Nike Snowboarding LunarEandor QS Review

Nike Snowboarding LunarEandor QS Review


Selecting the correct snowboard is essential. That being said, it is as essential to pick up the correct pair of snowboarding boots. After all, it is the boots that connect you with the snowboard. A correct fitting and comfortable pair of snowboarding boots can tend to be a deciding parameter between a great day and a poor one atop the mountains. Also, while buying a boot, you must ensure that it is not much bulky so that you can carry it well in your snowboarding bag.

The wrong shoes can ruin your snowboarding experience completely. You will probably end up experiencing discomfort while carrying out the sport. The wrong pair of boots can also put your safety at risk. Hence, it is quite critical for you to select the right snowboarding boots.

Here is where the Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS boots come into the picture. Nike is one of the best snowboard boot manufacturing companies. Effectively designed, these boots support your ankle and feet and safeguard them against the stress you are likely to encounter during your ride. You can easily pick Nike LunarEndor QS boots from Amazon, without searching for them here and there and wasting your valuable time.

Many snowboarders, including beginners and experts, are still unclear if the LunarEndor QS from Nike is a reliable option for snowboarding. Well, here we will discuss everything you ever need to about these snowboarding boots before investing in them.

Review of Nike Snowboarding LunarEndor QS

The LunarEndor QS boot is one of the snowboarding boots from Nike that you can pick to have a good time riding in the mountains. That being said, let us discuss the key features of these boots so that you can have a rough idea about what can be expected from them.

Key features of the Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS boots

  • The upper part is made of purely synthetic leathers together with external TPU backstay and flex notches
  • The midsole is designed with Free Sole Technology inspired Lunarlon
  • The outsole is designed with Free Sole Technology inspired Siped Rubber
  • The boots feature Lunarlon cushioning, which is an advanced lightweight cushioning with dynamic support
  • The upper region of the boot is 3-D Molded
  • Flywire interior lacing harness
  • Protective backstay
  • External lace lock for zonal tightening
  • 3-levels of fully customizable flex
  • Strobe technology liner
  • Heat moldable liner
  • 3D Molded Spine
  • On/Off Switch for activating thirty LEDs in the swoosh

Now that you have become quite familiar with the primary features of these snowboarding boots, it is time for you to learn about the general specifications of the same. Here is a discussion list showcasing the details of these snowboarding boots from Nike.

General specifications of the Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS boots

  • Boot Type: All-Mountain, Freestyle, Freeride
  • Upper Material of the Boot: Synthetic Leather
  • Sole Material: Hybrid
  • Cuff: Flex Panel
  • Volume: Standard
  • Flex: Fully Customizable Medium Flex
  • Lace Harness?: Yes
  • Lacing System: Conventional Lace with Lace Lock
  • Liner-Type: Heat Moldable Liner
  • Removable Liner?: Yes
  • Liner Lacing: None, Velcro Specified Manufacturer Warranty Period: One year

The boot comes with an enhanced Shock Absorption technology. Although the boots look like Zoom ITES from outside, you can expect an entirely new experience from its inside.

Now, we will go ahead and discuss the Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS in terms of Flex, Heel Hold, Adjustability, Comfort, Traction, Response, Flex Retention, Footprint, and Shock Absorption.

General specifications of the Nike

Flex: The flex is pretty stiff. You can adjust the boot’s flex in three possible ways. It comes with two different kinds of boomerang inserts, which enable you to flex the boot differently. You can either go without inserting the boomerangs to achieve increased medium flex or choose to insert the pink or blue boomerang. The pink one can give you a medium/stiff flex, whereas the blue one can promise you an increased stiff flex. So, this is a versatile boot that is perfect for riders who ride on different types of boards.

Heel Hold: The Nike boots do not usually show up any issues related to heel hold. The feet do not make any possible movement inside the boots. You will feel as if they are a part of your heel. You won’t feel the need to tighten the boots.

Adjustability: The higher-end Nike lacing system stands to be very appealing. It has got an easy lacing system inside the liner, which appears like the conventional lace, but does not act like that. On the exterior part, it has got the harness just overhead the ankle, which facilitates similar upper/lower adjustability like that of speed lace. You can also customize your fit in the upper portion. You can leave the rung at the top undone and only lace up two rungs for obtaining a comparatively reduced responsive feel to ride simpler turning boards. You can also crank down each of the laces at the top while letting the bottom to be loose so that you can ride the more aggressive snowboards. The conventional lace may be a bit slower, but it offers much versatility.

Comfort: A comfortable and correct fitting pair of snowboard boots is a deciding factor between an amazing day on the mountain or a miserable one. And the Nike boots for snowboarding offer the highest degree of comfort to the feet. It will wrap just perfectly around your feet. The wider footed snowboard riders will also fall in love with the comfort offered by these boots.

Traction: When it comes to traction, you can undoubtedly trust these Nike snow boots without a second thought. They offer incredibly solid traction, which in turn protects you against slippery conditions.

Response: The boots offer great edge-to-edge. They can attach with every type of snowboard from freestyle to freeride, based upon how you use the inserts. The boots are quite versatile in terms of response.

Flex Retention: Finding snowboard boots with a flex that matches your riding style can take your snowboarding skills to the next level. The great thing about these boots is that they come with added boomerang stiffeners to keep the boots stiff for a much longer duration compared to the other boots.

Footprint: The Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS can be reviewed as average in terms of footprint reduction. The footprint of these boots is larger as compared to a few other boots in this range.

Shock Absorption: When your foot hits the ground, it gets a jolt of high-impact shock that can wear away your joints during snowboarding. However, the LunarEndor QS is designed to be highly shock absorbent to make your ride much easier and comfortable.

Shock Absorption

On and Off Ease: With these boots from Nike, getting off and on has become quite easy and convenient. Although most of the conventional snowboarding boots make getting on and getting off difficult, these don’t at all.

Reasons to Buy Nike Snowboarding LunarEndor QS

If you are an intermediate or seasoned snowboarder and looking forward to changing your snowboarding boots, here are some good reasons why you should decide on investing in the Nike LunarEndor QS boot:

Fully customizable flex: You get two kinds of boomerang-style inserts, which can be used for flexing the boot differently. You can achieve a medium level flex without the boomerang inserts. For a medium to stiff flex, you can insert the pink color boomerang & for a stiffer flex, you can insert the blue one. The facility to customize the flex of your boot gives you versatility so that you can ride different types of snowboards.

Suitable for all riding styles: Well, now this is an advantage to ponder on. With these snowboarding boots from Nike, you can enjoy all riding styles, including all-mountain, freeride, and freestyle; you don’t need to change your boot to use a different snowboard for a different riding style.

Offer incredible support to your feet: When it comes to supporting, these boots are undoubtedly outstanding. The 3D Molded upper region of the boot surrounds your feet with an ample amount of support. The protective backstay also provides you with high-rebound support. In addition to this, the 3D Molded Spine also offers increased support along with superlative responsiveness.

They are leaders when it comes to comfort: These boots are the unrivaled winners when it comes to comfort. The comfort offered by them is totally unmatched. The boot will wrap around your feet perfectly and offer you a brilliant heel hold. In addition to this, heat-moldable boot liners offer an ergonomic fit. Be assured that your feet are sure to enjoy absolute comfort while you enjoy your sport atop the mountains.

Unique design: The Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS boots feature a very stylish and classy look. You will fall in absolute love with the pretty footwear. The LED lights in swoosh incorporate additional style in the boots and make them even more appealing.

They offer amazing traction: The brilliant traction offered by these snowboarding boots are sure to make you fall in love with how you can walk wearing them.

Things to Consider When Buying Nike Snowboarding LunarEndor QS When purchasing snowboarding boots, the riders usually consider comfort, fit, flex, traction, response, and adjustability. Well, the Nike LunarEndor QS boot excels in these aspects. However, there are certain things to keep in mind and check if they go well with you when investing in these boots. These things are discussed briefly in the points mentioned below:

Riding Level: These boots are a recommended option for the intermediate to advanced level snowboarders. So, if you are a beginner in snowboarding, then you should probably choose a different option from the Nike line-up.

Warmth: When it comes to warmth, these snowboarding boots can be reviewed to be average. So, if you are someone who is looking for great warmth, these boots won’t prove to be that great for your purpose. However, you can wear the best-heated socks inside your boot to get adequate warmth and coziness.

Boot Width: These snowboarding boots feature a narrow boot width. So, if you are a snowboarder with considerably wider feet, these boots won’t be that good an option for you.

Footprint Reduction: The LunarEndor QS boots from Nike aren’t a good pick when it comes to footprint reduction. There are other boots in this range that offer great footprint reduction. Hence, considering this fact, these boots are not recommended.

How to enhance the durability of Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS?

Undoubtedly, to increase the durability of any product, you have to maintain it properly. The same goes for the Nike LunarEndor QS boots for snowboarding. Here is how you can carry out proper maintenance of these boots to ensure longer life of the product:

Dry the boots once the use is finished: You can dry the boots easily with a boot dryer to eliminate all the moisture and water. If you do not have a dryer, you can remove the boot’s inner and let them dry inside a warmer room overnight.

Make sure they do not smell: With frequent use, the boots are likely to start smelling. You can eliminate the foul odor by putting in dryer sheets inside the boots after drying them.

Clean them at regular intervals: Cleaning the boots is very crucial to maintain them properly and ensure a longer usage. Here is a step-by-step process to achieve the purpose:

1. Remove the boot inner and allow some air to get into it.

2. Fill a tub with warm water and mix one cup of white vinegar and laundry detergent.

3. Put the boot inserts into this tub and wash them intensely.

4. Take a sponge and wipe the exterior part of the boots with some soapy water. Once done, rinse the boots well and allow them to dry out naturally.

Other Top Nike Snowboarding Boots You Can Try

Here is a list of other highly preferred snowboarding boots from Nike that you can probably decide on trying:

Nike Vapen Snowboard Boots: The Nike Vapen features medium flex and high comfort. It is a great pick for freestyle and all-mountain riding styles. With this boot from the Nike line-up, you can be sure that you possess the perfect support you require for your ride.

Nike Zoom DK Snowboard Boots: The Nike Zoom DK is absolutely comfortable and extremely supportive. These boots offer a great heel hold and adjustability, with the conventional lacing system is truly amazing. They are quite responsive and offer good traction.

Nike Zoom Kaiju Snowboard Boots: The Nike Zoom Kaiju offers medium flex and has a conventional lacing system. These boots can be used for both freestyle, as well as all-mountain riding. They are highly responsive and feature a reduced footprint. In addition to that, there is a lot of cushioning, which is great for shock absorption.

Nike Zoom Force 1 Snowboard Boots: The Nike Zoom Force One is incredibly comfortable and offers a quite good heel hold. It is pretty responsive and offers good traction. However, the footprint is larger in comparison to the other Nike boots.

Nike Zoom ITES Snowboard Boots: Nike Zoom ITES is regarded as the stiffest snowboarding boot in Nike’s line up. It is great for the freeride and all-mountain riding styles. These boots are highly responsive and offer good traction.


All in all, the Nike snowboarding LunarEndor QS boots are pretty impressive. No doubt, these boots can work great for many riders who want shock absorption, adjustability, and response. They are very versatile and a good option for all kinds of riding styles, including freestyle, freeride, and all-mountain. The upper, synthetic leather and hybrid sole material make the boots highly durable. The heat-moldable boot liners offer the additional advantage of customized, ergonomic fit. In addition to all this, you can also get high-rebound support and ultimate comfort with these highly reliable snowboarding boots from Nike. So, the next time you go snowboarding, make sure to pair up these super stylish LunarEndor QS boots with the snowboarding jacket for men to keep your entire body warm and comfortable.