Tribord Easybreath Snorkel That Lets You Breathe Underwater

Tribord Easybreath Snorkel That Lets You Breathe Underwater

Are you going snorkeling anytime soon? If yes, you might want to get a snorkel that lets you breathe underwater. It is the most important snorkeling gear that you should always bring along.

Any seasoned snorkeler knows how important a good snorkeling mask is. Enjoying the underwater environment view as you breathe effortlessly and kick your strokes like a pro is something that every diver looks forward to when buying a snorkel set. You can order yours, like the one above, from

The Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask set comes with everything that you need for an amazing time in the water. Today, it is also called Subea Easybreath mask. Just note the term Easybreath. Whenever you see it, just know it refers to one mask only, the one we are reviewing here.

The Subea Easybreath mask comes with a snorkel mask and a snorkel that allows you breathe underwater through your nose and mouth without trouble. At last, here is a mask that enables you to breathe in water, as you would while on land. The set also includes a pair of snorkeling fins and a carry-on bag.

Snorkel that lets you breathe underwater

The best dry snorkel

The best dry snorkel

The Tribord Easybreath snorkeling set comes with a dry snorkel that makes the breathing process while underwater pure bliss. This dry snorkel has a small valve located on the upper part of the snorkel. The work of this snorkel is to ensure that water does not get in the tube when it is submerged.

If by any chance water gets inside the mask, it simply runs down along the front lens. It is then collected at a section on the chin area, where it is purged automatically when you exhale. This feature enables you to stay in the water longer. You will not be forced to constantly purge your snorkel every time water finds its way inside.

Unlike the traditional snorkels, with this one, you are not forced to stuff the snorkel in your mouth the entire time you will be in the water. This means that you will not in any way suffer from lip or jaw fatigue. This adds to your overall comfort since you can naturally breathe through your mouth and nose.

When we say this is the best dry snorkel, it is because it is. You will breathe just as you would on dry land. Well… not exactly, but very close.

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Best full face mask

Best full face mask

The Tribord Easybreath has the best full face mask that is designed to keep your face absolutely dry. It does not allow water in, so you do not have to deal with the nasty experience of choking on salty ocean water.

This mask has a huge lens that provides you with a panoramic field of view. The wide peripheral vision allows you to enjoy incredible sights of the underwater environment. The lens is one big glass window that enables you to enjoy an unhindered field of view of a whopping 180 degrees.

The huge glass window and the tube are made from polycarbonate material, which is shatterproof. Polycarbonate is a very durable material that is not only robust in strength, but is also shock resistant.

It does not break or develop cracks even if it is dropped on hard floor. It provides your face with maximum protection against underwater environments as well as from the harmful UV rays.

The full face mask is designed with a double airflow system to prevent fogging. The system does this by removing any moist air that you exhale inside the mask therefore preventing the mask from fogging. This ensures that your vision is not obscured at all. You can continue to enjoy your snorkeling adventure as much as possible.

The mask skirt is made from silicone material that is soft and comfortable against your skin. It is watertight and it provides an incredible even seal that is leak-free.

The straps are extremely comfortable and flexible since they are made from elastic textile fabric. They are wide and adjustable, allowing you to enjoy a snug customizable fit. They enhance the mask ability to seal off water and it does not tag your hair uncomfortably.

Snorkeling fins

Snorkeling fins 1

The snorkeling fins come in a short blade design that is lightweight and comfortable. The foot pocket is designed for easier donning or doffing and it accommodates up to five consecutive feet size. This makes the set a great choice for a family or a group of buddies since they can be shared amongst different people.

The snorkeling fins allow the user to wear them over thin diving footwear. This makes the snorkeling fins perfect for use in cold water. They are made from robust and durable rubber and they are able to deliver strong thrust without using too much of your effort.

carry-on bag

Finally, this set includes a mesh carry-on bag that allows you to store or carry all your gear conveniently when travelling. It has a convenient handle that enables you to carry your gear without any hassle. If you have another travel dive bag, you may still want to keep this one.

The set comes in a wide range of colors that allows you to choose the color that suits your preference.

carry on bag

Pros of Tribord Easybreath snorkeling set

  • Allows you to breathe naturally under water
  • Incredible field of view
  • Very comfortable on the face
  • Keeps your face absolutely dry
  • Premium quality construction
  • Does not fog up
  • No lip or jaw fatigue
  • Ideal for people with facial hair

Cons of Tribord Easybreath snorkeling set

  • A bit bulky

Conclusion and recommendation

You have seen the Tribord Easybreath snorkel that lets you breathe underwater. Snorkeling is fun, but it is even more fun when you have the right snorkeling gear. Just as you would need the best scuba diving computer or scuba diving tank to enhance your diving experience, you also need the best snorkeling mask, snorkeling suit and other gear for your snorkeling. Choose the best full face mask and it will last a long time.