10 Best Full Foot Scuba Diving Fins Review

10-Best Full Foot Scuba Fins Review 1

Do you need to buy full foot fins for scuba diving? That can only mean one thing; that you are going diving in the warm tropical waters. As opposed to the open heel fins, the enclosed foot fins have a complete pocket, where you put your legs and they enclose the whole foot, just like shoes. before buying, you need to read these full foot scuba fins review to spend your money wisely.

Unlike the open heel fins, you do not have to wear sponge booties or socks with the full-foot fins. All that you need to do is find a fitting pair. There are no two ways about these fins. You have to get them right. They cannot be adjusted.

If you wear a pair that is a size smaller, it will crush your foot, and you will not be comfortable. If you wear a size too big, these lovelies will fly off your feet when you kick.

So… just get them right! For that beach camping holiday, you could get much more out of the water. But first, here are the very best of these fins:

Full Foot scuba fins review

U.S. Divers Proflex II – best fins for scuba diving

U.S. Divers Proflex II


Whichever water adventure you want to engage in; whether it is surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling or freediving, U.S Divers Proflex II is one of the ultra versatile fins that can be used for a number of water adventures.

These fins offer divers and snorkelers the adequate support they might be looking in fins and they are dual-composite, which gives them more power. They are made from firm and durable material that makes them one of the best quality fins available.

They are easy to put on and they come with an adjustable strap to fit any size, but make sure to buy fitting fins so that you do not have to adjust them too much. These fins come in a variety of shoe sizes, ranging from US shoe size five to thirteen and their dual composite fin rails allows the user to have a better kick all the time.


  • Have a great push in water
  • A great fit just like that of a normal shoe
  • Long blade
  • Soft foot pocket
  • Flexible enough to be stored in a day pack


  • You require snorkel booties if you are snorkeling

Cressi Pluma – Adult Snorkeling Full Foot Pocket Fins

Cressi Pluma


You know if it has the name Cressi in it, then it only means one thing – HIGH QUALITY! And that is what Cressi Pluma black and silver full pocket fins bring you. This is a pair of sophisticated full foot fins, great for snorkeling and scuba diving. It has a highly responsive blade that is made from three distinct materials achieved through a unique molding process.

In addition, these fins have a foot pocket that is computer designed to provide the user with great power transmission and unmatched comfort when in the water. They are also very light in weight giving the user a very easy time when kicking.

The user is also guaranteed of a progressive and controlled bending by the fins ribbing at the lower part of the blade and two sides supporting groves.

The foot of the fin extends to the bottom of the blade, protecting the user even when they are near rocks and in shallow waters.


  • Better thrusts because of full length side rails
  • Simple to wear and take off
  • Not pricey
  • Very comfortable
  • Its kicks are fluid and untiring


  • Not good for beginners because they feel quite big

Cressi AGUA SHORT – Best Full Foot Fins



Another Italian Cressi; the Agua Short fullfoot fins makes it to this list, and for a good reason as you will see here. This one is specifically designed for swimming and snorkeling.

It has a soft blade and a foot pocket that is adjustable to accommodate three or four consecutive foot sizes. This means that you can wear them over a thin foot ware. Their strap comes with a firm ring on the upper side that allows the strap to reverse or to fix the fins on an equipments body.

It is also ideal for advanced training and besides helping you to snorkel or to swim, their short blade fins allow you to walk well on land rather than making you have that funny floppy look as you head to the water.

You will have these fins for a long time, thanks to the technology invested in making them. The design is computer generated. At the same time, these fins protect you when swimming among rocks, thanks to the elongated foot housing that stretches to the end of the fin blades. You still need to keep your feet protected – remember.

Lastly, these fins are made of soft-thermo rubber, which feels very comfortable on the feet. You will love wearing them without the socks.


  • Very convenient for travelling
  • The short fins allow you to go easily through shallow reefs without damage
  • Self-adjusting foot pocket for an amazing fit
  • Durable plastic blade for powerful kick
  • Comfortable rubber foot pocket


  • Even though the foot pocket stretches, it does not fit many shoe fits especially larger sizes.

Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins – Best Fins For Freediving

Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins


The manufacturer of these fins says that they make human feet happy wherever they may be worn in the water and we couldn’t agree more. Well, until you wear them and then dive into the water, you will never know!

Wildhorn Topside snorkel fins are the in-thing when it comes to comfort. They are fitted like shoes and they are great for swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, river boarding and body boarding.

Let’s face it, if a fin comes off when you give a strong kick, well, it is not much good to you, is it? But as you will see when you buy Topside Snorkel Fins, they are not called Topside for nothing. They indeed are top.

Their shoe-like fit comes with unmatched comfort and users can be guaranteed of blister-free adventures and no more flopping or tripping. They also come with an adjustable Velcro strap around the ankle for flexibility in sizing since the material can stretch a bit.

In addition, the fins provide the user with substantial thrusts with stronger down kicks as compared to the upper kicks. Lastly, they are very durable since the sole is made of strong rubber and the combined function of fin and shoe makes them very walkable even when you are outside the water. Fancy that!


  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Versatile – can be used in different water activities
  • Travel ready – just pack and go
  • High quality construction
  • Covered by 2 years warranty


  • Not good for deep dives because of the short blades

Cressi Clio Fins – best fins for snorkeling

Cressi Clio Fins


Cressi Clio fins has been a popular brand of the Cressi line of snorkeling products for a long time. These fins come with a very soft foot pocket that is very comfortable, coupled with a non-vented blade for great efficiency and thrusts while snorkeling.

It is a perfect snorkeling gear for the whole family, because it comes in a full range of sizes, and it features a fluid and an effortless kick, thus great for both the kids and the adults.

These fins makes doffing and donning so easy because of their low-profile heel pull-tab and their long blades are above the foot pocket providing a larger and powerful kick. In addition, the foot pocket has an open toe design for more comfort. These fins are good for both the beginners and advanced divers.

If you really are stylish, then you will be happy to know that these fins come in three different colors and you can choose whatever matches with your suit and your snorkeling mask.

Are you game? Would you like to be part of the bigger Cressi family of wonderful products and people? Just buy a pair of these fins but before you do so, here are the pros and cons:


  • Very comfortable foot pocket made of elastomer
  • Long blade style for better propulsion
  • Stays intact even when you kick
  • Good for travel
  • Good for kids and adults
  • 2 years limited warranty


  • Long blade not walkable

Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin

Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin


Phantom Aquatics Voda fin has a short wide blade and it is light in weight. It is great for snorkeling, and if you are the kind of a snorkeler who not only looks for performance but also the ability to walk on the beach in the fins without flopping as you head to the waters, this is the real deal for you.

These are the right fins for you. They are also great for the people learning how to swim and those doing muscle training because their short blade is highly reactive. Wearing the fins will not cause any cramping, fatigue or discomfort to your muscles.

They also feature very soft foot pockets made with rubber elastomers for more comfort and resistance. Lastly, they have a full foot pocket, which provides a tight fit, but you need to be very specific about what size you pick so that they do not fall off or hurt you.

If you buy the right fit, you will love everything about these fins because they really are good. Do not buy a size smaller or bigger. They come true to size.


  • Nice fit is very comfortable
  • Great for muscle training and swimming
  • High quality and durable
  • You can walk on the beach in the fins
  • Open-toe design allows a larger range of foot sizes


  • Made for narrow feet

Mares Superchannel Scuba Fins – Best traveling full foot fins

Mares Superchannel Scuba Fins


Mares Superchannel full foot scuba fins are specifically designed for free divers, scuba divers and snorkelers. Their design also blends in great power for awesome thrusts and convenience.

They come in a compact length and they are light in weight, making them ideal for traveling and diving in warm waters. The fins foot pocket comes in varying thicknesses for superior comfort and their blade is made of good quality materials for extended durability.

The blade is made of a big, flexible central super-channel, which pushes water more efficiently down the fin blade instead of letting it spill over the sides. This ensures optimal performance and minimal effort from the diver.

When looking for information about these fins, we found someone who said they modified the fins to suit their stumps, being an amputee and that the fins served his needs very well.

Also, these enclosed fins come highly recommended by people who have thousands of dives behind them and if experts recommend them, you know they are great!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, the Mares Superchannel Full Foot scuba diving fins are a great investment for you, and yes, they do last a jolly long time.


  • Very affordable – great for the price
  • Very comfortable and efficient at all kick styles
  • Great for traveling with as they are not heavy to carry
  • Very comfortable
  • Good thrust even in current


  • A bit narrow in width

Cressi Rondinella – Full Foot Fins

Cressi Rondinella


Welcome for a chance to enjoy diving, snorkeling, swimming and waterboarding goodness that has been perfected for over half a decade, since 1946.

With this kind of experience, these particular fins and others in this family, make them excellent for free-diving, long swims and snorkeling. The Cressi Rondinella fins have a light powerful polypropylene blade that is positioned on top of the full foot pocket for a perfect blade alignment with your leg.

The unique short blade is made of light yet resilient durable material that ensures optimal performance and stability. The foot pocket is very comfortable since it is made of soft flexible elastomer.

The foot pockets are closed and therefore it is very important that you pay attention to the sizes. You can buy these fins as a package that contains items for a full snorkeling experience, or you can order the fins alone, whichever catches your fancy.

Cressi is known to sell full snorkel sets that include dry snorkel mask, fins and others, such that you do not have to buy anything else.

Remember, the Cressi Rondinella fins come in bright colors, mostly yellow, so you can keep track of your child in the water.


  • Very comfortable
  • 24 month warranty – limited
  • Light and powerful blade
  • Not too demanding
  • Durable and resilient
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • The long fins are makes them hard to walk on the shores

Cressi Palau Long Adjustable Fins – Best scuba fins review

Cressi Palau Long Adjustable Fins


Cressi Palau is the new revolution when it comes to swimming and snorkeling fins. Its strong blade is made from a light but responsive material that ensures effortless kicks and it extends from the upper part of the pocket for a bigger surface area.

The pocket is made from very soft elastomer for maximum comfort. This fin was made to meet two particular needs. The first one was to come up with a foot pocket that can effortlessly fit three or four consecutive shoe sizes, so that is can accommodate a larger range of feet sizes.

This makes it convenient for a family and for a group of friends since they can own one pair that can be used by the entire family and friends. The other need was to come up with a foot pocket that could guarantee the user maximum comfort and one that can easily fit even if worn on bare feet.

Thankfully, when you try on these fins, you will be happy to know that they meet all the objectives of the manufacturer. Need we also say that Cressi is one of the most reputable brand names in the market?

Fancy having a pair of full fins that can be used by almost everyone in the family and at the same time, they are covered by a warranty of 24 months. It is like eating your cake and having it at the same time.


  • Fluid Effortless Kick
  • Long Lightweight and Responsive Blade
  • Durable Strap Pull Tab Ring
  • Can Fit the Whole Family or Friends
  • Very comfortable


  • Quite pricey
  • Can’t walk on the beach with the fins

Travel Fins – Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Fin

Travel Fins


Just as the name suggests, Atomic Aquatics full foot split fins are designed to give the user high performance in the water. Imagine a fin that helps you accelerate, thanks to features that reduce the drag!

Their performance is equal to the full sized scuba diving fins courtesy of high quality materials, mostly the light plastic polymer that has been used. The fins are of high standards and are light in weight making them great for traveling.

These fins are made using the new technology that makes them incredibly versatile exceeding the expectations of many scuba divers and snorkelers. This simply designed fin is capable of delivering a very high and excellent performance.

The fins have a split and they have a large surface area providing great power and maneuverability while you are in the water. This enables you to make fluid and effortless kicks giving you more thrusts with less drag.


  • Comfortable open toe
  • Great for traveling
  • Great performance
  • Fluid effortless kicks
  • Good fit


  • They are long thus not good for walking on the beach

Choose The Best Scuba Fins

Scuba diving fins are an essential component of your dive gear. They assist you to propel easily through water. Whether you are scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving or swimming, fins will make it easier for you as you will use less effort while you are in the water. When you are under water, your legs do most of the propelling work. Fins come as an extension of your legs to provide extra support to your muscles so that they use less effort in moving you through the water.

There are so many fins in the market, and before taking a pair of one of them with you, it is very important to consider a number of things. Not every fin that you see on the internet or in the stores will work for you. Below is a basic guide that will help you choose the right fins that will work best for you.

Which sport are you engaging in?

There are different fins for different sports. Whether you are snorkeling, scuba diving or free diving, you should look for fins according to your specific sport.

Snorkeling fins

When you are snorkeling or swimming, you do not go deep in the water and thus you do require so much aid or energy. Therefore, if you are looking for snorkeling or swimming fins, go for shorter and lighter fins rather than the long ones used by divers. Long fins for snorkeling will only make you uncomfortable, as you will feel as if you are in a constant fight with them.

Scuba Diving fins

Scuba divers require more strength and power so that they can kick effectively. They therefore require additional aid from fins to help them go under water quickly using less effort. To achieve this, scuba diving fins are slightly longer and stiffer as compared to snorkeling fins.

Free Diving fins

Unlike snorkeling and scuba diving, free divers dive very deep in the water without any air except for the air in your lungs. They therefore require more power for effective propulsion. Fins for diving are longer than for snorkeling and scuba diving because they are more resistant.

Foot Pocket Type

The water environment you will be adventuring in will determine the type of the foot pocket you will choose. There are two designs of foot pockets.

Full foot fins

These fins are just like a typical shoe, only that they have a fin attachment. They are great for snorkeling and are best used in warm waters since in warm waters one does not require an extra gear such as booties. They are also easy to put on and to remove.

Open heel fins

These fins are the best for scuba diving are best when you are in cold water. When diving in cold waters. While you are in the cold water, you require more protection gear like booties. Open heel pockets will therefore accommodate the extra gear since they have a strap at the back of the boot is adjustable for comfort. The strap can be replaced when it breaks which is actually a great advantage of the open heel fins.

Blade Styles

There are a number of options when it comes to the fin blade styles. The fin blade style that you are supposed to choose should mostly depend on its weight and your swimming style. Here are the most common styles.

Paddle Blade 

These are the most common types of blades, they have been in existence the longest time and they are the most pocket friendly. They provide an easy and controllable kick and are mostly used for snorkeling. In addition, they come with extra support on the sides called rails for more flexibility and greater strength.

Split Blade

The fish fins inspire the design of this fin since it is split up at the middle to reduce drag. This design enables the user to apply less effort when kicking yet resulting to the same thrust as with a paddle fin. Because of the less effort applied, they are very efficient and provide better propulsion. They are therefore good for the people with ankle problems or those with less powerful kicks.

Channel Blade 

These blades are designed in such a way that rubber channels are put in the blade so that the fin channels the water behind when the user kicks down. The channels allow the water to move through the fin or across it, enabling the diver to move through the water swiftly because of the less surface area water resistance. Professional divers love to use these fins. They are quite heavy, which makes them less convenient for traveling.

Long Blade

These are longer fins that are designed specifically for divers who require extra control such as free divers and spearfishers.

Blade Stiffness

The stiffness of the blade will mostly depend on the ability of a diver and how powerful his/her kicks are. A diver with strong kicks requires more stiffer blades compared to the one with weaker kicks. If a diver generates weaker kicks and then uses stiffer blades, they will just end up wearing the diver out.

Fins Accessories

Other fin related accessories will ensure that you have a great time when you are under water. These accessories can also increase the lifespan of your fins and thus you should consider having them as well. Such include:

Utility Straps – These straps will help you safely clip your fins on the stab jacket after diving, which ensures that you do not by mistake drop them due to fatigue.

Replacement Straps – It is wise to have some backup in case your fin strap breaks. In case your fin strap breaks while you are already in the waters and you do not have any replacement, you will be forced to do away with your adventure

Spring Straps – When it comes to straps, spring straps are the in thing when compared to the rubber fin straps.

Fin Bag – A fin bag will help you to keep your dive gear safely and well organized. This ensures that you do not waste a lot of time trying to organize them and you can therefore readily hit the waters.

Permanent Marker – A waterproof permanent marker will enable you put your personal contact details on your dive gear so that other people do not pick yours and you do not pick other peoples gear.

Save-a-Dive Kit – In case any of your dive gear develops a fault while you are in the water, having a save-a-dive kit will save the moment and your diving or snorkeling adventure will not be cut short.


With the information provided here, buying full foot fins should be easy for you. Do make sure to shop around widely until you get the one that suits your budget just fine. Investing in a good name like Cressi helps a lot and before buying, consider the warranty. The longer the better. Hopefully, these full foot scuba fins review have helped you choose one of the best that will serve you for a long time.