Best Water Shoes For Men – Comfort, Support And Style

Best Water Shoes For Men 1

Among the best water shoes for men, wearers can find some of the most innovative designs in the footwear industry. Suitable for all types of feet, water shoes come with distinct characteristics which practically allow them to be worn while in water. Their main aim is to protect the feet but the shoes can also add traction when walking on various surfaces.

Some of the best water shoes of the moment are now made with quick-drying technologies. They are suitable for the wearer who needs responsive materials, ready to be used for the entire day, even outside water. Apart from drying quickly, water shoes for men are typically lightweight. It’s reassuring to know that users can practically enjoy one of the simplest designs even when swimming without adding extra weight to the feet.

Flexibility is also important for water shoes. Unlike regular shoes which mostly face flat surfaces, water shoes face irregular surfaces and they need to offer a general-type of traction on what can be a smaller contact surface than the entire surface of the foot. The following designs encompass these characteristics in a simple and unique design. Apart from an inspiring design, some of these water shoes for men are actually supportive to walk in as well.

1. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

Crocs Men's Swiftwater Mesh Sandal 1

A good pair of Crocs can go far in many fields such as nursing or retail. The famous manufacturer also shows how the same Crocs principles can be applied to water shoes. For this reason, divers, swimmers and those who are generally in water for various reasons can consider the shoes.

The versatility of the shoes combines a supportive synthetic insole with a mesh upper which is suitable for quick drying. As a result, the shoes are quick to dry. Designed as a sandal, the shoes come with an adjustable strap to ensure a better fit while hugging the midfoot. A back heel pull tab has been added for practicality as well.

With a weight of just 7oz, the shoes are suitable for other activities and even for walks. This is why those who do not want to invest in a very specific design in the water shoes for men category can consider them as a good return on investment opportunity.


  • Made with synthetic materials
  • Very quick to dry
  • Made with a mesh upper
  • Includes a hook and loop closure


  • Not the most flexible outsole

Bottom line

With a versatile appeal, the water shoes are true to elements such as support and practicality which made Crocs famous.


2. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes 1

The open mesh upper water shoes look as typical running shoes at a first glance. However, they are optimized for walking on river beds and dealing with water. It is why the manufacturer used the open mesh style for the upper. It allows all users to have their feet dry in a short period after getting out of the water. The upper also has an elastic collar around the ankle which means they will be suitable for divers and swimmers who like a tighter fit. Adjustable laces have been added to the upper for the most customizable experience users can hope for.

Then there’s the midsole. It is not as high as people are used to with regular shoes. But even with a narrow profile, the shoes are still actually comfortable. They maintain the same bouncy profile which made foam cushioning famous.

With a rubber outsole, there’s plenty of traction to rely on in the water. Whether stepping on rocks or on the sand, the shoes come with proper traction which is more difficult to rely on in the water. At the same time, there’s the ComfortDry sockliner which follows the contour of the foot. It is here that wearers can actually enjoy the shoes more than other wobbly alternatives.


  • Made with an open mesh design
  • Includes simple laces
  • Designed with a flexible synthetic ankle collar
  • Made with bouncy support


  • Ankle collar takes longer to dry

Bottom line

With a sporty profile, the water shoes are mainly suitable for those who walk a lot and who need to get in deep waters often.


3. Barerun Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

Barerun Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

There are various applications for these shoes and they all involve water to an extent. They are used in pools, wakeboarding, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing. Some people can even consider them for weight training due to their low midsole. However, their main objective is to offer responsiveness when in water. For this sole objective, they are hard to match by many other complex shoes with thick uppers and midsoles.

Users don’t need to worry about the weight of the shoes. This is due to the fact they offer an impressive lightweight profile. In fact, they can bended and even rolled in the diving bag when leaving home. This is possible due to the extra flexible outsole as well as to the thin and stretchy upper.

The stretchy upper feels natural to the foot and it follows the natural contour of the foot. The fitted shoes might not be as comfortable for wide feet as many would hope for based on the upper’s design.

Made with a thin rubber outsole, the water shoes offer solid traction across all types of surfaces. The outsole is marking so it is only to be considered on outdoor surfaces or indoor surfaces which clean easily. In water, the shoes allow wearers to swim naturally.


  • Made with a very low weight
  • Highly flexible upper and outsole
  • Comfortable and breathable materials
  • Flexible on various surfaces


  • Narrow on wide feet

Bottom line

With a thin profile, the shoes are a top choice for fans of all types of water sports and intense daily use.


4. Simari Men’s Water Shoes

Simari Men's Water Shoes 1

The ultra-light shoes are among the most interesting designs for those seeking flexibility with a more solid outsole. They combine the both of best worlds. Using elements from water sports such as quick drying with elements from casual shoes, such as a supportive midsole, they can be used for various water activities.

There is no added weight to the shoes as they are stripped to the bare minimum. With lightweight soles and insoles, they manage to offer a solution which would not even restrict swimming, which adds more practicality.

Attention has been placed on the outsole design as well. The outsole is not made as a single piece design but rather as a design combining multiple elements which are placed under the foot where it matters. They are the pieces underneath the heel and the forefoot which take most of the weight away and which are they linked to the rest of the outsole with additional rubber.

Made from polyester, the shoes are quick to dry. They also resist chaffing and they can be used for an entire season under intense use and probably more for the average wearer. At the end of the day, they can be thrown in the washing machine to get rid of bacteria and smells.


  • Made from lightweight polyester
  • Includes TPR plastic for added resistance
  • Made with quick-dry principles
  • Fitted feel following the contour of the feet


  • Not best on sharp rocks

Bottom line

Although used in other sports for their flexibility, the shoes offer a bit more traction in the water while maintaining their lightweight feel.


5. Mishansha Men’s Water Shoes

Mishansha Men's Water Shoes

The adjustable shoes have a few distinct features which might make them a worthy investment for innovation purposes. While there are a few of these characteristics to look at, none of them is as important as the drainage system of the outsole. Practically, the shoes are eliminating the extra water through the holes in the outsole. This is why they are quicker to dry than similar designs.

With a breathable upper, the water shoes are still lightweight. The flexible lacing system plays its part as well. Users have the freedom to adjust the laces for their own comfortable fit. A tight fit is suitable on hard surfaces such as rocks. A loose fit is not recommended but users can get away with it on softer surfaces such as sand.

An EVA insole has been added to the shoes as well. It plays its part in the support and cushioning. The foam is still thinner and its profile allows a low weight compared to casual shoes. The toe design with its overlay is the only extra which adds to the weight of the shoes.

The stretchy nature of the upper allows wearers of all sizes to find a good fit. Practicality, narrow and wide feet wearers can consider these shoes as they even come in half sizes. With the various available colors, they are perfect for all ages.


  • Made with elastic lacing
  • Includes stretchable materials
  • Suitable for swimming and diving
  • Included unique outsole drainage system


  • Not the most flexible design

Bottom line

The flexible nature of the shoes is what gives them their own identity in a crowded space.


6. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

The leather and neoprene shoes are actually a combination of water shoes and rough terrain shoes. It can be the reason why wearers prefer them in water and even on hikes, sometimes on the same day. The men’s water shoes are rugged and this means their flexibility is a bit reduced compared to thin water shoe alternatives.

Vibram made the outsole and this allows all users to enjoy a level of unprecedented durability and traction. Handling rocks and riverbeds is not an issue for the outsole. The shoes do not come with a full upper but rather an upper which resembles sandals. As a result, they are quick to dry. Furthermore, the shoes come with a waxy nature of the upper protects the leather and its integrity.


  • Made with a supportive outsole
  • Based on Vibram rubber design
  • 3mm lug depth
  • Made with neoprene overlays


  • Not suitable for swimming

Bottom line

Those who value leather shoes and who need a water-specific design can consider the Merrels.


7. Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe

Speedo Men's Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe 1

The updated Speedo water shoes are the option for men who need speed. They might not be as bulky and as protective as other shoes, but their lightweight profile is what makes them so distinct. Made with the S-track outsole, the shoes are primarily made according to water use characteristics, such as quick water dispensing.

The upper is highly engineered as well. Using 4-way stretch materials, it allows flexibility from all angles. Combine with the thin material, the upper is one of the few designs in this class which can handle creases and intense use without negatively impacting stretchiness.

With air mesh insert panels, fast shoes can handle water better than regular shoes. They can also remain on the feet while walking which gives them minimum versatility. Available in various colors, they can match bathing suits and swimming suits.


  • Lightweight and suitable for speed
  • S-trac outsole for added traction
  • Airmesh inserts on the upper
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Small rocks can enter the shoes

Bottom line

With a narrow upper, the shoes are mainly made for speed, even while swimming.


8. WateLves Water Shoes for Men

WateLves Water Shoes for Men

Suitable for flat feet, the shoes come with extra arch support. Like other shoes, they represent one of the simplest solutions for water versatility. They are worn on various surfaces and the thick rubber outsole allows them to maintain good traction.

The shoes come with a durable rubber outsole with multiple grooves to allow good flexibility. They are among the shoes which also come with an outsole colored in a distinct nuance which means they can be matched with swimming, kayaking or even hiking.

The flexible upper comes with a few perforations. At the same time, it allows for good water drainage. Flexible lacing has been added for a custom fit. But the upper also features a narrow collar around the ankle which means small rocks will not easily get inside the shoes.

In terms of the color pallet, the options are truly endless. The color patterns of the upper and of the outsole change from design to design. It is why the shoes are preferred by wearers of all ages.


  • Made with a rubber outsole
  • Includes flexible lacing
  • Leading arch support
  • Multiple color options


  • Not best from the flexibility

Bottom line

With class-leading arch support, they are truly one of the best water shoes for men, at least for proper support.


9. L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes

L RUN Unisex Water Shoes 1

With a slip-on design, the shoes are among the comfortable options to wear regardless of the weather conditions. Based on a non-slip rubber design, the shoes are actually lightweight. Most of the weight is on the outsole and this places their center of gravity very low. It is why they are actually suitable for water use.

The upper come with sweat-absorption capabilities and it is perfect for the summer days. Most importantly, the upper is one of the practical designs which are quick to dry. But it is not all about unsupported thin materials in the upper. The heel is protected by an overlay so that the shoes stay in good shape longer.

With black, white, pink, red and all colors in-between, the shoes can match all outfits. Plain colors and striped patterns are available. Half sizes can also be considered for a closer fit.


  • Made with a thick rubber outsole
  • Slip-on upper design
  • Made with quick-drying polyester
  • Extra breathable construction


  • Not great for fallen arches

Bottom line

With lightweight materials and a slip-on design, the shoes are a top mark for flexibility and barefoot-like swimming.


10. Fila Men’s Skeletoes EZ Slide Drainage

Fila Men's Skeletoes EZ Slide Drainage

With a textile upper and a synthetic outsole, the shoes come with a comfortable and fitted design. They are unlike most other water shoes for men. But their profile is very flexible which means they can be used across multiple sporting activities in and besides water.

A top strap is added for extra fit customization. Fila has made the slip-on with extra rubber. But at the same time, they are not as protective on sharp rocks as regular walking shoes and this is why attention still needs to be placed on the surface, maybe a bit more than with other shoes.


  • Made with a low collar
  • Suitable for fast speeds
  • Articulated outsole design
  • Lightweight for long days in the water


  • Not very protective on sharp rocks

Bottom line

The shoes differentiate themselves with their articulate design, which can be helpful with foot conditions as Plantar Fasciitis.



Do I need the best water shoes for men?

The best water shoes for men are not needed. However, they are recommended for an improved experience especially with swimming technique and walking on various uneven surfaces.
Are water shoes for men different than water shoes for women?

The shoes are practically the same. The only differing characteristic is actually the size of the shoes for men and women,

Are there any risks in wearing shoes in the water?

There are no risks associated with water shoes. Attention needs to be placed on sharp objects such as rocks, where the outsole might not be as supportive.

How do you clean water shoes?

Water should are mostly clean in the washing machine, with the laundry. However, some shoes might have specific care requests and wearers are responsible for properly maintaining them.

What is a traction and why it matters?

Traction in water shoes for men refers to the grip of the outsole. It is measured on various surfaces but it can also be subjective at times. However, even the most comfortable shoes might not be sufficient if the traction of the outsole is not at a high level. Traction tends to decline with age where the rubber of the outsole tends to wear out.

Can I leave water shoes dry in the sun?

Water shoes can dry in the sun, similarly to scuba booties. Most of them might even dry quicker than most expect. Since they are made from polyurethane and rubber in most cases, they can be left out in the sun.

My shoes feel tight, what can I do?

Shoes can feel tight due to a number of reasons. From a narrow forefoot to bad arch support, there are many reasons to consider. Going half a size or a full-size up is often recommended, especially since sizing can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Why rely on the best water shoes for men

When it comes to investing in the best water shoes for men, a few divers might not be totally convinced by their benefits. Since they can be used in other water sports such as kayaking, the shoes are totally impressive for what versatility they can offer at the price, especially compared to the heavier dry suit boots.

Outsole flexibility

The outsole is distinct in water shoes than in casual shoes. It comes with top flexibility and the ability to actually limit the stiff feel many casual shoes come with. The outsole of these shoes is often made with specific technologies such as quick drying tech for better water management. It is why these shoes are the quickest to dry.

The outsole might be flexible, but it also has a role in traction. For this reason, it is important to choose the design which works best in terms of balancing proper traction across a number of surfaces with better drying times.

The outsole is also usually the first is of water shoes to show signs of wear. Rubber is used on outsoles but depending on wear, it can last from a season to a number of years. Abrasion is the worst enemy of durability.

Upper quick dry tech

Quick drying materials have been added to water shoes. They represent one of the more suitable solutions for better overall levels of comfort. While in water, this is not a problem. However, those who want to use water shoes for other activities such as kayaking might need to think long and hard of the negative impact of wet shoes on the health of the feet.

Quick drying technologies are to be considered when it comes to proper support in various skin conditions. Being in an out of water can come with its own problems in certain sports and the skin of the feet needs to be protected. The layer for this protection starts with dry feet when possible.

Versatility in all terrains

Water shoes are very lightweight and for these reasons, they are often worn across various terrains and activities. This is why they are even seen on hikers’ feet. However, water shoes need to deal with changing terrains in the water. This is why it is actually important to choose the shoes which are easy to wear over long periods of time on hard surfaces such as rocks and which offer proper support on surfaces such as sand.

Dealing with changing terrains means there is a lot of pressure placed directly in the outsole. But the upper is also important. Proper upper flexibility and a thin profile unlike anything else seen in the footwear industry are what makes the best water shoes for mean worthy.

Slip-in comfort

Slip-in designs are very popular in water shoes for men. They offer practicality which saves times putting the shoes on. However, most slip-in water shoes are also known for a tight fit. This fit plays its role in keeping small rocks out of the shoes.

For years, various brands have tried different designs to keep rocks out of the shoes while in water. This is why there is extra attention placed on the collar, which is very close to the ankle, unlike seen in casual shoes. For this reason, it is also important to note that there are designs which come with a loose fit around the ankle.

Extra adjustability can be seen with lacing which goes around the ankle. These shoes tend to be best when it comes to keeping small rocks away from the inside of the shoes. Together with proper insole support, the upper plays its part in proper comfort.

Matching diving designs

The design of water shoes has been changing over the years. Wearers can enjoy some of the best designs to look attractive and to match with swimming or bathing suits. For most users, it is the opportunity given to wear something age-specific. Teens can find their own colorful water shoes. The elderly can find their very own preferred colors as well. It is why these shoes are normally made in a higher color range compared to a number of casual shoes.

Final considerations

While there are many changing aspects in the world of the best water shoes for men such as the outsole design, it is clear they can support all water activities. With easier wear compared to casual shoes which soak up all the water and which place too much weight on the feet such as water shoes for rocky beaches as they remain lightweight and they eliminate water quicker.

Alongside proper designs, divers can rely on water shoes for versatility across various types of water activities. This is why they are now worn to protect feet regardless of the type of diving, water sport or water crossing to be faced.