The 10 Best Water Shoes For Women You Need to Try

best water shoes for women

The top 10 best water shoes for women includes a quick look at the leading designs of the class. Water shoes are very distinct to casual shoes and women need to know what to expect. In most cases, the shoes come with a very tight fit. This is actually a positive as the shoes tend to come off easily while in water.

But women also value the aesthetic nature of the shoes. They are now available in various vivid colors as a result. At the same time, women can also enjoy one of the best experiences when it comes to in-water versatility with the shoes.

From swimming to playing sports, these shoes are ready to be relied on with all types of movements. From thin to thick uppers and from the full outsole to outsoles with holes, there are plenty of great options to consider. The following best water shoes for women include an example from each type of material and design. Although similar, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some have a good outsole while others feature a slip-on upper. However, the following water shoes for women actually encompass a goll all-round balance, especially since they need to support in-water activities and performance.

1. WateLves Womens and Mens Kids Water Shoes

Made with polyester and spandex, the water shoes are among the stretchy options to consider for all-day comfort. The materials are thin and they allow the foot to feel as natural as possible. At the same time, the thin materials allow good breathability and quick drying once out of water.

Women find the shoes appealing for the way they look as well. It is why they can see the shoes among the most interesting designs with their tens of colors and color patterns with dots and stripes. But most importantly, women can rely on the shoes to protect their feet.

The stretchy design of the upper allows a tight fit around the ankle. Women rely on this tight fit to keep rocks away from the inside of the shoes. Another distinct advantage of the shoes is given by their thin profile. Practically, women can roll them and place them in a travel diving bag when heading out to swim or paddle board.

WateLves Womens and Mens Kids Water Shoes


  • Made with a stretchy upper
  • Colors to suit all personalities
  • Made with an anti-slip outsole
  • Suitable for walks on the beach


  • Not best protection against objects

Bottom line

For all water sports, the shoes are a tight fit, suitable to beat clunky designs.


2. Yalox Water Shoes

Suitable for diving, surfing, and kayaking, the minimalistic shoes are among the proper options for those seeking good traction while protecting the feet. It is usually the bottom of the feet which can face bruises and scratches. Wearers can enjoy the shoes to keep their feet protected when dealing with changing environments, which is the case with diving. Even cave divers can consider the shoes for added traction on rocks.

The slip-on design is one of the most suitable solutions for a close fit. Practically, the upper follows the natural contour of the foot. It is why they are often described as the barefoot solution which is perfect for added responsiveness. This is best seen with fast moves and quick angle changes such as those in surfing.

The shoes are available for women but they have colors and sizes for men and kids as well. Women can ensure the entire family has their fee protected before embarking on the next underwater adventure. Quick drying is also based on the polyester materials which allow the shoes to be completely dry in minutes when left out in the sun.

Yalox Water Shoes


  • Made with a slip-on design
  • Suitable for all water activities
  • Made with a flexible outsole
  • Upper resists stretching


  • Not best for shock absorption

Bottom line

Suitable for feet care, the shoes are made with top flexibility as they can stretch in all directions.


3. Suokeni Women’s Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes

Among the water shoes for women which borrow comfort characteristics from running shoes, they are among the most suitable solutions for added cushioning. The breathable shoes are made with a soft mesh upper which is suitable for cross ventilation. It is why they are quick to dry. The upper is indeed protective and skin-friendly.

The lightweight construction of the shoes allows them to be considered even in water. If their cushioning is more substantial than what is typically seen in water shoes, there is still space for them to be considered for swimming and other water-based sports.

One of the characteristics borrowed from running shoes is the lacing system based on midfoot waring. It is why the shoes feel particularly tight in this area while the offer a bit more room for the toes. An anti-slip surface has been added on the shoes. It allows the shoes to enjoy better traction in the crucial area of the forefoot and of the heel.

Suokeni Women's Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes


  • Made with anti-bacterial treatments
  • Includes a cushioned midsole
  • Comes with a quick-dry upper
  • Solid shoelace design for fit


  • Bulkier than other water shoes

Bottom line

With extra cushioning, the water shoes are made for women who need that extra foot protection.


4. Simari Womens and Mens Water Shoes

Made with TPR materials which are quick to dry, the water shoes are recommended for various activities. The plastic material is suitable for quick drying but it also works very well for those who seek extra stretching in their shoes. The material has a lot of giving and this is why they are used in water sports.

The collar is reinforced so that it will not start to tear in time. Giving its elastic nature, it also keeps the feet protected from small rocks and sand in the shoes. Used in snorkeling and in other water sports, the shoes sit on a thin rubber platform. Since this platform is more flexible than with regular shoes, women can rely on it for a sock-like feel.

The nature of the shoes implies reduced cushioning and maximum stretching when needed. When swimming, this translates to better responsiveness and reduced weight. Furthermore, customer service also offers good policies to try the shoes out. There’s a 30-day policy on the shoes in which time wearers can establish their satisfaction with the product.

Simari Womens and Mens Water Shoes


  • Made with a durable ankle collar
  • Features polyester materials
  • Includes TPR abrasion-resistant materials
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty


  • Can slip off in large waves

Bottom line

There’s a stretchy profile to the shoes which sees them among the most versatile water designs in their class.


5. Hiitave Women Water Shoes

Made with a 5 toe box design, the water shoes have an articulating profile. They can be used for movements in all directions while maintaining traction. This is why they can be used to step over rocks when its water. At the same time, they are fitted which means there are fewer chances for the shoes to slip off the feet.

There’s an elastic lacing system in place as well. It has its own role when it comes to a proper fit. The lacing allows women to keep the shoes on the fit a bit better, especially with currents and strong waves. There’s a mesh upper with overlays which play its role in the drying process as well.

With an elastic ankle collar, the upper is stretchy and breathable. There’s no doubt the shoes are suitable for diving. They are comfortable in the seabed and they offer proper traction on all surfaces normally found there.

Hiitave Women Water Shoes 1


  • Suitable for diving and climbing
  • Used in surfing
  • Designed with water draining sole
  • Includes a roomy toe box


  • Not best for outsole flexibility

Bottom line

Made to keep feet dry, the shoes have a distinct appeal in the activewear industry since they suit multiple water sports.


6. JointlyCreating Women Water Sports Shoes

Designed with an anti-slip outsole, the shoes have a distinct top strap for proper fit. Most women love the simplicity of the shoes. At the same time, this makes them alternative to classic lacing systems. The slip-on design of the shoes is still maintained. This is why most women can see the shoes as fitted, even if the outsole is a bit rugged than on most water-based designs.

In terms of drying tech, the shoes offer plenty back to the use. For example, the outsole is perforated which allows quick draining. The 11 holes of the outsole are where water gets out form the inside of the shoes. But this design does not impede the actual usability of the outsole.

With plenty of colorful options, shades of pink and combination of colors, the shoes are suitable for all types of outfits. They can even match swimsuits and diving suits which women are often interested in.

JointlyCreating Women Water Sports Shoes


  • Made with water holes in the outsole
  • Designed with an adjustment strap
  • Suitable for slip-on wear
  • Wide toe design


  • Reduced impact protection

Bottom line

The shoes have a seamless look and with the upper strap, they are an alternative to lacing-based designs.


7. Centipede Demon Women’s Quick Dry Water Shoes

For a barefoot feel, the shoes come as a distinct advantage. They feature a thin rubber outsole which immediately reduced their weight. Further weight is reduced with the addition of the thin upper with no extra padding. For this reason, lightweight design is perfect for foot protection. However, the thin outsole has its limits, especially when stepping over sharp objects such as rocks.

The near-barefoot experience of the shoes allows them to be a top design in a class where there are many other options for swimmers, divers, and windsurfers to consider. This is why the shoe actually follows the contour of the foot with hugging feel at any age. However, the shoes will not stay on the feet regardless of the outside pressure. Since there’s no lacing to rely on, strong waves could possibly take them off.

Centipede Demon Women's Quick Dry Water Shoes 1


  • Based on rubber traction
  • Includes a thin upper
  • Available in 32 colors
  • Includes quick-dry materials


  • Not best in strong waves

Bottom line

With their distinct rainbow design, the shoes are among the top options for attractive designs.


8. Heeta Water Sports Shoes for Women

The shoes are available in women’s sizes from 4.5 to 13. Their weight is impressive and it sits at just 0.57lbs. For their lightweight profile, the shoes are among the most durable options in their class. They represent a strong solution for those seeking for a barefoot experience. Furthermore, they represent one of the most distinct solutions for the quality of the fabric.

There is a stretchy upper in place and the shoes are very versatile as a result. As many top shoes in this class, they can actually be used for various other sports such as fishing, walking and even light jogging. However, it is in the water that the shoes start to show their full strength.

Heeta Water Sports Shoes for Women


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Used in kayaking and diving
  • Good traction for sailing


  • Too lightweight for some women

Bottom line

With quality materials, the shoes are mainly recommended for a nearly barefoot swimming experience with easy cleaning.


9. Deevike Women’s Water Shoes

With a sticky design, the water shoes are known for staying on the feet where others fail. In situations such as when facing strong currents or simply facing strong waves, the shoes stay on the feet better. At the same time, they are known for their practical design with the top strap.

The flexible nature of the shoes remains constant, even in the collar area and in the area of the strap. Practically, the shoes are still stretchy and flexible, like most other shoes with traditional laces. With many colors to choose from, they are the fixed solution to stay on the feet longer.

Deevike Women's Water Shoes


  • Made with sticky materials
  • Includes a top strap
  • Recommended in light colors
  • Suitable for water sports


  • No holes in the outsole

Bottom line

With sticky materials, the shoes are suitable for better overall reliability, especially in strong waters.


10. Within Women’s Mary Jane Water Shoes

With X-band style straps, shoes are suitable for women who want a more elegant option. The shoes still feature a rubber sole with good traction and durability. But their main purpose is to offer a design with beautiful X-straps which look apart. The straps are stretchy and the slip-on design of the shoes is not compromised. At the same time, the back heel pull tab helps the slip-on as well.

Breathable mesh has been added to the rest of the shoe. The upper features the distinct thin material which is perfect for quick drying. This is why the shoes are recommended for frequent in and out of water scenarios such as diving and kayaking.

Within Women's Mary Jane Water Shoes


  • Made with X-band straps
  • Includes a mesh upper
  • Features a rugged outsole
  • Available in vivid colors such as lime green


  • Reduced forefoot flexibilityBottom line

Bottom line

Women seeking to go the extra mile for a unique design can consider the Whitin design for daily use.



Do I need water shoes for women?

Water shoes for women come in different sizes. Most women can find a design to suit their feet, even when they have narrow or wide feet.

Can I use water shoes to play sports?

Water shoes can be used for various sports. They represent a solid option for swimming, diving, surfing, walking, and even for doing yoga.

Are straps better than laces?

Straps are quicker to adjust than laces. In terms of actual shoe fit, there is no considerable difference and the choice is purely subjective for most women.

Which shoes are suited for durability?

Durable shoes tend to come with abrasion-resistant materials. Women need to choose materials according to the type of activity they plan. Diving has different requirements for sailing. The upper and the outsole serve different purposes in these cases.

Is rolling my water shoes OK?

Some water shoes are very flexible and rolled as a result. But this should not damage the shoes as the outsole is thin enough to resist this flexibility for long-term use.

Why choose the best water shoes for women

When it comes to making an informed decision, it is important to see what can drive the purchase and use of the best water shoes for women. Apart from offering a nearly barefoot experience, these shoes also offer proper traction, which is a pleasant surprise.

Fitted designs

Fitted designs characterize the best water shoes for women. Most women have the freedom of simply finding a design which fits perfectly. This is rarely the case with some casual shoes, mainly due to the thick cushioning.

No heavy feet

Another advantage of this distinct design without thick cushioning is the reduced weight of the water shoes. This means women in swimsuits can move freely, without heavy feet. Over the course of a day, this means legs don’t need to be as tired, which is only seen as a major advantage.

Versatility and comfort

The comfort of water shoes is a result of all of these characteristics. Some of them even come with materials which dry while on the feet. For this reason, water shoes for women have their own place in the box of must-have water gear.

Final considerations

There are a few areas in which women can choose the ultimate products without investing too much or breaking the bank. Water shoes are in this area and they can offer a lot in return for a small investment. Since the materials are kept to a minimum for weight reasons, the shoes are also cheap to manufacture.

It is why the final result is a design which is very flexible, comfortable and highly versatile. No other shoes in this price range can be used on so many surfaces. Apart from having different sizes, water shoes for women also come in different colors.

Most importantly, the best water shoes for women protect the feet like no other shoes. Even while in the water, the feet can face various risks such as scratches, bruises, and even cuts. Most of these risks can be diminished by wearing the right water shoes.