prescription snorkel mask

Choosing a Prescription Snorkel Mask – 10 Masks and Crucial Information

A prescription snorkel mask is more than a simple design. They act as medical devices to correct vision to the water-specific needs. The lenses of these masks are made with corrective prescription standards. Most of them are found in the nearsight -1 to -10 range and in the farsight +1 ...
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Best Water Shoes For Men 1

Best Water Shoes For Men – Comfort, Support And Style

Among the best water shoes for men, wearers can find some of the most innovative designs in the footwear industry. Suitable for all types of feet, water shoes come with distinct characteristics which practically allow them to be worn while in water. Their main aim is to protect the feet ...
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Best Dive Computer A Short Buying Guide 1

Best Dive Computer – A Short Buying Guide

Cressi Leonardo is one of the best dive computers in its class. Like most other top products, it comes to simplify the life of the diver with its must-have programs and extras. An emphasis on usability has made dive computers better than ever before. At the same time, divers now ...
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best water shoes for women

The 10 Best Water Shoes For Women You Need to Try

The top 10 best water shoes for women includes a quick look at the leading designs of the class. Water shoes are very distinct to casual shoes and women need to know what to expect. In most cases, the shoes come with a very tight fit. This is actually a ...
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Your Best Full Face Snorkel Mask 1

Your Best Full Face Snorkel Mask – 10 Must-Haves for Snorkelers

The endless debate on the best full face snorkel mask is going strong. With more masks being released and updated on a yearly basis, the debate is not going anywhere. But just as many snorkelers can attest, the best full face snorkel mask is the one which fits your face ...
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best underwater camera for scuba diving

Best Underwater Camera For Scuba Diving – Your Choices and Buying Guide

One of the best parts of scuba diving is the memories it creates. These memories can be captured with the best underwater camera for scuba diving. However, which is this camera and why doe scuba divers really need one? These questions are answered below with a closer look to leading ...
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cenote diving mexico

Best Cenote Diving Mexico Has To Offer

Cenote diving in Mexico has a unique tradition. It is believed that these cenotes were sacred to the ancient Maya population. Today, they are a local and international attraction for divers of all skill levels. But what are cenotes? Made from underwater rock formations made from limestone rock which collapsed ...
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