Best White Sand Beaches In Florida

Best White Sand Beaches In Florida

Are you planning to visit some gorgeous white beaches over the summer holiday? Well, you will find some of the best white sand beaches in Florida.

This is one of the places that are known to have lots of white sand beaches. This is where you find some of the best beaches in the entire USA, perhaps only rivaled by what you find in California.

The weather is great most of the time, well, considering that the climate is considered subtropical with rains from May through October, still, this offers beach revelers good opportunities as compared to many other places in the US.

White sand beaches – Best beaches in Florida

If you have been wondering how white sand beaches are formed, you will be surprised that most sand beaches are made of fish poop. However, it’s not as gross as you may imagine. Most of the white beaches in Florida have a large population of parrotfish, which are responsible for the formation of the white sand.

These fish have secondary teeth that they use for grinding coral into smaller particles, which are later excreted in form of white powdery sand. The sediment is deposited to form islands and sand beaches such as the Maldives. Some white sand beaches in Florida are made from ground-up quartz.

Below are some of the 10 best white beaches you should consider visiting while in Florida:

Siesta Beach – Best white sand beach in Florida

In case you are looking to visit a white sand beach that has everything you have been wishing for, then you should consider the Siesta Key Beach. For starters, you will love the warm, sugary white sand on this beach.

Image of Siesta Beach

The Gulf waters of this beach are very calm and soothing, making this a great place to relax. Siesta Key provides the kind of environment you would want to relax with your family or friends since you can take part in a lot of beach activities.

You will have the chance to play beach volleyball and other beach sports with your kids on some nice playgrounds. In addition, the place has awesome picnic spots where you can spend high quality time with your family or spouse.

If you love kayaking, you can rent kayaks from the various beach shacks available. The good thing is that Siesta key is just one-hour drive away from Tampa.

Anytime, apart from the rainy season is a great time to visit this beach for scuba diving, but summer is the best time if you would like to get that magical tan that you have been wishing for.

Pensacola Beach – Best beach dives

Image of Pensacola Beach

If you are a beach enthusiast, you have probably heard of Santa Rosa Island for its emerald-green waters. The beach has plenty of sugary white sand that provides a cool bed to lie down and bask, soaking in the lovely sun. On Pensacola Beach, you will have a lot of new things to see. This beach is approximately 30 square kilometers, big enough for everyone.

While on Pensacola Beach, you will get the chance to tour the Gulf Islands National Seashore where you will get the chance to swim, kayak and snorkel. The place also features some wonderful shops and restaurants for you to dine. There is no doubt that this beach is a great place to take your family and kids. Make sure you go early because the place has a lot of fans!

You will also love that there are so many spots where you can take a dip into the cool waters. So be sure to bring your diving and snorkeling gear along or you can hire some from the beach shops on Pensacola Beach.

There will not be one single boring moment on this beach. Go with your family and have incredible fun.

Navarre Beach  – Best family beach in Florida

Image of Navarre Beach

Navarre is also one of the great white sand beaches you should include in your list. The place is home to clear waters where you can swim and play with your family and friends. One thing that stands out about this beach is that it has some artificial reefs that provide an awesome place to snorkel and scuba dive. For people who love scuba diving, you will get various shops that rent out scuba diving equipment at an affordable price.

Navarre Beach has soft sand where you can lie and watch the waters flow. Although the beach has been damaged severally from hurricanes, some serious renovations have been done to restore its natural beauty. Moreover, the place has a new pier that is protected by a 30-feet deck.

Restaurants, food stands and stores line the beach. You will not go hungry here. You may also bring along your beach cooler so that you can keep your drinks cool.

Panama City Beach- Best top beach in Florida

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is one of those awesome beaches you will get to visit while in Florida. Most people will tell you that this beach is a great spring break destination. The place has gorgeous white sand and beautiful seashore.

Unlike some white sand beaches, Panama beach has 3 off-leash dog parks where you can play and relax with your dog. These parks include Everitt Avenue Dog Park, Zollie Young Dog Park and Frank Brown Park.

This beach has 100 public beach access points, 2 state parks and miles of biking and hiking trails. Once you set your feet on this beach, you will agree that the air around here is quite unique, like no other that you have ever experienced anywhere before. Bring a ball too so you can play.

Key Biscayne Beaches – One of the Florida Keys beaches

Key Biscayne Beaches

It’s no secret that Key Biscayne provides the spot for all types of beachgoers. In case you are looking to experience a beach day that is filled with fun, then the sandy shores of Key Biscayne beaches is the place to go. There are many good beaches filled with idyllic stretches of white sand that provide a unique taste and beautiful views of sunny Florida.

While at any of the beaches, you will get the chance to see a historic lighthouse, which is the oldest standing building in Miami-Dade County. The beach pier stretches for around 1.25 miles in length. The good thing is that the place has chairs and umbrellas for you to rent in case if you would just like to sit at a table and have food or something. You can also rent hydrobikes, canoes and ocean kayaks and enjoy yourself in the waters.

Clearwater Beach Florida

Clearwater Beach Florida

When you get here, your eyes will be greeted by inviting waters and impeccable beaches. One of the beaches that will dazzle you is the Caladesi Island that is located at the north end of the beach. Another notable feature about the Clearwater beach is the small-town atmosphere.

You will have an incredible time watching winter dolphins if you visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. With all these attraction sites, you are assured of having a nice time with your friends or family. Moreover, the place has family-friendly lodgings and great restaurants where you can dine, wine and have a good time.

Lido Key – best white sand beaches in Florida

Lido Key

Lido Key is a barrier island located off the coast of Sarasota, Florida. The place has many sandy white beaches that face the Gulf of Mexico. There is also the South Lido Park, which provides a great environment for many outdoor activities. If you do not fancy public beaches, then Lido Key is the place for you as it is not densely populated.

If you love surfing, you may want to bring your board because Lido enjoys some good waves. However, they are not too big and that makes them good for beginners too.

Lido Key Sarasota is a private beach that has been developed with a wide variety of nightclubs, luxury restaurants and beach houses. You can also host weddings and private parties as long as you follow the proper booking channels.

Fort Walton Beach – Best Florida Gulf Coast Beaches

Fort Walton is located along North Florida’s Gulf Coast. The place is a must-visit for beach lovers since it offers visitors many awesome things including the powdery white beaches, golf courses and emerald waters among others. Fort Walton is a great place for families seeking to spend their vacation in a wonderful, serene place.

This beach is also home to museums that are filled where you can get a lesson in local history. You will find so many entertainment spots around the seaside downtown area. If you are a nocturnal person always looking for some nightlife, Fort Walton Beach has incredible spots where you can toss drinks, eat and dance till morning.

Things to do on St Pete Beach

Things to do on St Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is without doubt one the best white sand beaches in Florida that will knock you off your feet. St. Pete provides a cool environment for your family to relax during the holidays. The place is popular because of the grand Don CeSar Resort, which is also a major historical attraction site. Another attraction site that you will find enjoyable includes the Pier, which is a major shopping and dining complex.

St. Pete has sunshine all around the year. Therefore, you can visit the place when you wish. The other thing that makes St. Pete a great place to visit is the fact that is close to various attractions in Orlando. Moreover, the beach is located to several cosmopolitan and cultural attractions of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. There are so many things to do on this beach.

Anna Maria Island Beaches

Anna Maria Island Beaches

Anna Maria is one of the most gorgeous islands that you will find in Florida. The place has 7 miles of white sand beaches that attracts many international tourists. The island is all-natural and it is only 20 minutes from Bradenton.

Anna Maria Island also has Mediterranean style architecture and a variety of vacation rentals. Good news is that the place has private heated swimming pools and tropical gardens. Make sure you visit the place and get to enjoy the beautiful views of Anna Maria Island.

One of the must-visit beaches is the Manatee Beach. This is a 900 feet stretch of white, powdery sand. It is so tempting such that you just want to lie down in it and feel the sand sifting through your toes and fingers.

These are just a few of the best white sand beaches in Florida. They offer a myriad of adventures as you have seen, from swimming, surfing, snorkeling to scuba diving. Warm and inviting, life can’t get any better and you do deserve that break. Choose the best sandy beach for you and your family and go see what is on offer.