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Best Dive Gear Bag

If you are looking for the best dive gear bag for traveling, you have come to the right place. Diving gear and accessories tend to be expensive to buy, so you want to make sure that you take good care of it. You want a bag that is secure, with zippers and lockable compartments where you can lock up your valuable gear. Whatever you do, do not carry your diving gear without a good bag.

Dive Gear Bag Reviews

Cressi Vuelo – Dive Gear Bag

Cressi Vuelo

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The Cressi Vuelo is a high quality carry-on bag that comes in a compact and lightweight design but yet gives you maximum amount of space for all your stuff. This bag has specifically been designed for air travel and it provides you with enough room for your gear and clothes when going out for a weekend diving or beach getaway. This bag comes in durable construction  and it is among the carry-on bags which has the widest wheel base, with a wheel base of a whole 13 inches. This makes the bag very stable and easy to pull along even when it is fully packed or when standing.

The major partition has a lot of space and it comes with high quality compression straps. You can pack your drysuit boots for diving, water shoes and even the BCD easily and leave space. The flap has a long zipper that gives you easy access to your stuff. The top handle of this bag is padded, which makes it comfortable on your hands. The bottom handle comes with a hook and loop tab to keep the handle out of the way when you are not using it.

The exterior pockets are spacious enough for lighter materials although the lining is very flexible and you can use the side pockets to add more stuff to the main partition. In addition, one of the side pockets has an organizer. The areas that are more prone to wear are well reinforced to enhance the bags durability.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Spacious
  • Easy to pull along


  • Not spacious enough to accommodate a whole set of scuba diving gear especially when a BCD is involved.

Mares Cruise Backpack – Diving Backpack

Mares Cruise Backpack

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The Mares Cruise diving backpack is a carry-on bag that any diver should look out for their diving BCD and other gear storage. A stylish bag provides you with lots of storage space, simple handling of your things and an easy access to every item that you pack in it.

This backpack is also a roller since it features wheels and it can roll up to a more compact size for storage and it does this easily and the hook and loop straps help to keep it smartly bundled.

When unbundled, this bag can accommodate a whole load of stuff in its main spacious compartment that is 31 inches long. On its exterior sides are also diving fin pockets and two flat pockets on the front flap that fully unzip to facilitate for an effortless packing and access. The bag is lightweight and the top strap that is padded for better comfort allows you to pull the bag when rolling it. The backpack straps are also well padded so that you are able to comfortably carry the bag on your back. All the wear areas and corners are further protected for more durability.


  • Both a roller and a backpack
  • Very roomy
  • East to fold and stow
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Made to last a long time
  • Good for traveling


  • Tends to fall over when standing 

Stahlsac Curacao – Divers Bag

Stahlsac Curacao

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The Stahlsac Curacao is an amazing full-sized dive bag that comes with a lot of fantastic features. The lower compartment is a capable of accommodating a complete set of dive gear as the upper art holds your personal items such as clothing and shoes.

The main partition features sturdy compression straps that secure your stuff while in transit. The sides are padded very well for better protection. The frame on which the bag sits on is quite unique, strong and durable but very light. All the frame parts are serviceable and repairable in case by any chance they are damaged.

The comfortable handles on the top and bottom parts of the bag facilitates for an easy removal of the bag from the storage places. The heavy-duty zips allows for simple packing and easy access to all your things. Courtesy of the large and sturdy wheels and a wide base, the bag is able to securely stand on its own and you can pull it easily. All the areas that can easily wear off are further reinforced to enhance the bags durability.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Roomy compartments
  • Large and strong wheels
  • Durable construction


  • A bit bulky 

Cressi Moby 5 – Diver Bag

Cressi Moby 5

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The Cressi Moby 5 is a durable rolling backpack that is very roomy and comes with other amazing features. It has a spacious main compartment, two smaller compartments and fin pockets too. This bag is made from the strong yet lightweight 300/400 denier nylon.

The large main compartment opens on three sides allowing for an easy and quick access to the stuff that you have stored there. The heavy-duty dual zipper and the U-shaped opening also facilitates for an effortless access of all the big gear and other accessories that are kept inside the main compartment.

There are two spacious bellow pockets on the outside of this bag with the lower one being larger and can be used to store the diving regulator bag while the smaller upper one can be used to store the smaller accessories.

These pockets also have strong and durable dual slider zipper closures. The wheels are large and sturdy and the telescopic handle is retractable allowing you to easily maneuver the bag. The wheels are also removable and they can easily be replaced if they are damaged. The two handles are comfortable on your hands and the supporting rods are the back of the bag helps in keeping the bag at a vertical position.


  • Very spacious
  • Durable construction
  • Easy storage and access
  • Sturdy wheels that are replaceable


  • No side handle

Scubapro Caravan – Dive Gear Bag

Scubapro Caravan

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The Scubapro Caravan is a large and robust roller bag that is ideal for the people or families that pack lots of dive gear. It is made from strong and durable yet lightweight material that is also abrasion resistant.

The rollers and handles facilitate for an easy maneuverability when dragging it or when lifting it in or out of your car. The main compartment is quite roomy and it has a U-shaped heavy-duty and salt resistant YKK zipper for an effortless packing and access of the packed items. The external compression straps with buckles secure the load while in transit.

There are side and top pockets that are ideal for storing the smaller accessories. The handles on the top, side and bottom of the bag facilitate for an easy lifting of the bag from the ground to any other place. They also conveniently transform this bag to a duffel bag for easier hand carrying.  The wheels are sturdy and saltwater resistant and the retractable tow handle helps you to wheel the bag over a variety of surfaces.


  • Lightweight
  • Very spacious
  • Durable construction
  • Easy storage and access
  • Durable zipper


  • The main zipper is not very strong 

Akona Standard Duffel – Akona Diver Bag

Akona Standard Duffel

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The Akona Standard Duffel is a good quality and durable duffel bag that is ideal for travelling, storage of dive equipment and for any other general use. The bag is made from an incredibly durable fabric that is both stain and water-resistant.

The big U-shaped opening offers a convenient loading and access of the bags contents. The bag features a cavernous interior design for a multi-use storage. The zippered side pocket has an internal key clip ensuring that you never lose your keys while on a dive.

The main compartment comes with a heavy-duty YKK bronze zipper that is rust resistant. The wide handles wrap around the bag facilitating for a fuller support. The handles are also secures with a hook and loop closure and they have a reinforced box stitching for enhanced strength. The contoured shoulder strap is adjustable and removable, and it is well padded for extra comfort and durability. The bag also has a zippered side pocket for stalling the smaller items and it comes with an internal key clip too.


  • Large opening for an effortless packing and unpacking
  • Roomy
  • Durable fabric that is stain and water resistant
  • Internal key clip
  • Large
  • Easy to access your stuff


  • Can be a hassle to lug around the airport when fully packed 

Tusa Small Carry On – Roller Bag

Tusa Small Carry On

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This is an incredibly looking diving gear bag with many features. One of the features is a long telescoping handle so that when you get to the airport, you can pull it around. It is a big bag with compression straps to hold your stuff securely inside. With a 47-liter capacity, you can carry quite a lot and at the same time, you will not have to check in your bag (but this will depend on the circumstances).

If you are looking for the best bag to buy, look no further than Tusa, a renowned brand name when it comes to bags. This bag is made for the constant traveler and that is why it comes with many handles. There is a carry handle on almost every side. That means you can grab it fast when you want to run after a bus or when boarding a train.

The full zipper allows you to easily access your dive gear and other personal items when you need them. However, please note that this dive gear bag may not be able to pack long diving fins.


  • Nice, durable pull handle
  • Nice rollers for pulling on pavement
  • Carry handles available on all sides
  • Small, manageable and compact size


  • Pricey

ScubaPro Mesh Sack Gear Backpack Bag – Dive Bag Mesh

ScubaPro Mesh Sack Gear Backpack Bag

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ScubaPro has some of the best diving gear and diving accessories in the world. With the Mesh Sac gear backpack, you will be glad to get a bag that serves your needs perfectly for a short distance travel to your diving excursion. It is built with a soft mesh material with padded carry handles for comfort on your palms as you move from one spot to another with a loaded bag.

The zippers are salt water and rust resistant. Because it is a mesh bag, everyone will be able to see what you pack in it.  The mesh is made of strong polyester and it should remain intact for a long time. It has two pockets, the main interior compartment for large snorkeling gear and the exterior pocket for smaller diving gear.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has salt water resistant YKK zippers


  • Not very secure

Akona PRO – Regulator Bag

Akona PRO

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A scuba diving regulator is one of the most expensive dive gear. Thus, you should take good care of it all the time. One of the best ways to take good care of it is by buying a regulator bag. The Akona PRO regulator bag that is dedicated to the regulator alone. It is big enough to hold several regulators but do not pack them in too tightly.

It has a thickly padded interior so that should it fall, your regulator will be well protected. The padding will absorb all the shock. It has strong D-rings for the shoulder strap and has strong YKK zippers. With Velcro straps in the interior, your regulators and hoses will be secured.

There is enough room for hose, regulator and diving computer.


  • Padded on the interior
  • Has Velcro straps to hold items in place
  • Zippered for security
  • Easy to carry – has carry handle
  • Can attach shoulder straps


  • Just one compartment
  • No side pockets 

Buying The Right Dive Gear Bag

Diving is quite an expensive affair and divers have to dig deep in their pockets to buy good quality diving gear. Protecting the dive equipment is crucial since diving usually involves being around salt water. A dive bag provides you with a means of holding all your scuba supplies while keeping them well organized and protected.

Even for the divers who initially rent their scuba gear at the beginning, they eventually end up acquiring more and more diving items as they progress in diving. A gear bag therefore helps a diver keep all their diving equipment in one central place so that they are always ready any time they want to hit the water and they provide you with convenience when travelling with all your scuba gear.

Just like choosing the best diving equipment, choosing a good diving bag can be a challenge too. This is because the market is offering all manner of bags that come in various styles, different sizes and ranging prices. When choosing a scuba gear bag, it is important to look for one that is tough enough to keep up with most of your diving demands.

Here are some of the features to consider:

The Size of scuba gear bag

Consider a dive bag that is roomy enough to hold all you equipment without being too oversized. Even if you start with a few diving items, buying a bag that has some room for growth is a good idea, unless you wish to constantly keep on updating your gear bag, which will end up being too expensive for you.

A bag that cannot hold all your gear is a poor investment. Consider your current gear and the items you plan to purchase in the near future. Once you have an idea of how much space your gear will require, then you will most probably know the size of bag that you will buy. For example, a compact backpack will not have enough room for your BCD, fins, boots, repair kit, mask, gloves, snorkels and a dive suit. In order to take with you all these items, you will require a larger bag instead.

Material and Construction

A full set of scuba diving gear is quite heavy and therefore they will require a bag that is tough enough to keep with their weight. A good bag will come in a sturdy design and it will be constructed from very strong fabrics. Consider the stitching as it can help you know whether a bag is sturdy enough or not. Reinforced/solid stitching is better and it ensures that your bag will last for a long time.

Look out for flimsy material because it will most likely fail when put to test of carrying your equipment. Choose a material that is breathable because it will allow your equipment to dry out moisture in case there is a moisture build up.

A well-constructed bag should also come with corrosion free fasteners, zippers, clips and handles among other hardware. Since a diver will most certainly be diving in salty water, it is good to make sure that the salt water will not eat through the metal parts within days, rendering your bag useless. Therefore, a diver should make the right choice by choosing a bag whose metal parts are rust and corrosion resistant.


A dive gear bag with many pockets is better because it helps you to organize all your items much easily. Having separate pockets for different diving items will keep them from being entangled with each other, which will also help you to access them more easily and quickly. A well-organized bag will therefore save you a lot of frustration and hustle of hunting down an item every time you will need it.

Zippers for security

Zippers are a very important feature of any dive gear bag. A good bag should have strong heavy-duty zippers. The zippers should also come in a large gauge size and should be made from premier quality materials that are sturdy and durable. Additionally, to enhance the bags useful life, the zippers should be rust and corrosion resistant so that they are not eaten up by salt water.

Ease of access

What is your most preferred way of accessing your gear? Determining this will help you chose correctly.  Some divers prefer a bag that butterflies out so that they can get all their gear at one go, others go for the drawstring design that is effortless to open and close, others prefer zippers in order to access different pockets easily. If you are not sure the type of access that you would love more, experiment with various styles until you get the one that pleases you the most. However, a bag that enables you to access your dive gear more easily and quickly without any frustration would be a better choice.

The Type of Bag

There are different types/ styles of dive gear bags that one can choose from and knowing them can help you to choose the one that suits you better. Here are the major types.

Diving Backpacks

These ones are arguably among the most comfortable styles since they give you the freedom to sling the bag on your back while leaving the hands free to handle other things. The weight of the luggage is evenly distributed over your shoulder unlike in the duffel styles where all the weight is shouldered on one shoulder.  When you go for this type, ensure that the straps are well padded and that they are comfortable. Some come with wheels for easier maneuverability.

Duffle bag

These ones are the easiest to pack and they are very versatile. They simply come in a single large compartment where you can stuff all your equipment although others may have additional pockets on the sides. Just like some backpacks, some duffel may also feature wheels for easier transport.

Roller dive bags

These ones may come either in the backpack or in the duffel styles. They mostly feature a retractable handle and wheels that allow the user to pull and roll the bag over different surfaces so that they can move easily move around with their heavy dive equipment.

Hard case diving bag

These ones are designed to handle a lot of abuse because of their hard case construction. They are therefore ideal for carrying and packing more sensitive dive gear such as the dive computers and the give cameras.

Regulator bags

Just as its name implies, this bag is specifically designed to carry and protect your diving regulator. Mostly, it is well padded and zippered. Although you can still pack your regulator with the rest of the gear, having a separate regulator bag to pack is advisable since it is a sensitive and pricey unit of gear.

Dive mesh bags

These bags are made from a thin mesh and they are ideal for your wet dive gear. They offer a lot of convenience when transporting your wet gear from the waters to the car since they drain out water easily and quickly so that you do not move around with a very bulky luggage.

Wheeled dive bags

Wheels are an amazing feature in any dive gear bag. They make it easy for you to lug around your equipments and especially considering that, a complete set of dive gear is usually very heavy.

Look for a bag that has sturdy wheels, which can hold up to the rigors of your dive gear. Low quality wheels will not be able to handle the weight of the bag especially when it is fully packed.  A bag with four sturdy wheels would be an excellent choice since it is easy to stand up and manipulate.

Dive bag with handles – best travel bag

 A good dive gear bag should have strong and well padded straps for enhanced durability and comfort.  They should also have reinforced stitching to handle the weight of the bag when fully loaded. If the bag has wheels, it should have a telescoping handle that is strong and retractable in order to protect it better and make it more compact when not in use.

Dive backpacks – travel backpacks

If you intend to be frequently traveling around with your dive gear, ensure that you choose a bag that will work for you in terms of travel features. Some features such as a retractable pull handle and wheels can make a great difference when traveling. They help you to move your luggage with ease and convenience when maneuvering through crowds and in the airport. If you do not plan to take with you much of your gear, a more compact backpack might be more convenient when travelling.

Light weight dive bag

It is good to consider whether the bag base can handle the weight of the bag when fully loaded. Some bases are not stable making the bag to tip forward when it is standing. This is not only annoying but it can cause damage on your diving equipment. Therefore, test this feature before settling on the bag.

Choosing the best dive gear bag should be easy once you know the features to look for. It does not matter what your budget is because there is a dive bag for everyone. Just do not sacrifice quality on the altar of money. After all, you get what you pay for. With a good diving bag, your dive gear and accessories should be very safe even as you travel to your diving destination.