5 Belize Diving Destinations

belize diving

From the Blue Hole to the barrier reef, Belize is a world of its own in the scuba diving world. From going deep inside the water to snorkeling and admiring large turtles, there are plenty of reasons to visit Belize. The good news is that those uncomfortable with deep dives can find plenty of reasonable alternatives without actually sacrificing the uniqueness of the experience.

Seeing corals and enjoying unique Shark Alley group dives are among the reasons to consider Belize. At the same time, there are plenty of reasons to go beyond the classic tourist attractions. For example, night dives can be booked for groups. This means divers get to experience a ray of fish which are actually not visible during the day. The maximum depth with these types of dives is around 20m although those with scuba gear can dive further, which means they are still safe for all participants.

The typical scuba diving gear needed in Belize includes flashlights, fins, snorkel masks, and wetsuits. All gear can actually be rented locally as there are thousands of diving companies and certified instructors. The following Belize diving destinations might make the trip worth it. Combining both day time and nighttime diving, these locations are a must for those seeking the crystal-clear waters Belize has to offer.

1. The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is one of Belize’s one of the most popular destinations. It is known for its nearly round shape and the best part is that it’s really deep. Access is only made with professionals, but it is an experience of its own.

Entering the Blue Hole is met by an immediate long dive. The diving experience only lasts up to 10 minutes. But in a short period of time, divers actually get to see the full beauty of the stalactites. With added reefs, it is one of the best destinations for viewing rock formations without overlooking unique reefs.

2. Caye Caulker Marine Reserve Night Dive

Caye Caulker Marine Reserve Night Dive

Night dives are a unique experience worth checking off the must-do list in Belize. Many organized trips live around 5PM and they return around 9PM so this means they can be joined by novices. Typical nighttime diving experience is organized in groups of at least 3 people. The upper limit is 10 people with most groups. This is why it can be one of the best ideas for diving friends.

When it comes to the gear needed for nighttime diving, there are not too many things to worry about. Apart from suits, masks, fins, and snorkels, divers will also need good flashlights. This is why it can be a great idea to bring strong flashlights which can create various light effects.

3. Spanish Bay

Spanish Bay

The Spanish Bay is one of the unique diving experiences. It can last a few hours which means it is a great day activity for those with diving with kids. The maximum depth of the bay is only 21m which means there are good reasons to believe the place is a top destination for beginners.

With distinct corals such as Gorgonians and Christmas Tree Worms, divers can enjoy some of the most appealing underwater locations and take memorable pictures. Most organized trips require a group of at least 3 divers.

4. Shark Ray Alley

Shark Ray Alley

Shark Ray is a more relaxed area of Belize. It allows water sports fans to enjoy one of the best snorkeling experiences Belize has to offer. The shallow water is perfect for those with improving diving skills and with a simple snorkel mask, all people can enjoy its unique waters.

Historically, this is a place where fishermen used to clean their rods. It’s no surprise so many people actually have seen all types of sharks and fish attracted to the area. Today, a good snorkel is enough in this unique area of the islands.

5. The Atolls

There are many divers who prefer the most remote locations. It’s safe to say they don’t really get more remote than at the Atolls. Another reason why the area is not overcrowded with divers is the depth of the dive. Dropping down to 1.000 meters, the dive tests the physical limits of the divers.

The Atolls

The Elbow is one of the most popular Atolls and it is a top destination due to its corals. Swimming along with beautiful corals and having the ability to enjoy one of the best open water scuba activities is what many travel to Belize for.

Glover’s Reef is another remote Atoll. It features 50 miles of reef and its remote location is perfect for the adventurous diver. Impressive marine life can be seen in this location. The colorful experience is perfect for those who take their underwater camera and gear to capture this life-changing moment.

Final considerations

Traveling to Belize is not restricted and scuba divers or snorkelers can get there around the year. Booking a group dive should be done in advance, before actually arriving in Belize. Hiring pontoon boats is also possible.

At the same time, those already in Belize can look for available day trips, especially if they are there with at least a few friends. Belize has some of the best diving destinations to offer, especially for those who are either experienced or just getting into diving due to the high variation of the diving location. It’s not really recommended to go for the deepest dives such as the Atolls at first, especially without sufficient experience under the belt.

A good tip is to ask the local tour operator about the duration and the depth of the dive. This information can help assess the skill level needed to either join a group or to form a scuba diving group. Snorkeling groups are also organized in shallow water, such as in Shark Alley. Its why it can actually be a worthy option as an exotic destination but without testing physical limits for those who might not have the confidence to tackle the deepest dives.