Panasonic LUMIX LX10 Review

Panasonic LUMIX LX10 Review introduction

Panasonic’s LX series camera keeps the people enthusiastic about trying new styles in photography. They are built around larger sensors that are short with many possible controls required. Almost all the cameras in this series are pocket-friendly and offer great features for the user.

The Panasonic Lumix LX10 on this line is a sturdy and powerful camera with great functionality and the best result. It is one of the waterproof digital cameras that offer smooth handling operation with maximum performance.

It is a worthy contender among the 1.0-inch sensor rival cameras available in the market. It brings out lovely images with less noise. It is highly recommended for travelers to capture the wide-angle sceneries and landscapes. Its video quality is par excellent. Read the Panasonic Lumix LX10 review to understand the features of this camera in detail.

Key specification

  • CMOS sensors with 20MP of 1-inch type
  • 4K Video Captures
  • Autofocus mode
  • 24-72mm lens that is equivalent to zoom capture of F1.4-2.8
  • 5-Axis available with the optical stabilization for video in the resolution of 1060p
  • Focus Stacking modes and Post focus
  • Touchscreen Display


Panasonic LUMIX LX10 Design

If you genuinely believe that the photo quality depends on the light and the lens, the Panasonic Lumix 10 is the smart choice to make. The camera comes with the F1.4-2.8 24-72mm LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX Lens that offer the details of the objects even in the low light. You will be amazed by the impressive shots taken with the bokeh effect available in the camera. The LX10 has a pocket-sized body and has a polished look. You can easily carry them as they are compact to fit into the palm of an average hand.

The camera is made of main body metal, and various dials are built as the same standard size. There are only a handful of buttons on the rear side, which makes it easier when you travel. The top plate of the camera contains two dials: First is used to switch the modes between shooting and photography. Second is a command dial that is used to change the exposure parameters.

The perfect size of the command dial helps you to move the selection quickly as you rotate. The metal used here gives less stiffness since it is weightless. On top of the plate, you can find sports video record and shutter release control. The zoom collar near the latter button and the flash is released from the top plate only. Even though it has a small body, all the essential elements for the photography is neatly covered.

You can find a raised section on the front plate, which offers a good grip. Especially for the learners or beginners, this may be an added advantage. The handling becomes easy, and thus all these features contribute to making it the best scuba camera available.

About the Lens

Panasonic launched Lumix LX10 targeting individual customers rather than professionals. It is a combination of a popular size 20.1-megapixel 1-inch sensor from ZS100 and the short zoom lens of LX100. The ZS100 came into the market with the general-purpose-friendly features with the big zoom lens making it a natural choice for the consumer.

The highlight of LX10 is the lens, which delivers a range of 24-72mm and has an equivalent zoom range. It is a wide-angle feature with which you can zoom enough to make sure the details of the object are captured.

The control ring encircles the lens here. This feature will help in optimizing zoom by default, and if required, you can customize them to the range you require. With the other function from focusing on exposure compensation, there are many options available. The aspect ratio and iResolution can be one of the added advantages of this camera.

There is an aperture ring between the bodies that has two protrusions. The two rings here in the lens are just adding a cm for the camera’s profile even though the features are high. This camera is powered by a waterproof lens, and hence you don’t have to worry about capturing pictures on beach sides or coastal regions.


Panasonic LUMIX LX10 Display

The Panasonic LUMIX LX10 offers the touchscreen display; hence the responsiveness has become highly effortless. The focusing point of the lens can be adjusted to the eight sizes using the common dial, which is available on the top plate.

Apart from this, you can use the display to pinpoint a particular area to get a greater precision of the subject. There will be a small lag when you perform this action, but the result of magnifying is greater. You can easily get an idea of what and what not to focus on. Since it is the best action camera for scuba diving, you can use it underwater with no hassle. Hence this is one of the best compact cameras that you will come across in this genre.


Without talking about the performance, this Panasonic Lumix LX10 review can’t be completed. For Panasonic LX10, the lens takes a bit of time to be ready before the shoot. It may not be a comfortable feature, especially if you are taking the moving shots. However, when compared to the competitors for the same model, this is pretty much standard speed maintained.

Although there is a slight delay of one to two seconds when you turn on the camera, if the delay is higher, it is recommended that you transfer the files from the camera immediately.

The lens also moves slowly in the focal range, considering how short you want them to be placed. The zoom collar is one of the great features as it helps the shutter release button to be responsive. Due to this, even the slight nudges are also recognized; hence it is easy to adjust the focal range. The most commonly used focal length for the zoom is 35mm and 55mm in this camera.

Screen Performance

It is impressive in the outdoor shoot as the resolution is clearly defined in the details. The clarity is highly appreciable, and experts consider that it is one of the better screens available for the camera in this range and features. You need to tilt the camera upwards to improve the visibility of the details of the subjects. You can even capture the underwater shots clearly without any hassle.

It is sensitive to touch when you use the display for the focusing point. But this also becomes an advantage when using it for the shooting option. One can swipe through the button to zoom the images further. Hence it is arguably comfortable as there is physical control to perform all these actions.

4k Capable

Panasonic offers 4K resolution modes that are available with the video capture and still image mode. The 4K mode captures up to 30FPS, and 1080p captures up to 60FPS. The slow-motion option is also available, but you need to find them on the setting menu. By using the 4K higher frame rates, one can capture the best videos and photos from the landscape.


The Panasonic Lumix LX10 is a travel-ready camera using the technology of USB charging. When you want to transfer the file, you can easily connect them over Wi-Fi. Using this option, one can directly take it on mobile devices. The Micro-HDMI type 3 is highly supportable for various devices, and USB 2:0 micro-B offers excellent connectivity for the device. You will be able to make the transfer easily while wearing the scuba diving gloves, as they are handy, and connectivity is made easy.


Panasonic LUMIX LX10 Output

Panasonic LUMIX L10 produces great quality images that are useful for the day-to-day shooting. While shooting on the street, there is an underexposure of the camera, which helps in maintaining the balance of the frame. Especially on a bright day, they offer a right balanced image without damaging the resolution of the subject. Similarly, when capturing the dark subject, the camera does not deliver any overexposed image.

When processing the image, the colors are accurate and add trueness to the life of pictures. The Standard photo style gives a great output while the vivid option lens is used for oversaturating the colors if needed.

It gives an unnatural look but works on portrait photography. Now you can take this LX10 for your deepest scuba dive holidays as well to capture great images as waterproof features power them.

You will be amazed to see the result of the auto white balance system pictures. Under accurate natural conditions and the combination of artificial lights, the pictures are brilliant with excellent consistency overall.

We hope that this Panasonic LUMIX L10 review has helped you to understand why this camera is a worthy investment. If you are planning to buy this camera, Click here.


The Panasonic LUMIX L10 is one of the high-end compact cameras that can be critically used by anyone. They are affordable, and it’s competitive against Sony’s RX100V and Canon G7 Mark II. The LX10 is considered as the best of all-rounder cameras that are also travel friendly. With the great auto-focus ability, 4K capability, and touchscreen, it is considered to be one of the favorite models among the LUMIX series.