Best Underwater Camera For Scuba Diving – Your Choices and Buying Guide

best underwater camera for scuba diving

One of the best parts of scuba diving is the memories it creates. These memories can be captured with the best underwater camera for scuba diving. However, which is this camera and why doe scuba divers really need one? These questions are answered below with a closer look to leading cameras in this field.

There’s no need for large cameras to capture quality images underwater. However, since not all cameras are made the same, it can be important to find a suitable solution for the type of diving users are planning. Cameras range from ultra-compact such as action designs to compacts such as those operated with two hands.

Protective cases can also be used on more traditional cameras. With many releases, protective cases ensure proper camera protection for some of the most popular devices on the market. Unlike many other photography niches, taking underwater photos has its own challenges. A well-equipped camera is a must for amazing photos and videos.

With or without protective cases, the following underwater cameras can be used for any active image recording needs. However, some of them will need additional waterproof cases, if they don’t already include one as is the case with a few 4K designs.

1. GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro Hero7 Black

The GoPro Hero7 is one of the most popular cameras for action sports. It comes with a rugged profile and a compact size which makes it suitable for diving. With an included LCD display, it is among the smallest cameras which can be considered for quality photos.

Among its features, the famous 4K video seems to be the most interesting. It allows users to record high-quality images while ensuring the best quality images with software features such as image stabilization. The waterproof construction of the camera allows it to be taken practically anywhere. Furthermore, cases are available in various designs for this little device.

Slow motion videos and high-quality 4K videos at 60fps make the top rated scuba camera suitable for other types of outdoor activities as well. Used in water, it can take picture and film and be even attached to a snorkel mask. Other accessories allow it to be attached to the diving suit and as a result, divers can record whatever they see underwater.


  • Records videos at 4K quality
  • Included slow motion mode
  • Suitable for live streaming
  • Reliable voice control functions
  • Cons
  • The battery is not removable


  • The battery is not removable

Bottom line

There’s little doubt the image quality of the GoPro Hero 7 and its compact size make it a great diver.


2. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

With an included diving case, the camera can reach depths of up to 100 feet. Unlike similar designs in its class, it comes with a reliable sensor and with an operation which is not complicated. The last thing divers need is to actually worry about complicated buttons while underwater.

There’s a 16MP sensor on the camera supporting 1080p video recording at 60fps. A 4K mode is also added at 30fps. With various mounting accessories, the camera seems dive ready. But divers will also be glad to know the little performer comes with an included wrist band which acts as a remote control. For example, when the camera is mounted on the helmet, the remote control on the wrist can take a picture or start recording videos without needed to reach the camera.

WiFi connectivity is also possible. Backed by the XDV app, the connectivity allows users to simply download all the images with ease. Since there is a simple operation, divers can also send their pictures via email or via online sharing platforms to tell they’re great diving tales to friends and family.


  • Includes the most accessories
  • Includes WiFi picture transfer
  • Ships with a wireless remote control wristband
  • 30m waterproof performance


  • No monopod included

Bottom line

With such a large selection of included accessories, there are small chance divers will need to make any other purchase.


3. Akaso Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera

Akaso Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera

With a 2” display, the sports camera has application in diving needs. It is backed by 4K video recording capacities and it has the size to prove its real worth. At the same time, the camera comes with an included diving case. As a result, it can go in the water at depths of up to 30 meters.

One of the distinct features of the camera comes with the adjustability of the shooting angle. At its widest, the camera shoots at 170 degrees. But this angle can be narrowed down for detailed shots such as when taking pictures of sea life. As a result, it can also shoot at 140, 110, and 70 degrees.
There are 19 accessories included with the camera. As a result, they can offer one of the most suitable

solutions for those seeking to save money. Most users also have the freedom of enjoying the camera a bit longer compared to other action cameras as it comes with 2 batteries.

a 20MP sensor, the camera is ready for action even with a time lapse mode. However, the main reasons to consider the small camera are mainly its large selection of accessories and the ability to adjust the shooting angle according to each shot’s need.


  • Includes 19 accessories
  • Based on the 20MP sensor
  • Included gyroscope
  • Built with an adjustable angle


  • Short battery life

Bottom line

As a great starter pack, the camera can go underwater with its 19 accessories and shoot panoramic and zoomed-in photos and videos.


4. Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera

Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera

With a shooting speed of 20 frames per second, the camera is one of the fastest in its class. Divers can consider it for fast-moving action and subjects as a result. It allows all divers to capture moments and not miss a single event with this fast speed trigger.

There are other great features seen on the camera such as the lens compensation for underwater images. This small compensation allows all images to be shot correctly, without any distortion. The lens itself is an f2.0 which means it is fast and it does a great job in low light situations. Gathering more light than other lenses, it even allows divers to take it to depths of 50 feet and consider it for other low light scenarios such as cave diving.

With 4K video shooting capabilities, the camera is ready for all types of videos recorded at different times of the day. Traveling divers will also find the included GPS function useful. All pictures can record their location so they don’t get mixed up on the computer.

With an included macro mode, divers can also take close-up pictures of their surroundings for great effects. This function works well with sea life, rock formations, reefs, etc. As a result, the compact camera is very detail oriented and easy to use while still being very fast.


  • Impressive shutter speed
  • Made with an f2.0 macro lens
  • Glove-friendly button design
  • Includes a GPS function


  • Not the easiest to operate with one hand

Bottom line

This ultra-fast 20fps camera is a top choice for all types of spontaneous moments where responsiveness is crucial.


5. Apeman Action Camera 4K

Apeman Action Camera 4K

Backed by dual batteries, the camera is made for action. It handles depths of up 40 meters and it comes with a very compact design. As a result, it can be operated with a single hand. At the same time, the camera has one of the simplest characteristics of its class, offering only what truly needed.

Among these basic characteristics, the 4K video mode stands out. The image quality is very good and the built-in anti-shaking design means the camera will eventually improve the way it shoots even when there’s a lot of movement, which is often the case in water.

The WiFi mode is perfect for quick data transfer. User can rely on the function to quickly set the right direction towards fast photo sharing, which is a must in the days of social media. But an added HDMI pot also means the camera connects to a smart TV and all images captured underwater can then be viewed comfortably at home.


  • Included mounting accessories
  • Shoots 4K videos
  • Handles depths of 40 meters
  • Included HDMI port


  • Short battery life

Bottom line

The camera is mainly recommended for its connectivity options as well as for its anti-shacking design.


6. Nikon W300 Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera

Nikon W300 Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera

Based on a 16MP sensor, the camera produces attractive images. While this is not the highest pixel count in its class, the camera is still very capable as it is made to endure the most difficult conditions. For diving purposes, its waterproof design proves reliable down to 100 feet. But the entire construction of the camera recommends it among the designs suitable for protection against all types of shocks. Furthermore, the freezing protection of the camera means it can be used in cold water diving scenarios.

Bluetooth connectivity has been added to the compact device. Together with WiFi, it allows users to quickly share their photos and videos without any wires. With an included GPS function, the shared files can always be more informative as users will know the location of each photo.

With 4K video capabilities, the camera is one of the most up to date devices in its compact segment. It goes to show Nikon is still in the game. With buttons which can be operated while wearing gloves, the camera is a must-try for those who love water activities.


  • Made with a waterproof design
  • Resists light shocks
  • Includes freezing protection
  • Can be operated with gloves


  • No flip-up screen

Bottom line

This heavy-duty camera is one of the solid designs made to handle the most demanding physical use.


7. GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro fans are really into the brand. In some cases, they’re unwilling to try other brands. But what can these fans do with the latest GoPro which doesn’t have a slide-out battery? For comparable image quality, GoPro scuba fans can consider the Hero5 to match their power needs.

The sensors might come with fewer megapixels, but at 12MP the camera still shoots great photos and videos. With the 4K video mode, scuba fans can take the camera to new depths and record impressive underwater adventures.

Even the older Hero5 comes with voice commands. Before diving deep into the water, users can simply give the voice command which prompts video recording. Furthermore, the simple one-button control is what can make this camera a solid option even this year.


  • Designed with a slide-out battery
  • Includes a 2” touch display
  • Edits videos automatically
  • Waterproof construction


  • Not the highest megapixel count

Bottom line

For extra affordability, the Hero5 still offers plenty of solid features for all types of diving adventures.


8. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Shooting 4K video, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX 100 is one of the top names in the industry. It can be coupled with one of its quality water protection cases which are sold separately and used to record high-quality underwater videos.

Since it comes as a kit, the camera can also be used as a daily camera for the family. With an included tripod and SD memory cards, it has everything needed for all types of shooting scenarios. Although the water protection case is not included, the camera remains easy to operate with these cases as they represent a simple design with access to each control. Furthermore, the solid Li-Ion batteries of the Lumix make it a top choice for a more dedicated photographer or videographer.


  • Sold as a kit
  • Shoots high-quality 4K videos
  • Suitable for WiFi data transfer
  • Includes memory cards


  • Diving case not included

Bottom line

The camera is mainly used by dedicated photographers and for its slightly larger sensor than what is seen on action cameras.


9. CamDive Underwater Camera Housing for Sony DSC RX100 IV

CamDive Underwater Camera Housing for Sony DSC RX100 IV

The camera housing is one of the quality options in its class. It protects Sony’s RX100 camera and it does it very well. For example, the case comes with a built-in leak sensor, which immediately alerts users of possible leaks. Furthermore, it includes dual fiber optic ports and the ability to set new standards for ease of use, even while wearing gloves.

Made from ABS plastic, the case is durable. It works with regular depths between 30 and 40 meters at a maximum, which puts it on the same level with comparable compact camera cases. Including a stainless steel frame, the camera is among the solutions easiest to protect the camera with against all types of shocks.


  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Includes a steel frame
  • Includes optical glass
  • Rubberized rockers included


  • Heavy for some users

Bottom line

The protective case is a must for those seeking the ultimate level of protection for a Sony RX100 generation III, IV, and V.


10. Fantasea FG7X II Housing for Canon G7 X Camera Exclusive Packages

Fantasea FG7X II Housing for Canon G7 X Camera Exclusive Packages

Using the Canon G7X Mark II underwater is possible with the Fantasea protective case. From the beaches of San Diego to exotic locations, the camera will be recognized by Canon fans. One of its important features is the fact that it comes with corresponding buttons for all of the camera’s buttons. They are clearly marked and users can take quick photos without having to miss any moments.

The lens is an important area of the case as well. It is why it even supports filter mounting on the lens, which can come with different effects, even while underwater. With touchscreen technology, the case allows full camera operation for all diving needs.


  • Protects the G7X Mark II
  • Includes marked buttons
  • Suits lens filters
  • Doesn’t impede touch controls


  • Adds bulk to the camera

Bottom line

With a protective design, the case is suitable for intense use, even when diving reaches the lowest depths.



Do I need a 4K video for scuba diving?

  • 4K video quality is the new standard for scuba diving image quality. The videos are impressive on all devices, from smartphones to TV sets. As a result, they are often used to record all scuba dives for learning purposes to assess any common diving mistakes.

Are scuba diving cameras safe to use underwater?

  • Scuba diving cameras are always safe to use underwater. They have limits such as depth and battery life. All of these characteristics are described in the product’s info section.

How can I take photos while scuba diving?

  • Taking photos while scuba diving can be done via a wrist remote control if support or directly via the shutter button. In both cases, at least one hand needs to be free to take the photo.

How can I publish scuba videos on social media?

  • Publishing photos and videos on social media is supported by the best underwater cameras for scuba diving. WiFi and Bluetooth transfer at the fastest method to transfer the images to a laptop, where they are published normally.
  • What matters most in the best underwater camera for scuba diving
  • Filtering the basic characteristics of the best underwater camera for scuba diving might not be too easy. But the following features are a good indication of what drivers can expect in terms of image quality.

Sensor and megapixels

  • The sensor and its megapixels are still one of the most important characteristics of quality images. Action cameras might be high in megapixels, but their sensors are small and they rarely capture as much light as compact cameras. For general purpose photos, action cameras are practical. For low light conditions, a compact camera is the best.

Design and waterproofing

  • The waterproofing of the camera or of its protective case is crucial. Water leaks are the main cause of camera failure and this is why it can be important to actually check the depths to which a camera can reach without the fear of a leak.

Image stabilization

  • Image stabilization technologies vary from brand to brand. However, they avoid shaky images and they can make the difference between good videos and the best videos. Before making a purchase, all divers should ensure their cameras are actually stabilized digitally and possibly optically to complete their scuba gear pack.

Final words

When it comes to the best releases in the scuba cameras for diving, there is nothing as important as the actual freedom it gives users to record memories. Apart from the features seen on paper, these cameras go to places where most other devices can’t.

As a result, taking good care of a camera is a must. Even an underwater camera still has its enemies which might not only be limited to water. For example, shocks such as those represented by hitting the camera to rocks while underwater can damage the device as well.

Proper underwater protection takes all of these aspects into consideration. As a result, all cameras can be considered successful and suitable for underwater use only when they are properly built. Some of the best designs manage to offer such reliability and the device are then used with no issues for years.