Choosing a Prescription Snorkel Mask – 10 Masks and Crucial Information

prescription snorkel mask

A prescription snorkel mask is more than a simple design. They act as medical devices to correct vision to the water-specific needs. The lenses of these masks are made with corrective prescription standards. Most of them are found in the nearsight -1 to -10 range and in the farsight +1 to +5 range.

Prescription snorkel masks are not only lenses. They are also the nose piece, the mouthpiece, the actual snorkel, and the adjustable strap. For this reason, they can be all that’s needed to properly see and breathe while diving and snorkeling at the surface of the water.

While there are many brands offering prescription snorkel masks, not all of them have the technology to make the best lenses. Leading brands use thermal and chemical treatments to offer a complex solution for the leading causes of accidents, such as shards when the lenses break.

These treatments change the reaction the lenses have on impact and they are practically safer than most expect. Some manufacturers offer customization options which include different lenses for each eye. Apart from great lenses, a solid yet comfortable frame is a must. The following prescription snorkel masks are made by some of the most respected brands of the moment.

1. Optical Corrective Scuba Dive Snorkeling Mask Prescription Lenses

Optical Corrective Scuba Dive Snorkeling Mask Prescription Lenses

Ideal for medium faces, the prescription snorkel mask is available with corrective lenses from +1 to +5. Bifocal lenses are available from +1 to +4. The corrective lenses do not need a prescription to be purchased. This means a visit to the ophthalmologist is a must when there’s a need for these types of lenses, even if they are purchased off the shelf.

Bifocals are also available form Optical Corrective. A typical bifocal lens from the manufacturer uses two types of prescriptions. The upper part is generally suitable for looking in the distance while the lower part is suitable for looking at closer at objects such as a dive computer.

But the corrective lenses can also be customized further. Different strength for each eye can be selected. In terms of strength, the glass is made with tempered manufacturing techniques. This involves heat and chemicals. In case of accidents, the glass does not break into jagged shards but it rather crumbles into granular chunks.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Supports bifocal lenses
  • Made with tempered glass
  • Custom lenses to choose from


  • Lenses can fog up on the inside

Bottom line

With improved sight underwater, the snorkel mask instantly offers relief for the eyes for most prescriptions.


2. IST Prescription Mask- Optical Corrective Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask

IST Prescription Mask- Optical Corrective Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask

Offering nearsight and farsight prescription lenses, the snorkel mask comes with quality lenses. Nearsight options range from -1 to -8. Farsight lenses range from +1 to +4. In terms of manufacturing quality, the snorkel mask comes with lenses made with tempered glass. The impact-resistant lenses are suitable for activities such as diving.

Those with skin allergies will be glad to know the mask offers a hypoallergenic construction. Made with medical silicone, the mask has soft touch. In terms of fit, the mask comes with adjustable straps which can be used just like any other strap. There is a wide split strap at the back of the head which prevents squeezing.


  • Made with injected silicone
  • Suitable for nearsight and farsight prescriptions
  • Designed with a split strap
  • Swiveling buckles added for extra comfort


  • Not suitable for large faces

Bottom line

The comfortable snorkel mask is one of the silicone-based designs suitable for extra comfort, even while diving.


3. Promate RX Prescription Snorkeling Mask

Promate RX Prescription Snorkeling Mask

With a broad peripheral view, the snorkel mask is among the suitable designs for nearsight vision issues. They are compatible with -1 to -10 nearsightedness and them are made with a two-window design. With the extra broad peripheral view, the mask is one of the designs which comes with unobstructed vision, even when looking at the most distant locations under water.

There’s a flexible swivel direction on the straps as well. Divers can adjust the mask on their own based on this versatility. When it comes to comfort, such masks are typically hard on the nose. But the Promate RX mask actually comes with a silicone insert on the nose which reduced pressure and increased comfort.


  • Suitable for nearsighted vision prescriptions
  • Made with soft silicone inserts
  • Adjustable strap allows folded storage
  • Made with a two-window design


  • Not suitable for farsight issues

Bottom line

The comfortable prescription snorkel mask comes with a comfortable and foldable design, perfect for use on the road.


4. Promate Snorkeling Purge Mask and Dry Snorkel Combo Set

Promate Snorkeling Purge Mask and Dry Snorkel Combo Set

With a fully submersible dry snorkel, the prescription mask offers lenses for nearsighted and farsight eye vision problems. There is a 2 window snorkel mask design which is the base of the mask. An easy adjustable buckle is also used on the mask so that divers enjoy its full comfort.

From -1 to -10 in increments, the prescription mask offers all lens options. For farsight issues, it offers a relaxing choice of lenses in 0.5 increments from +1 to +5. Unlike many similar designs, the prescription snorkel mask comes in different colors. From see-through designs to all-black options, there are many looks to go for as well. Just because they use prescription lenses doesn’t mean these masks are not suitable for an attractive diving outfit.


  • Suitable for nearsight and farsight vision
  • 2-window snorkel mask design
  • Made with a submersible snorkel
  • Soft dimples on the nose


  • Light fogging is possible

Bottom line

With a large selection of colors, the prescription snorkel mask is comparable to vision glasses and even better for peripheral view.


5. Scuba Black Dive Mask NEARSIGHTED Prescription RX Optical Lenses

Scuba Black Dive Mask NEARSIGHTED Prescription RX Optical Lenses

The mask is suitable for nearsight vision problems. With lenses from -1 to -10, they are suitable for all divers with these prescriptions. At their first use, divers notice they do not excel above water. But once in water, the mask shows its true quality.

The corrective mask comes with soft inserts around the nose and an adjustable strap without a split on the back of the head. It is why it might need a bit of readjustment for proper use. The seal on the mask is silicone and the right size needs to be found to prevent leaks. At the same time, the manufacturer offers the option to customize the mask with different lenses for each eye.


  • Suitable for nearsight issues
  • Made with a soft strap
  • Supports peripheral view
  • Designed with a crystal silicone facial skirt


  • Fogging needs to be treated

Bottom line

The prescription snorkel mask is only suitable for nearsightness and it offers a crystal silicone material for added comfort.


6. Promate Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Snorkeling

Promate Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Snorkeling

The prescription mask is made with a purge skit system. It allows easy water purging from the mask. The comfort is ensured, as with other Promate prescription snorkel masks, by the dimples on both sides of the nose. A pre-curved mouth silicone piece improves comfort. It is baked by the manufacturer-specific buckle attaching on the mask.

Used for prescription needs, they are suitable for nearsight and farsight issues. These snorkel masks cover the range of -1 to -10 for the nearsight issues. They also offer lenses for farsight vision issues from +1 to +5 in +0.5 increments.


  • Suitable for nearsight and farsight issues
  • Available in unique colors
  • Flexible silicone inserts
  • Includes a pre-curved silicone piece


  • Not suitable for beards and mustaches

Bottom line

The versatile prescription snorkel mask comes covers most vision needs in a comfortable design based on a purge skirt system.


7. Yeesam ART Diving Snorkeling Prescription Mask

Yeesam ART Diving Snorkeling Prescription Mask

With a nose part made from silicone, the entire mask comes with a hypoallergenic construction. This means it is suitable for all types of uses, even when facing extreme nearsight prescription in the range of -1 to-10.

Made with tempered glass, the lenses are easily one of the choices for safety. This glass shatters into small pieces when hit and it makes the lenses safe for the eyes. While the mask is available in multiple colors, it still represents one of the suitable designs for high customer satisfaction, mainly suitable for the extra comfort provided by the hypoallergenic silicone.


  • Made with a soft nose piece
  • Include hypoallergenic silicone
  • Suitable for nearsight issues
  • Available with different lenses
  • Branded cases included


  • Only available on black and yellow

Bottom line

With a simple strap, the hypoallergenic prescription snorkel mask is a top choice for improved nearsight vision.


8. Top Studio Snorkel Diving Mask Set

Top Studio Snorkel Diving Mask Set

The anti-fog film is added on the lenses of the prescription snorkel mask. It means divers can be in the water for longer with perfect vision. Anti UV treatment has been applied on the lenses as well. It represents one of the simpler designs which works efficiently to keep eyes healthy, especially in the strong summer sun.

With a flexible nose piece, the mask doesn’t feel as uncomfortable. It actually represents one of the comfortable designs with its micrometric buckles. Practically, the right fit can be ensured, much as with other similar sport wear masks.


  • Suitable for a tight fit
  • Lenses made with UV protection
  • Anti-fog film applied on the lenses
  • Made with micrometric buckles


  • Only 5 colors to choose from

Bottom line

The comfortable mask is one of the few options which include UV and anti-fog lenses.


9. Yeesam Swim Diving Snorkeling Prescription Mask

Yeesam Swim Diving Snorkeling Prescription Mask

The corrective lenses of the masks are suitable for nearsight vision issues. From -1 to -10, their corrective lenses are used to improve underwater vision. The soft materials of the snorkel mask take it even further. Practically, apart from improving vision, the masks also come with a comfortable design.

Different prescription for each eye is possible, but divers need to contact the manufacturer before. Made with tempered glass for safety and durability, the lenses are suitable for activewear.


  • Made with PC frames
  • Suitable for hypoallergenic use
  • Made for nearsight prescription
  • Good customer support


  • Not suitable for farsight

Bottom line

The simple snorkel mask can be one of the best entry-level designs combining a fitting design with good affordability.


10. RX Scuba Dive Snorkeling Purge Mask

RX Scuba Dive Snorkeling Purge Mask

Farsight and nearsight lenses are available with the purge mask. Their corrective lenses are available in all prescription needs in 0.5 increments for farsight and -1 increment for nearsight issues. The masks are available in different colors and they represent a suitable design for all-day diving.

Thermal and chemical treatments have been applied to the lenses. This means in case they break, they will not create sharp glass shards which could endanger the eyes. Since they can be purchased directly, they need no prescription from the doctor. But divers are responsible for their own eyesight and they need to see a doctor before placing an order.


  • Large height of 3-3/8 inches
  • Made with liquid silicone
  • Comfort controlled by a strap
  • Suitable for medium faces


  • Bulky for some divers

Bottom line

The large prescription snorkel mask is among the top solutions for the extra field of vies with their large angle design.



Which prescription snorkel mask do I need?

In order to establish a suitable prescription mask, divers need to have a prescription and the right size for their face. While most prescription masks are adjustable, they still need to be fitted to the face type of the diver.

Can wear prescription masks with no prescription?

Wearing prescription snorkel masks with no prescription is a recipe for disaster and it could lead to even worse vision. It is why all wearers should actually find their mask based on an ophthalmologist’s prescription.

What is fogging?

Fogging refers to the condensation build up on the inside of the prescription snorkel mask. It can be avoided with the right lens treatments.

Can I return prescription snorkel masks?

All product can be a return and changed in case the prescription is not suitable for better vision. Contacting the seller before making the return is the best way to make a return.

Why choose the best prescription snorkel mask

Choosing the ultimate prescription snorkel mask has its unique advantages and all vision impaired diving fans should consider them as soon as possible. Their advantages are multiple and they can be part of any snorkeling set.

Better vision

The best vision sometimes requires prescriptions. With the possibility of wearing a prescription snorkel mask, divers have the liberty of pursuing their passion without sacrificing the fine details which are often seen under water.

Top fit

The fit of prescription snorkel masks is impressive. Unlike vision glasses, they are actually suitable for all types of movements and they stay in place even when looking down, as is the case with snorkeling and scuba diving.

Extra diving comfort

The diving comfort of the prescription snorkel mask is mainly based on a soft silicone insert and on soft adjustment straps. The two features can be further customized by the size of the face and by design of the nose piece.

Final words

For most snorkelers and water sports fans, prescription snorkel masks go far as they offer better details of what is, at times, a mesmerizing underwater experience. Nerarsight prescription snorkel masks tend to be seen more often as it seems the issue is prevalent to farsight issues.

The issue of aesthetics is also worth having a look at. Corrective lenses are still put on regular snorkel masks which look great. Wearers can find different colors and designs to match bathing suits or even to match professional diving suits. With a large selection, the remaining task is to find the right prescription lenses to use on a personal level.