Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Review 1

Snorkeling is one of the most adventurous activities one can indulge in. With the help of snorkeling, one can open up a world of underwater miracles that aren’t visible to the naked eyes. However, the lack of perfect gear can make your experience too tedious. These issues are cleverly tacked by the Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask.

This particular mask style has been a popular choice among the ones that love to dive into the unknown of the water world. Launched in the year 2014, the snorkel is among the favorites for sea or ocean explorers, yet it is new with a good potential to be the top-ranking item.

Now, without further ado, let us get into the intricacies and reasons to opt for the best full-face snorkel mask.

Reasons to Choose the Ocean Reef Aria Full-Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef is a popular name in the world scuba diving that produces advanced equipment as well as full-face masks for the divers. Not just that, the company was the one to donate the full-face masks to rescue the Thai soccer players and the coach from the Tham Luang Cave.

The mask has been planned carefully to ensure that any pitfalls or issues with regular snorkels and masks are dealt with.

Apart from the removal of the obvious shortcomings, the Aria comes in a range of colors, sizes, as well as accessories that fit the needs of the wearer.

With continual improvement, the Aria snorkel mask is now available with the amazing Snorkie-Talkies that allow you to communicate with the ones you plan to swim with.

Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask: How Does It Work?

The very first Ocean Reef Full-Face mask for snorkeling was created in alliance with Tribord, a company that introduced itself to the market with its Tribord Easybreath. The Aria Full-Face snorkel mask flaunts fog-less visibility, given its one-way system for air circulation. So, whether you are looking for a snorkel mask for kids or adults, this one fits the bill perfectly.

Not just that, the air circulation protocol also ensures that fresh air is always available for inhalation & is separated from the carbon dioxide exhaled. The snorkel mask comes with the floating ball system that stops the water from penetrating through the device after you enter the water.

Moreover, the elastic straps do not get caught within the hair, so it is obviously a win-win deal. At the start, putting on the mask might seem a bit tricky. However, it might not take long for you to adjust to its usage. With a few uses, the device quickly adjusts to your face shape and provides a comfortable grip.

Features of the Ocean Reef Aria Full-face Snorkel Mask

Dry Top Snorkel

When exploring sea life, you might surely have experienced a sudden gust of water entering through your regular mask. However, the Aria Mask protects its airways from the crashing waves while saving you any unwanted distractions.

180 Degrees Panoramic View

180 Degrees Panoramic View

With the Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask, you get a wider vision field. Given the fact that it is a full-face snorkel mask, it sits way back on your face, which allows a better peripheral vision when compared with the traditional masks.

Purge Valve

For the ones that are among the daring snorkelers, this mask allows you to dive deeper into the ocean/sea. The mask easily clears of excess water that might seep into the mask by using the quick exhale option.

Unrestricted Breathing: The internal ventilation in the device allows for easy breathing through mouth, nose, or even both.

Fog-Free Device

The feature that allows you to exhale as well as inhale within the snorkel mask keeps your vision free from fogging as it comes with an expensive defogging system.

Pros and Cons of the Aria Full-Face Snorkel Mask

If you are a newbie in the snorkeling world, it is important to understand the best methods that need to be followed. You can read through various guides that allow you to understand different ways to snorkel. That being said, here are some pros and cons that come with the Aria snorkel mask.


  • 180 degrees complete & un-distorted view
  • Comfortable fit with no water seepage
  • Snap snorkel designed not to leak when diving in the water
  • No fogging
  • Dry top to avoid water entering the mask


  • Faulty equalization of water pressure
  • No GoPro mount included
  • On the expensive end

With the Aria Full-Face Snorkel Mask, your snorkeling experience will surely be comfortable and one of a kind. If you wish to purchase this unique product by Ocean Reef, you can check out the price here!

How safe is the Aria Snorkel Mask?

How safe is the Aria Snorkel Mask

As mentioned earlier, the Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask was used in the Thai Cave rescue mission. It automatically proves how efficiently the device has been designed. This design is a result of 25+ years of manufacturing experience. The company has been designing masks for scuba as well as gas markets being participated in by professionals, military individuals, as well as recreational users.

The carbon dioxide elimination system makes snorkeling a completely safe & comfortable experience. Plus, the water won’t enter the mask as you venture deeper to take your exploration a step further. So, if you are wondering how deep can a human dive with scuba gear, this device will help you explore the limits in the best and most comfortable way possible.

How to select the perfect snorkel mask size?

After the release of additional mask sizes for the children, the Aria snorkel is now available in four varying sizes. If you are looking for an amazing full face snorkel mask for kids, this could be your choice of the day. In order to get your perfect size, you need to close your mouth and ask a friend to measure out the distance between your chin’s bottom and the bridge of the nose.

Here are all the sizes available for you to choose from

XS (Kids Size): If your total measurement comes at a number below 3.9” or 10 centimeters, you can select this size, which is meant to be used as a kid snorkel mask.

S/M Size: For measurements between a 3.9” and 4.5”, you can select the size S/M. It is designed for small adults and has the potential to cover most teenagers and women. It can also fit into slim faces.

M/L Size: For any measurement that lines between the numbers 4.5” and 4.9”, you can select the sizes M/L.

L/XL Size: If the final measurement exceeds 4.9,”, you can choose the size L/XL. It is meant for wider faces and generally picked up by men.

Accessories Available with Aria Full-Face Mask

Accessories Available with Aria Full Face Mask

Although the original package doesn’t come with any additional accessories, the Aria Snorkel Mask can be decked up as per requirement. So, if you are planning to explore, how deep can a person scuba dive with use of the Aria Snorkel Mask, you can try to add some of these accessories which include

  • Camera holder for GoPro support
  • Marker wings for recognition of the snorkelers
  • Additional straps for the mask
  • Optical lens for your eyes
  • Snorkie-Talkie

While you are selecting the accessories to pair up with the Aria Snorkeling mask, check out the list of best-snorkeling destinations in the world!


While going for snorkeling, it is always recommended to use safety gear such as a full face snorkeling mask. We hope that this review has helped you to decide whether you should invest in the Ocean Reef Aria full-face snorkel mask or not. However, when you purchase it, make sure you test it out to see whether there is any gap present between your chin and the mask. If you happen to see a gap, make sure you return the same and opt for a size that is one smaller. Before you start swimming into the vast water, practice breathing, and keep yourself relaxed at all times. When maintained properly, the Aria full-face snorkeling mask will surely last you for years to come and help you explore the beautiful underwater world.