Which Is The Best Knife for Diving?

Which Is The Best Knife for Diving 1

Most beginners ask why they need a knife for diving. Well the truth is that when going scuba diving, you go with an open mind. You do not know what you might find in the bowels of the ocean.

Many times a diver has had the opportunity to cut loose an animal that was entangled by debris left behind by people, and so on. A dive knife has saved many a diver’s life when they became entangled in nets and ropes down in the water.

But since there are so many dive knives in the market, which one can you choose? That is why you are reading these dive knives reviews.

Best Diving Knife Reviews

Spyderco Atlantic Salt – best dive knife

Spyderco Atlantic Salt

Looking for the best scuba diving knife in the market stops right here with the Spyderco Atlantic Salt dive knife. There are many things to love about this knife. There are also a few things that you will not love about it, but when the pros outweigh the cons, then you know you have got a good product.

This knife is rust-resistant, no big deal there, most of them come that way, either made of titanium or stainless steel. Spyderco Atlantic Salt is made from H-1 steel, making it durable as well as very effective.

This is a serrated edge knife. Serrated edges take some time to cut rope. But they are good for sawing through a thick material.

Ok, while a serrated edge can also be hard to keep sharp all the time, you will love the fact that Spyderco offers lifetime sharpening service, free of charge for the knife. You will just have to pay for the shipping and the wait for about two weeks to have your knife back, sharp and ready to use.

Best for:

Cutting sea cloth, rope, cutting seat belts, boating and many more


  • It is made with h-1 steel which lasts a long time
  • Easy to use
  • Captures whatever little light there is under water – easy to see
  • Very safe when secured
  • Totally resistant to rust
  • Textured handle for a good, anti-slip grip
  • Has a strong pocket clip made of black titanium


  • Hard to sharpen serrated edge – you have to send it back for sharpening
  • Not much good fine cutting

BOffer Scuba Diving Knife – best dive knife for the money

BOffer Scuba Diving Knife

The BOffer Scuba Diving knife merits to be rated as one of the best knife for the money. It is made of stainless steel, which may not be as strong as titanium, but is easier to sharpen.

When you order the knife online, it will come with a sheath made of impact resistant ABS plastic, and a holster that is made of nylon. This makes storage of the knife after use doubly safe. You can also clip the nylon sheath to your belt since it comes with a belt clip.

With two straps, you can strap the knife to your legs or arm when scuba diving. Actually, the knife is sold with two pairs of straps, two sheaths and better yet, the knife handle is wrapped in para-cord to give you an extra grip.

This knife has a regular edge, meaning there are no serrated edges that are so hard to sharpen. Therefore, you will find it easy to keep your knife in great working condition all the time. At the same time, with such a sharp edge, you will find it easy to saw through the materials that you are cutting.

One standard feature that comes with all scuba diving knives is that they must be rust-proof. This one is, but do make sure to clean it with fresh water when you are done using it in salt water. It is made of 420 stainless steel and the handle is made of nylon. These features pretty well make the knife absolutely cool for use in salt or freshwater.

Best for:

Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, cutting the fishing line, camping, rope cutting and even as a knife for the tactical boots.


  • Comes sharp as a razor and ready to use
  • Good plastic and nylon sheaths for storage and safety
  • Totally anti-rust
  • Affordable
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Can be put to many uses


  • The straps do not hold up properly and may slip

Promate Scuba Titanium Knife – best knife for diving

Promate Scuba Titanium Knife

You know that if it is made of titanium then it is worth having. You will enjoy having the Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel knife that is made of titanium. This knife is very versatile as it has straight as well as serrated edge, and it even has a line cutter. The size of the blade is an impressive 4.5 inches while the handle is about 5 inches.

You will love using this knife because of the ergonomic handle. It even has finger grips on the rubber grip. Whether you have a small hand or a big hand, this knife is going to be perfect for you. You will also love that the bottom of the handle of this knife is a titanium tip that you can use for banging or knocking thing in.

This knife comes with a blunt tip, which also doubles up as a flat screwdriver if you like. Any way that you look at this knife, you will love it for its versatility and the fact that it is made of titanium ensures you of its durability.

This knife is also not too expensive such that you cannot use it in any way that you like. Because the blade comes with a good thickness, and the handle looks sturdy and firm enough, this knife can take all the abuse that you put it to either in or out of water.

While this knife is not exactly military grade, it can do a great job of emergency rescue. You can also use it for slaughtering marine animals that you may catch in your boat which you want to end up on your dinner table.

Best for

Snorkeling, diving, fishing, boating, kayaking, camping and other underwater adventures.


  • Nice ergonomic handle fits the palm very well
  • Easy to maintain and keep sharp
  • Long lasting – made of titanium
  • Nice sheath latch
  • Nice style
  • Affordable than most


  • Costlier than stainless steel knives
  • Sand may jam the locking mechanism

U.S. Divers Titanium Best Diving Knife

U.S. Divers Titanium Best Diving Knife

You will find this dive knife a bit expensive. However, every dime you pay for this knife is definitely worth it. It is made of titanium and by that alone, you know that you have a high quality knife.

Another thing that you will love about it is that it is very light in weight such that even when it is attached to your calf, you will hardly feel it.

With a blade that is all of 5 inches long, there is everything to love about this knife. You can use it as a hunting knife, fishing knife, boating knife and most importantly, as a diving knife. It also has a line cutter.

This is the kind of knife to take with you when you are going scuba diving. It is very handy for emergencies that could occur under water. This knife is very safe. Considering its wonderful features like the sheath, butt cap as well as safe leg straps that keep the knife secured to your leg firmly.

With a wonderful quick release mechanism, you can work this knife out of its sheath with one hand. That could be a life saver in emergency situations. It has two edges, one a straight edge and a serrated edge, this is a great knife for all occasions.

It has an ergonomic handle made with grips for the hand, a lanyard hole that will help keep the knife attached to your person all the time. There is everything to look for in this knife, everything that you could ever want. When you want to clean the knife for maintenance, just take it apart, clean handle and blade and then put it back together, all at the wink of the eye.

Best for:

Hunting, fishing, diving, snorkeling, boating, kayaking and others


  • Covered by a warranty of 2 years
  • Very safe even when on your person
  • Cleans very easily
  • Made of titanium to last a long time
  • Easy to sharpen even the serrated edge
  • Versatile knife – can be put to a variety of tasks


  • A bit pricey

Spyderco Pacific Salt Scuba Knife

Spyderco Pacific Salt Scuba Knife

If you would love to have a knife for diving, one that you will not spend sleepless nights over if you remember that you did not rinse it off the salt water of the Pacific Ocean, this is it! Spyderco did bring us a wonderful Atlantic Salt scuba knife and the Pacific Salt is no different at all. It is totally rust-free, and it is made of high quality material.

This is not only a great dive knife, but it is also a wonderful everyday knife that you need on your person. If you love the outdoors, you need to carry a nice knife with you, one that is built with safety in mind as well as the ability to withstand the elements.

The handle of this knife is easy to hold because it comes in texture. It does not matter whether you use it in wet weather, muddy conditions or even in sludge because you will not lose your grip on the knife. Yes, the handle is that good.

The blade is made of H-1 steel, which is totally rust-proof. You will not have to worry a lot about maintenance, but it is good habit to rinse your knife off after a dive.

This knife is very light and on top of that it, it is very comfortable on your skin. Even if you clip it to your skin inside your clothes, it will feel ok. You can also be assured that it is totally safe in its sheath and no matter the kind of abuse that you subject it to, it will serve you well.

Best for:

Scuba diving, swimming, fishing, boating and other outdoor activities


  • Incapable of getting rust
  • Titanium clip that is good for left and right-handed people
  • Good for salty water diving
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Affordable
  • Will last long
  • Very light


  • A bit big for your trouser pockets

Cressi Borg Diving and Spearfishing Knife

Cressi Borg Diving and Spearfishing Knife

This is a large knife as you can see when you buy it. However, it is very effective for emergencies under the water and you can be sure that a few times in your diving career, there will arise emergencies to take care of.

It could be your leg snagged in something under water, it could be a shark that you want to ward off, or it could be that you want to rescue a trapped marine animal.

Whatever it is, you will find this knife very handy. It is a long blade knife and that is an advantage since it gives you a longer reach.

Although it is referred to as a diving knife, well, there is more to it as you will see. It is a great hunting knife too, and the fact that it has a glass breaker, can cut seat belts and has a serrated edge as well as other features make this more of a survival knife that you should have on your person all the time rather than just as a knife for diving.

This knife is made of steel and while it may not be as good as its titanium counterparts, it can still hold its end of the bargain pretty well. One side of the blade comes serrated while the second side is straight edged. That it is made of stainless steel means it is easy to sharpen, even on the serrated edge side.

For safety, the knife comes with a locking mechanism that can also be released with one hand. This means that even if you are in real danger, you can reach the knife quickly and get it ready. Who knows when you might need it to ward off a crazy shark that wants to have your hide for dinner?

Best for:

Hunting, defense, survival, fishing, spearfishing, boating, diving and many more


  • It is large
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Has glass-breaking tip
  • Affordable
  • It is safe on your person
  • Can be used a flathead screwdriver
  • Straps nicely on the ankle


  • Rusts easily where blade joins handle
  • Handle a bit small for big hands

Best folding knife – SOG Specialty Folding Knife

Best folding knife SOG

A pocket knife that is made in the folding style, one that is going to fit in your pocket and give you great value for money, then the SOG Specialty Folding knife is what you are looking for.

It is cheap and very functional and by functional, we mean that it is a great knife for emergencies. You can use it to free yourself or another person from the seat belt.

One thing that makes this knife so handy is that it comes with the patented Assisted Technology that enables you to use open the knife with one hand. Other features that this knife comes with include a cord cutter, a glass breaker (carbide tip). You can use the cord cutter to cut thin belts and ropes without opening the knife.

One of the things that most people consider in a diving knife is whether it is rust resistant since they will spend a lot of time in water with the knife. Yes, this one is, as it is made of AUS-8 stainless steel, but you should also make sure you rinse it with clean water when you are done diving with it.

With a small, 3.7-inch blade and a nylon handle, this knife is very light in weight. When you strap it on your ankle when going into the water, you will hardly feel its weight. The handle is textured making the knife easy to grip even in wet conditions.

You can use the knife in your defense in case you are attacked by sharks, or some other animal. You can also use it to free trapped animals, or even free yourself when you are entangled in a net or something.

Best for:

Fishing, diving, regular use as a pocket knife, boating and kayaking


  • Very light
  • Very affordable
  • Can use line cutter and glass breaker without opening
  • Quick opening knife – one hand release
  • Very versatile can be used for many functions
  • Handle has glass reinforced nylon for perfect grip
  • Covered by lifetime warranty


  • Can rust if not rinsed with fresh water
  • Curved blade can be a bit hard to sharpen

Tusa FK-940ti X-Pert II Diving Knife

Tusa FK 940ti X Pert II Diving Knife

For people who love water activities, having a good knife is not an option. It is a necessity.

Water is fraught with danger, some self caused such as when you get entangled in webbing and some unforeseen.

Heck, you could even get attacked by an animal or worse, you could find an animal or a human being that needs rescuing. Without a good knife that you can use underwater, that would be practically impossible.

This is one of the best diving knives in the market today. It is small and nimble and at the same time, very strong for use under the water. The grip of the knife is nice in the palm, an ergonomic handle that fits snugly in the palm of your hand. With a single button lock release for the sheath, you can have the knife out in no time at all.

The best thing about this knife is that it is so lowly priced. There is no reason why you should go for a higher priced knife when you can just use this one and get the same service and features as you would get from the highly priced knives for diving.

Because it is made of titanium, this knife is totally rust-free. Titanium is lighter and far better than stainless steel when it comes to resisting rust. It is also very light. It is the kind of knife that you never feel the weight for when you wear it on your person any time.

Some people say that the straps are not worth anything, but some people swear by them. The straps are made of rubber thus they are very friendly to the skin.

It is very safe on your person because you just have to return it into the sheath. You will hear a loud click and then you will know that it is snugly locked into place.

One last thing you should know is that the knife blade is straight on one side, very sharp too, and serrated on the second side. That is a combination of two high quality features.

Best for:

Fishing, diving, boating, kayaking, snorkeling and many others


  • Safe in the sheath
  • Very sharp
  • Good for emergencies
  • Does not rust
  • Gives you the benefit of serrated and straight edges
  • Made of titanium – long lasting


  • Will not attach to your BC since it is a long blade knife

Gerber Covert Knife – Best Dive Knife 2018

Gerber Covert Knife

This is unarguably one of the best dive knives for 2018. Please note that it is not made of titanium, but it is coated with titanium thus meaning it is rust-free but with long usage, the coating could wear off.

This is a long bladed knife, so you should not expect to be able to attach it to your BC. However, you can put this versatile knife to many uses. It is very handy for emergencies as you can use it to cut safety belt, webbing, rope, cord and many more.

This knife deploys fast, just the way that every outdoor enthusiast loves. This knife has been built with the F.A.S.T technology which means that after pressing the release switch, the knife opens really fast and before you know it, you will be on your way to using it.

With a great, textured handle, this knife is great to use even in wet conditions. The blade is very sharp on the straight edge side. Coupled with the fast deployment speed, you know this is a good knife in times of danger.

Best for:

Fishing, camping and many other outdoor in and out of water activities


  • Lightweight
  • Deploys very fast
  • Can be used for many activities
  • Comes with lifetime warranty – limited
  • Blade comes in serrated and straight parts, both very sharp
  • Blade is locked into place to prevent it from opening in your pocket


  • Knife is black in color, not very visible in low light
  • Not very good for diving

Best knife for diving – buying guide

A dive knife is a very important tool that every scuba diver should own. Diving without one can be risky because occasionally when exploring underwater, abandoned nets or lines may trap you, which may put your life in danger, you may also be required to cut off prying objects or use it for digging. Having a dive knife will help you cut off such things off and help you with other tasks.

At other times, during your diving adventures, you will come across an aquatic animal that has been entangled by ropes and a dive knife will help you save the life of the animal by freeing it from such things. However, it is very important to know that a dive knife should not be used a weapon to hurt aquatic life, but should be used as a tool that comes in handy for handling certain tasks while you are underwater.

When looking for a dive knife, you will discover that they come in so many varying features and styles. Since a dive knife is a very important diving tool that can even save lives, you should not just pick one randomly.

Below are several fundamental things that you should consider before buying a dive knife:

The Size – Small is better

The size of a dive knife will determine how heavy it weighs. While carrying a big dive knife may make someone feel super heroic, they are not the best as compared to smaller dive knives. Big knives are cumbersome to carry and may be more dangerous compared to smaller knives.

Remember you are carrying just a tool and not a machete and it should therefore fit very comfortably in your palm. On the other hand, smaller sized knives of 3-5 inches are the best because of their convenience in portability and they will be easier to grip while underwater.

If you want a diving knife that you can attach to your BC, then it really does need to be small.

The Material – stainless steel or titanium

The material that makes up the blade of your dive is very important because it will determine how long the knife will last. You should consider three types of materials before buying a dive knife; the knife handles, the sheath and the knife blades.

The material making the knife handle should have a comfortable feel while in your hands. Most of the handles are made of plastic, ropes, wood or rubber. You should therefore choose a knife with a handle that you are more comfortable with.

Sheaths also come in different material such as plastic, rubber or web like materials. The material of the sheath that you choose will depend on the place where you will be mounting it on and how easy you can get it out. In addition, consider a material that will be durable and one that fits properly on your body.

The knife blade is also a very important component of the knife and the material making the blade plays a big role on the durability of the knife. Dive knife blades are mainly made of either stainless steel or titanium. The most important thing when considering the blade material is its rust resistance capability. Blades made of high-grade stainless steel are good but the ones made of titanium are the best because they are lighter and they are absolutely rust-resistant.

Good Grip

A reliable grip is another great aspect of a dive knife. Remember you will be using the knife under water where things are slippery and thus how well you will be able to hold on the knife is very important. What determines how well you will be able to hold on to the knife is the shape of the knife, the material making the handle and its texture.

A deeply textured handle will enable you hold firmly to the knife and its shape will determine how easy it will be to hold the knife. In addition, the grip should feel very comfortable while on your hands and for the people who love diving while wearing gloves, they should look for one that they would still be able to hold on firmly when wearing gloves.

Blade Edge

There are two main types of blade edges of a dive knife in accordance to their functions. Serrated blades are jagged and are mostly used for cutting through strong materials such as fish bones and ropes. Serrated blades also remain sharp for a long time. Straight edged blades on the other hand are better for cutting lines and other finer things. There are dual edged blades in the market, which are actually the best because you may find yourself in need of both edges.

Blade Tips

Dive knives have either a sharp, blunt tip or tanto. A dive knife with a sharp tip is good for butting preys and puncturing. They are mostly used by spear fishermen for cleaning their catch. However, they are more dangerous because they can accidentally hurt an aquatic life and they are prone to breaking when digging.

A blunt tip is much safer and a diver does not have to get worried about injuring other divers or aquatic life. It is also good for prying, hacking, chiseling and digging. A tanto tip is a combination of both the sharp and the blunt tips, it has sharp point but there is a slight curve at the edge of the blade that can be used as a flat tip. The best dive knife tip among the three is the one with a blunt tip because of its safety.

Fixed or Folding

Folding dive knives are most popular because of their reliability and convenience. This is because they are much smaller, are lighter in weight and they are easily stowed compared to the fixed ones. In addition, they lock when they are in the open position to avoid the danger of hurting your fingers. However, some of them are difficult to open when you try opening them using one hand. A fixed dive knife would be a better option for a traditionalist.


A good dive knife should be brightly colored for good visibility. A dive knife can easily get lost if you accidentally let it go while under water. The bright colors of the knife will enable you to easily trace it in case of such an occurrence.

Lanyard Hole

Another feature of a dive knife that you may want to consider is a lanyard hole. Not every dive knife has a lanyard hole though it is a very important component in adding convenience because it prevents the knife from easily slipping off your hands.

Metal Butt

A metal butt is usually a metal cap that is at the end of the dive knife handle. The metal acts as a tap hammer, which comes in handily for communicating purposes when you are diving in a group.

These are just a few reviews of the best knife for diving. There are many more knives to consider and the more you look at the better. Never ever get into the water if you do not have the best, fast release knife because you never know when you could need it to save your life, or that of a trapped marine animal.