GoPro Hero 6 Black Action Camera Review – Buy it or skip it?

GoPro Hero 6 Black Action Camera Review

Scuba diving has been one of the most popular water-related activities for quite some time. Now, you might have seen several pictures of your friends partaking in the event and have wondered how they get the crystal-clear images. That is when underwater water comes into the picture. If you are looking forward to a scuba diving session, then we would recommend GoPro Hero 6 black 4k action camera to you.

You cannot miss a moment of scuba diving or deep diving, as it is a once in a lifetime situation. Most people prefer to remember it forever in their lives. But you might know getting the perfect underwater camera is not easy. Usually, those cameras are pretty costly, and as people do not go scuba diving often, they do not buy one.

But a GoPro action camera is one of the most cost-effective options to get all the gorgeous photographs of your adventure. This version of the GoPro camera by Sony is even more useful for you to click pictures and record videos underwater quite quickly because it comes with the super-slow-motion video feature.

There are several different features as well, which makes this camera perfect for using underwater. But for that, you will have to study this review intently. With a fabulous image quality, GoPro will not disappoint you after you see the videos as well as the pictures.

You will not have to put a massive effort while snorkeling underwater due to the sophistication of the product. If you are curious why this is the best camera to bring underwater, then keep on reading.

What are the reasons to buy the GoPro Action Camera?

the reasons to buy the GoPro Action Camera

There are different reasons why the GoPro Hero 6 Black 4k action camera is one of the best underwater cameras in the market right now. But one of the most important reasons is the custom chipset available with the camera. It is also known as the GP1 processor. By using the said chip, you will not have any problem in capturing the pictures at 60 FPS quite quickly.

Whereas the previous version of this camera used to obtain not more than 30 FPS. Moreover, you would be able to shoot all of your videos in slow motion quite quickly. Also, all of those videos will be of 1080 HD quality, which will allow you to watch the crystal-clear images of your underwater adventure.

As the camera comes with excellent image stabilization, you will not have to face any difficulty while shooting pictures or videos while scuba diving. The GP1 processor chip makes it possible to get the high-quality 4K shooting with excellent image stabilization.

If you are more of a photographer than a videographer, then you will be happy to know that GoPro Action camera captures 12 MP HDR images. The best thing about it is that all the photos will have a perfect contrast.

You can also do the shooting in a time-lapse mode quite easily. This version of GoPro cameras offers a clearer picture and video quality than its predecessor due to the presence of high-quality processing engine and wide dynamic range. In case you are going to go scuba diving in the night time, the GoPro action camera is the best scuba diving camera for you.

As the product is quite efficient in clicking pictures and taking videos due to its spectacular low-light shooting feature. Apart from all the technical features, the GoPro Action camera is incredibly lightweight and durable. You will be able to use it underwater without housing, which is usually required in other cameras of GoPro.

With a fabulous in-built microphone, you can be assured that the audio quality provided by this camera is quite good. If you are a deep diver, you will be able to bring this camera to 60 feet underwater by using the super-suit housing of this camera.

How efficient is the GoPro Action Camera?

How efficient is the GoPro Action Camera

GoPro Hero 6 Black 4k action camera is incredibly efficient if you go for snorkeling or scuba diving quite often. Apart from the legendary durability and user-friendliness of the camera, this product is also quite easy to carry as well. You will be able to put a micro SD card inside the camera quite easily.

The card storage area is located quite close to the swappable battery storage of the product. As the product comes with a touch screen with a two-inch width, you will be able to review your videos and images quite quickly. Moreover, the touch screen is highly sensitive, so you will be able to navigate the pictures quite easily.

The settings of the camera are quite easy, as the touch screen is quite useful. You will be able to change the clarity of the image of the camera quite swiftly by using the settings. The best thing about the camera is that it comes with a voice control feature.

You will have to shout, “GoPro start recording,” and the camera will start to record all the videos automatically underwater. In the same way, you can click pictures as well. There are twelve different voice commands pre-set in the camera for your efficiency.

What are the additional features of the GoPro Action Camera?

features of the GoPro Action Camera

Apart from all the exciting features, GoPro Action camera comes with certain exciting additional features as well. Firstly, if you have the updated iPhone with OS iOS 11, you will be able to download the larger images which were earlier challenging to do in any smartphone.

As this camera comes with High-Efficiency Video Coding, you will be able to download the photos on your phone as their sizes are halved. Unlike the previous version of the GoPro cameras, the proportions were a lot larger. Not only will you be able to save the images in the SD card of your iPhone but also the internal storage of your phone.

Apart from your Snorkeling set, you should get the GoPro Action camera with you because it comes with 5GHz wi-fi so that you could transfer all the files from your camera to your phone three times faster than any other camera.

The QuickStories feature of the camera allows you to compile all of your footage into a beautiful montage accompanying music quite easily.

Even though GoPro is a great company that produces high-quality Action cameras, transferring all the data to your phone or PC was a headache in the earlier models.

But the Hero 6 black model of action cameras by GoPro does the chore of transferring videos or images quite quickly. You will not even have to spend a significant amount of time to do that.

If you’re planning to buy GoPro Hero 6 Black Action Camera, click here.


There are many Scuba diving mistakes that you could make while going on an underwater adventure, but not bringing a GoPro Action camera is the worst decision that you could make. Not only is it one of the best underwater cameras, but it makes sure you click gorgeous cinematic moments underwater.

Even though the cost of GoPro Hero 6 action camera is a bit higher than its predecessors, it offers so many great and unique features that you will not mind the extra expenditure. By making this additional spending, you will be able to make an excellent investment for your upcoming future.