DBPower N6 4K Touchscreen Action Camera Review

DBPower N6 4K Touchscreen Action Camera Review

While scuba diving, it’s not enough to merely visualize the underwater beauty and keep memorizing it for the rest of the life. Capturing every moment is the best thing that you can do while surfing underwater. Since the beginning of scuba diving, it has come a long way in these years, and this fun activity has become more enjoyable now. You can also see how much popular underwater photography has become all around the world because of its incredible beauty. All the gear available for scuba diving have made it much sporty and easier.

The DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera is such an accessory that helps you in capturing the indescribably beautiful moments under the water at a high resolution. Made with all the excellent features, it works as one of the best underwater cameras. When just a click is enough to treasure your fabulous experience of marine adventures, it is worth buying a sophisticated camera like this one. What makes this the best camera for scuba diving? Let’s know more about it.

Why choose the DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera?

When you can get all the fantastic features at a low and affordable price, then the smartest move you can make is by purchasing the product without any second thought. There are plenty of cameras available in the market, which are waterproof and support capturing underwater. However, either some of the features remain unavailable in those cameras, or their picture quality doesn’t allow you to capture high-resolution images. There are also cameras having all the exclusive features, but they seem to be more expensive than your budget.

What should you usually look for in a good camera for scuba diving? Well, you must look for a camera with features like waterproof-ability, touch screen, lightweight, high definition resolution, attractive appearance, and so on. And when you are getting all these in the DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera, then why should you opt for some other camcorder?

The best thing about this camera is it is quite easy to use and comes with a touch screen display so that you don’t have to struggle a lot to shoot the best moments underwater. The mesmerizing underwater captures are now just one click away.

Features of the camera

Features of the camera

Knowing about its features, we are sure that you will be able to understand why it is the best camera for scuba diving. Multipurpose usage being suitable for various travelers: This digital camera is designed in such a unique way that makes it ideal for almost every sports type and travel lover. Whether you want to do surfing, skiing, gliding, diving, climbing, biking, snorkeling, or scuba diving, this touch screen action camera is ready to become your go-to friend for every purpose.


The smooth and fine workability of the camera makes it easy to use in any condition. The touch screen allows you to do the preview and playback at any time with ease, and the settings are not at all complicated. Using such an easier way to capture pictures without any pro training is handy for all the users.

Attractive appearance: It has a sleek and subtle appearance with an LCD touch screen option. The screen comes in a size of 2.31”, which is the best for capturing the most beautiful moments. Made of gorilla glass, the screen is durable and scratch-resistant.

Lens quality

The 7-layers of optical glass with a 170° wide-angle is convenient for capturing ultra-HD quality pictures with expanding horizons. The 20 MP Sony IMX078 sensor of the lens is best in providing you with detailed captures with just one click, and the lively videos are as beautiful as the underwater life.


The sleek design and the lightweight appearance make it portable enough while you’re on your water sports activity. The perfect size of the DBPower N6 action camera makes it fit into any backpack. It has a weight of 2.72 ounces that lets you carry it without any trouble.

Battery life

The DBPower N6 action camera has two rechargeable batteries of 1200MAh, which is the reason behind its long battery life. The camera is easy to charge, and its battery gets refilled quickly. One full charge of it allows you to record up to 70 minutes/1080P and about 40 minutes/720P.

Wi-Fi connectivity with other devices

WiFi connectivity with other devices

This DBPower N6 action camera is facilitated with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect the gadget easily with any other device like your smartphone, tablet, and PC for sharing images and video recordings. The in-built Wi-Fi system is easy to find out from the settings and can be connected anywhere with any device for fast data-sharing tasks.

How does the Rev DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera work?

The DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera is designed with the built-in feature of electronic image stabilization, which allows it to auto-detect the rapid change of motion and position and gives you the best captures even while moving. No matter how much you move or shake the camera, it never fails to provide you with the most stunning videos while surfing the underwater. The 170° wide-angle with 7-layers of optical glass lens has a capacity of 20 MP, which helps in capturing the most detailed and precise shots at the deep-sea diving depth. The stunning resolution of the pictures is a treat to watch.

This digital camera uses the new generation NT96660 chipset, which allows it to process the images in the fastest way. And the feature of wireless connectivity allows it easy to share your pictures and videos with any device like your smartphone and computer set, which makes it the best underwater camera for diving. The Wi-Fi connectivity of the camera facilitates quick data-sharing without even using any external memory chip or data cable.

Pros and cons of the Rev DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera

Before purchasing the DBPower N6 digital camera, you should know all the relevant information about the dangers associated with underwater photography. You might need to undergo some training for becoming a professional underwater photographer. Also, before buying the product, it is essential to know about the pros and cons of it. So, here we present some of the merits and demerits of the DBPower N6 action camera.

Rev DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera


  • Easy to use.
  • Portable and easily mountable.
  • Picture quality looks stunning in HD resolution.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • The screen is large when compared to others.
  • Long battery life.
  • Durable and waterproof.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Inbuilt electronic image stabilization detects the change of motion.
  • In-built Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates the easy sharing of pictures and videos to other devices.


  • Not suitable for rough use.
  • The charging time is a bit longer when compared to others.

With the DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera, you can have the best capturing moments while indulging in fun activities like scuba diving. To get your handy-cam for your next scuba diving adventure, click here.


The underwater lives and magnificent beauty of the magical marine world are worth drooling over. The adventures should be recorded and captured for a lifetime. The DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action camera is designed perfectly for capturing the best moments while you’re performing your fun activities. It has all the excellent features that make it the best when compared to any other product of its kind in the market. You can both buy it online or from any shop near you, and go on capturing the best shots of your life. Do check its originality to avoid any quality-related issues or bad experiences. We hope this review is going to help you in choosing the right camera for your scuba diving adventures.