always opt for a pair of goggles that fits best on your face and not wiggles or loosens. An additional feature like fog protection is also recommended for your smooth vision while snowboarding.

Snowboarding masks: While going on a snow ride, nothing is best than taking the ultimate measures for your better protection. Accessories that give you better protections to cope up with the increasing cold and snow should be there to protect you and enjoy the best and comfortable rides.

Snowboarding masks for men

Going to choose a durable snowboarding mask takes you to consider the ultimate protection of your face, ears, and neck from whipping winds, snowflakes, and chilling conditions. The right kind of face mask should be equipped with features like wind- resistance, breathability, and proper fitting, and fogging and dust protection with better warmth retention. Also, you can’t compromise with the fabric quality for your extra added comfort, and softness feels.


So here are some amazing tips that will help you to purchase the perfect men’s Snowboarding Gear that is available in the market. Though there are many other accessories and apparel suitable for your snowboarding, these are the basics that you can’t miss. Additional accessories for men also can be added for their extra comfort and needs. If you are looking for a reliable store to buy various snowboarding gear for beginners online, then Amazon can turn out to be the right option. Choosing a fashionably upgraded snowboarding gear always compliment your looks while skiing, but never forget to focus on the basic and essential gears to get your job done correctly with ease and ultimate comfort.

However, before you go ahead, don’t forget to check out the snowboarding buying guides. We hope that this guide will help you to choose the more durable products for snowboarding.