Image of snorkeling vs. scuba diving

12 Snorkeling vs. Scuba Diving Differences

To newbie water sports enthusiasts, it can be hard to tell the difference between snorkeling vs. scuba diving. Both water sports involve exploring the underwater world. They require you to have the right gear. You can buy snorkeling and scuba diving gear on A scuba diving vacation in Florida ...
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image of snorkeling with life jacket

Is Snorkeling With A Life Jacket Possible?

Yes, snorkeling with a life jacket is possible. Most people know about snorkel vests for snorkeling. Of course, I wrote about them here sometime back. A snorkel vest is small. It is filled with air for buoyancy. A life jacket has foam, and it is big. Snorkeling is mostly about staying ...
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Image of how fast does a pontoon boat go

How Fast Does A Pontoon Boat Go? Choosing A Pontoon Boat

How fast does a pontoon boat go and why do you need a fast pontoon boat? Well, I would say same reason why Jack Sparrow loved his ship the Black Pearl, because she could outrun the Flying Dutchman. Actually, she was the only ship in the Caribbean Sea that could ...
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Image of how to teach a child to swim step by step

How To Teach A Child To Swim Step By Step By Yourself

If you are a dad like me, and you love water sports, well, there is no better time to know how to teach a child to swim step by step than now. After reading my article on best swim belts for toddlers, you already know that babies at different ages ...
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Image of swim belts for toddlers

Benefits of Using Swim Belts for Toddlers

As a parent, one of the best things that you can do is let your children enjoy their water sports. And would you believe this… it is possible to teach your toddler how to swim. But to do that, you would need the best swim belts for toddlers. These are ...
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