Men’s Best Wetsuits for Diving and Surfing

Men’s-Best Wetsuits for Diving and Surfing

The ocean has temperatures that are always shifting. Thus to protect yourself from hypothermia, you need a good wetsuit. At least, it will help keep your body temperature stable. If you are just going into the ocean for a brief dip, you do not need a wetsuit. However, if your objective is to swim among the fish and the turtles at that coral reef, if you want to stay long enough to shoot a few underwater videos and images, you definitely need a wetsuit. Thankfully, there are many full body mens best wetsuits for diving, both shorty and full sized.

Now, a shorty wetsuit is a short-sleeved wetsuit. It also does not come with full leg pants. They might just reach immediately above the knee. Such is best for warm water surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

A wetsuit serves many purposes apart from protecting you from hypothermia. For example, it keeps the fish, jellyfish, star fish and other marine animals from getting into contact with your skin. It is all so good to feel so lovey-dovey with the marine animals, but you do not know what kind of bacteria they carry in their mouth or their skins. So as much as you love that jelly fish, well, you want to keep your distance or at least keep it from coming into contact with your skin. You can pair a good full size wetsuit with the best mens water shoes for superior protection when scuba diving.

With that in mind, what are the best scuba diving wetsuits for men? There are many, and it can be a bit daunting to know what to buy. Although what you buy is determined by factors like where you are going diving, the kind of water or underwater activity you aim to undertake, in this article, we bring you a few reviews to help you buy what you need fast.

Mens best wetsuits for diving reviews

Mens best wetsuits for diving reviews

A wetsuit works by creating a barrier between your warm body and the cold water from outside. Because it is a wetsuit, you will indeed get wet but you will keep warm. If you take good care of your wetsuit, it will stay intact for a long time. Just remember that salt water can damage neoprene, so clean your suit with cold fresh water as soon as you are done diving.

Here are the best scuba diving wetsuits for you:

Best ONeill Wetsuit – Men’s Reactor 3/2mm

Best ONeill Wetsuit Men's Reactor 3,2mm

If what you are looking for is a full body wetsuit at a great price, go for the O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Full Wetsuit with Back Zip. This wetsuit perfectly combines both durability and excellent stretch giving you high flexibility and performance while under water. It features a back zipper that gives you an easy and simple doffing and donning, preventing water from entering inside.

The sleeves and the shoulders are made from premium, ultra soft and highly stretchable nylon 2-neoprene fabric that gives you unhindered upper body flexibility and movement. In addition, this wetsuit has krypto kneepads and the seams that are sewn with smooth flat lock stitching are breathable and long lasting.

This makes it ideal for use even in warm weather conditions. The double seal neck gives you more comfort while the wind resistant skin chest and back panels will keep you warm in windy conditions. With this suit, there is no risk of catching hypothermia or pneumonia in your underwater adventures.


  • Fully adjustable super seal neck
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Ergonomic knee protection
  • Gives you unrestricted motion and eliminates rash


  • Tend to run small on size; buy a size larger than you usually wear

O’Neill Men’s Reactor 2mm – wetsuits for sale near me

O'Neill Men's Reactor 2mm

when looking for best wetsuits for sale near me, I would definitely start looking at the most popular brand names. O’Neill is one of the best wetsuit makers in the market. The O’Neill Men’s Reactor 2mm Back Zip Spring shorty wetsuit that does not feature full arms and legs is designed for warmer waters or during the summer season.

This wetsuit is great for use when sailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding and surfing among others. It is made of Ultraflex neoprene and Fluidfoam and it comes in a stretchy, soft and plush fit design that allows you to move flexibly and freely in water.

The wind resistant soft skin panels protect you from the cold ocean breeze and the krypto knee pads gives your knees ergonomic protection. The back zip allows for easy and comfortable doffing and donning and prevents water from getting in.

It also features long lasting flat lock seams, seamless paddle zones, a key pocket inside and a neck seal for resisting flushing. This wetsuit comes with UV rays protection; it is very durable and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Breathable and comfortable construction
  • Adjustable watertight neck seal
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy donning and doffing


  • Runs small on sizes 

O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3mm Back Zip – Best Full Wetsuit

O'Neill Men's Epic 4,3mm Back Zi

O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit is made of superior ultra stretch neoprene that is super soft and extra stretchy. It has been designed to be used for cold-water sports with Fluid Flex insulation at the chest and back panels for extra warmth and comfort.

The neoprene fabric used for making this wetsuit gives it a lot of stretch and flexibility so that you can have unrestricted movement while surfing. The under-sleeve panels allow unhindered movement and prevents chafing.

The water resistant zipper, fully adjustable and sealed neck closure and the sealed seams make sure that no cold water flushes your suit. It is light in weight and very comfortable. The Krypto kneepads that are very durable ensure that your knees are ergonomically protected. In addition, it comes with an external key pocket and a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


  • Total freedom and movement while in water
  • Breathable and moisture-free comfort
  • Light weight and extra stretch with no chafing
  • Warm and comfortable


  • Pricey

Realon 3mm Full Body Wetsuit Mens

Realon 3mm Ful Body Wetsuit Mens

Realon 3mm Men is a wet jumpsuit that is designed to be ideal for water sports such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. It is made of 3mm super stretch neoprene that fits perfectly on your body, maximizing your freedom and movement when in water. It is also designed to shield you from the UV rays, wind, sea lice, jellyfish and any other water irritants.

The material is breathable giving you warm comfort and it is very light in weight, dries very fast and does not feel bulky when worn. It also comes with an extra long heavy duty back zipper, an adjustable neck collar, flat lock seams, smooth skin fluid foam and durable knee pads. The fabric does not cause chafing, the ergonomic design fits perfectly on your body and the chest and back panels shields you from the chilly ocean winds.


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Sold with one year warranty
  • Protection against UV rays and biological irritants


  • Not suitable for colder weather conditions

Best mens surf wetsuits – Dark Lightning 3mm & 5/4mm

Dark Lightning 3mm & 5,4mm

The Dark Lightning Men’s Full Wetsuit is among the best wetsuits for scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. It is made of superior quality neoprene (90%) and elastane nylon (10%) keeping you warm because it is thick. In addition, the material makes the wetsuit stretchy making it very flexible and it gives you free movement when in the waters.

This brand offers you two thickness design options that come in 3mm and 5/4mm, which you can choose according to the temperature conditions of the place where you are going diving. There is knee padding that protects your knees from any abrasion and the wetsuit is very comfortable, smooth on the skin and easy to don and doff.

This wet jumpsuit features an ergonomic design that easily fits on your body and the smooth chest and back panels shields you from the freezing ocean breeze.  It is very durable, lightweight, and watertight and has been made with flat lock stitching. This means that is very comfortable on your skin and it does not cause chafing.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Easy doffing and donning
  • Minimized water entry


  • Only use this for warm water diving
  • If you have a big belly, it can be hard to get into

Best wetsuits for diving – Aqua Lung 3mm Aquaflex

Aqua Lung 3mm Aquaflex

The Aqua Lung 3mm Aquaflex Wetsuit is made of superior quality, very stretchable neoprene material that offers you ultimate comfort and flexibility. This material also comes with liquid sealed seams, perfectly and comfortably fitting on your body without causing any chafing.

The seams are glued, blind stitched and sealed with liquid rubber to ensure that they last for a very long time and they completely lock water out keeping you warm. The chest and back panels protect you further from cold and wind.

The outer nylon material is anti-abrasion and the inner material is very soft, which makes the wetsuit easy to get into and out of. The neck seal has a comfortable stretch and the back zipper with a pull-tab leash ensures that all water is locked out. In addition, this wetsuit has ergonomic kneepads for further protection and they are very durable.


  • Superior quality material
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Comfortable fit
  • Light weight and flexible
  • 12 months warranty


  • Pricey

XTERRA Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full Suit 3/2mm

XTERRA Men's Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full Suit 3,2mm

When you are looking for a wet jump suit that will give you the full value for your money, comfort and flexibility while in water, XTERRA Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full Suit 3/2mm should be your ideal choice.

It is made of high quality neoprene with a thickness of 3/2mm (this measurement just means that on the large surfaces like the torso, this suit has a thickness of 3mm and on movable areas like armpits, it is 2mm thick) ensuring that you enjoy comfort, warmth and durability. The material is ultra-stretchy so that it fits well on your body despite your shape, and even when you have removed it from your body, it retains its shape and fit.

The X-SLICE coating on the wetsuit minimizes drag so that you can move comfortably and freely in water. This gear also features X-MAX seam seal technology that uses three layers of glue and double blind stitching giving you durable watertight seams.

The low profile collar and the sturdy back zipper ensure increased comfort and easy donning and doffing. The jumpsuit comes in nine different sizes, a 30-day trial period and a twelve months warranty.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great performance
  • Thirty days trial period
  • One year warranty
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Not true to size

Best full wetsuit – Hyperflex Men’s Access 3/2mm

Hyperflex Men's Access 3,2mm

If what you are looking for in a wetsuit is warmth, style, versatility and flexibility, the Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit should be your ideal choice. This wetsuit offers you extra comfort and it is ideal for any water sport. It comes with the YKK zipper in the back for easy donning and doffing, and low profile seams that prevents chafing.

The thermal lined interior fabric ensures that you keep warm when in the water and the indestructible knee pads protect your knees from any abrasions. In addition, it is designed to protect you from the UV rays and the chest and back panels protects you further from the chilly oceans breeze.

The fabric is stretchy enough ensuring a correct fit and it has a waterproof small front zipper for easier entry and flexibility. This suit is sold with a 12-month warranty. You can use it for warm water diving, jet skiing, snorkeling or other water adventure.


  • Flexible and versatile
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Great performance
  • 12 months warranty


  • Not true to size

GoldFin Wetsuit for Men – 3mm Neoprene Full Body Suit

3mm Neoprene Full Body Suit

GoldFin is a very reputable company that has been manufacturing high quality wetsuits for over 14 years. GoldFin Wetsuit Men’s 3mm Neoprene Full Body Suit is one of their products that is ideal for windsurfing, swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and canoeing among others.

This wetsuit features a smooth skin fold at the collar a cuff and an opening at the leg that is watertight preventing water from getting in. The durable kneepads protect the knees from any friction and abrasions and the entire gear is light in weight enabling you to have free movement while in water.

This full body wetsuit is made of a blend of neoprene material (70%) and nylon (30%). This material is very soft and comfortable on the skin, and it is super-stretchy for a perfect fit for any man. In addition, it comes with a sturdy YKK back zipper with a hook and loop closure for easy donning and doffing. The flat lock seams makes this wetsuit to have a smooth feel that is abrasion free.


  • Warm and comfortable on the skin
  • Easy to get into and out of
  • Perfect fit for men
  • Versatile


  • Only good for warm water diving

Best wetsuit mens – Leader Accessories Men’s 5mm

Leader Accessories Men's 5mm

The Leader Accessories Men’s 5mm Full body Wetsuit is a heavy duty high quality wet jumpsuit that has specifically been designed for scuba diving. It comes in several colors and sizes to suit everyone’s taste and preference.

This full body wetsuit is made of thick 5mm neoprene material that is laminated with nylon to keep you extra warm even in very cold conditions. The material is super stretchy firing perfectly on your body shape and it allows you to have maximum freedom when moving in the water with zero resistance.

It comes with strong zippers that are easy to grip on the wrists, neck and ankles for better comfort and easy wearing and undressing. There is also a large back zipper with a cord for easier donning and doffing. Its collar is adjustable for minimized water entry and the durable kneepads for further protection against bruises.

The ring seal layer on the ankles and the wrists further minimizes water from entering in. The smooth chest and back panels are wind resistant for extra warmth and there is a 30 days money back guarantee in case you like the product.


  • The thickness provides good insulation thus plenty of warmth
  • Perfect fit
  • Great performance
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Easy donning and doffing


  • May not come true to size – order carefully

Best bare wetsuits – 3mm mens velocity full suit

3mm mens velocity full suit

Bare is one of the best names when it comes to the manufacture of the best wetsuits for diving for men, women and children. Their wetsuits are a bit pricey as compared to others, but hey, they do last a jolly long time and they have been designed to keep you as protected and safe as possible in the water.

The Bare 3mm Mens Velocity Full Wetsuit is made with super stretching technology and the Nylon 11 neoprene material is not only waterproof, but it also lasts many washes. In the performance areas, you will find that this wetsuit comes with panels that stretch at different capacities. You will also see that they have built this suit to make you as comfortable as possible when you are performing under the water.

They have also incorporated Progressive Stretch, something that is only available in the Velocity wetsuits made by Bare. What Progressive Stretch means is that at different areas, there are different stretching capacities. For example, the stretching capacity that you will find in the armpits is different than what you will find on the neck, or torso.

This is a 3mm wetsuit meaning that you can only use it for warm water diving. Many people worry that in areas as hot as Florida, they will be uncomfortably hot but that is not the case. This wetsuit keeps your body at optimum temperature – not too hot and not too cold. You will ultimately love this as it gives you the freedom to dive where you wish.


  • Made with advanced progressive stretching technology
  • Long lasting
  • Keeps your body at optimum temperature
  • Comes in beautiful colors
  • Easy to get into and out of
  • Very comfortable on your skin 


  • It’s pricey

7mm wetsuit – NeoSport Men’s Waterman John Wetsuit

NeoSport Men's Waterman John Wetsuit

If you read reviews for the Neosport Mens Waterman John Wetsuit 7mm, you will see that many users recommend it for kayaking and sup. Note that this is a sleeveless wetsuit and for that, it does not restrict your arms at all.  As the name waterman is for people that love spending their life and free time around or in water, this wetsuit is just perfect. For warm water diving, it might keep you a bit warm but then, your body will let the heat out through the sleeveless sections.

This one is one of best wetsuits for diving, surfing, kayaking and other water activities for men. It comes with a zipper (YKK), and on the shoulders, it comes with Velcro, which works perfectly and is not going to be damaged no matter how long you use it.

The seams are well put together to keep cold water out. It is recommended that you use this wetsuit in water temperatures ranging not below 55 degrees Fahrenheit/ 12.7 degrees Celsius.


  • Good for coldwater diving, sailing and others
  • Free movement of your arms
  • Sleeveless to enhance breathability
  • Glued seams
  • Has good wrist and ankle seals 


  • May not come true to size

FAQs for mens wetsuits on sale

Can I buy just any wetsuit?

No. There are wetsuits made for scuba diving in winter, and some to be used in spring, summer and in warmer waters. Starting at a thickness of 2mm to 7mm, the thicker it is, the more suitable the wetsuit is for cold water diving and vice versa.

What does 3/2mm for a wetsuit mean?

These numbers indicate the thickness of the wetsuit. The bigger number indicates the thickness of the wetsuits in the larger places like the torso, tummy and the thighs. The smaller number indicates the thickness in movable places like under the elbows, crotch and so on. Some wetsuits can be as thick as 8mm. Mostly, above 5mm thick wetsuits are good for jet skiing, diving, surfing and snorkeling in cold water.

Why should I buy a wetsuit for men specifically?

It is best to buy a gender specific-wetsuit. Women have narrower shoulders and a bigger bosom, men have broader shoulders and flat chest. Thus, their wetsuits are designed differently. Crotch areas are different too, and so is the design of the wetsuits in that area.

Why do I need a wetsuit for diving in the warm Caribbean?

A wetsuit is not only designed to protect you from hypothermia, but it also protects you from the UV rays of the sun when you are sailing. It also prevents your skin from coming into contact with marine animals and plants. Jellyfish and other animals can be harmful. Wear a wetsuit to protect your skin too from the dumping that has been happening in oceans over time. For warm water diving, any wetsuit below 5mm is good.

How do I take care of my wetsuit?

Luckily, a wetsuit is very easy to take care of. Mostly made of strong, stretchy and durable neoprene material, a wetsuit just needs to be cleaned and rinsed with clean warm water after using it. Dry it inside out first, then turn it the other side. You can then let it dry before storage. When packing, make sure there are no sharp objects or items as such can pierce it.

What is a drysuit?

It is the opposite of the wetsuit and it is used for cold water diving. A dry suit does not allow water to pierce the skin of the suit. It keeps your body dry.

How much water should I let into my wetsuit?

Usually, it is best not to let the wetsuit balloon with water as that will damage its stretch and will also cause a serious drag to your swimming. Listen to your body and don’t let the wetsuit balloon with water.


There are so many mens best wetsuits for diving. Combined with the best BCD, best scuba tanks for diving, watch and computer, you can practically own the waters and explore many of the wonders hidden in the bowels of the oceans. Whatever you do, use a wetsuit for the type of diving recommended and most importantly, do not use a warm water suit for cold water diving and vice versa. Remember also to take good care of the wetsuit so that it can last a long time. Before buying, you should be guided by good reviews so that you get great value for your money.