Best Cenote Diving Mexico Has To Offer

cenote diving mexico

Cenote diving in Mexico has a unique tradition. It is believed that these cenotes were sacred to the ancient Maya population. Today, they are a local and international attraction for divers of all skill levels. But what are cenotes? Made from underwater rock formations made from limestone rock which collapsed a long time ago, cenotes are actual crates, visible from …

5 Belize Diving Destinations

belize diving

From the Blue Hole to the barrier reef, Belize is a world of its own in the scuba diving world. From going deep inside the water to snorkeling and admiring large turtles, there are plenty of reasons to visit Belize. The good news is that those uncomfortable with deep dives can find plenty of reasonable alternatives without actually sacrificing the …

15 Best Places To Snorkel In The US

Image of best places to snorkel in Florida

With one of the most extensive coastlines in the world, it should not be a problem to know the best places to snorkel in the US. Just imagine what a gem the shoreline of 95,471 miles is to snorkel and diving lovers! Snorkeling is not a tropics’ exercise where you just find a great spot around an island and dive …