A Quick Guide to Scuba Diving in Cancun

A Quick Guide to Scuba Diving in Cancun 1

Are you a travel freak and love to face the thunder? Do you feel that being in the waters is all that you may want for a relaxing holiday time out? Do you crave for cutting down the monotony of life by taking an escapade to a far-off land? If this is your case, then a deep plunge into the waters and experience scuba diving, Cancun, Mexico is what you may need to relish a zestful and groovy holiday.

Well, before indulging in other details, the very first question that might arise in any traveler’s mind is that where is Cancun located in Mexico? So, Cancun is a city located in the south-eastern region of Mexico that is in the state of Quintana Roo. It is situated on the north-eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula near the Caribbean Sea. With its mind-boggling scenic views along with the Caribbean waterside beauty as well as the varieties of indulgences, Cancun is the tourist spot that you would want to visit time and again.

Several places offer scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports activities, but have you ever given a thought why Cancun is known for the best diving in Mexico? Choosing Cancun over other locations to spend a diving holiday has its own advantages. Before we get acquainted with all the mandatory details for holidaying in Cancun, let’s understand the benefits of diving in Cancun:

What is so special about scuba dive in Cancun?

What is so special about scuba dive in Cancun

  • Not only do you get to take up a scuba diving session, but you can also get a certification for the same.
  • Cancun offers affordable and pocket-friendly diving options.
  • If you’re wondering what is the weather like in Cancun Mexico, then Cancun exhibits the utmost pleasant weather throughout the year.
  • You can land down at Cancun easily as there are budgeted connecting flights from the US from where you can land down at this exotic place.
  • You can explore a wide variety of pelagic life, ranging from fishes, turtles, reefs, eels; there are endless things to explore.
  • There are some exclusive dive spots where you can consider seeking a deep dive to get the thrilling chills running down your spine.

Taking into account all these reasons, we are pretty sure that no one would be able to resist the urge of dropping down at this place to have a fantastic experience building memories for a lifetime.

How to Travel to Cancun?

Well, there are several ways to travel to Cancun. The route to Cancun from any part of the world is quite favorable; hence there is nothing to worry about it. If you are traveling intercity like from Mexico City to Cancun, you need to know as to how far is Cancun from Mexico City located. Now, intercity has many options, and you need to select your transportation way out based on it.

Mexico City is 1100 miles distant from Cancun. It takes only around 3 hours to travel by plane. But you can always go for a one and a half days or two days road trip.

And those traveling from around the world, for them the options are either flight or bus or private car. There are some waterways available as well for some locations.

Flight Routes:

Cancun has abundant and easily availing flights to the major countries of the USA, Asia, Europe, and Australia. The Cancun International Airport, with its recently added main runaway, which operates the Cancun flights, is situated quite amicably. The hotel spots from the airport are only a 20-minutes car ride away. Traveling to Cancun by plane is the best option keeping in mind the cheap, time-saving and always available rides that it can offer to its visitors.

Private Car Routes:

It is considered the most costly travel option and also said to be quite tiring. But for those having much time in hand and also wanting to personalize the ride, there can be nothing better than rented or own-driven cars. You can either rent a car along with a driver or rent only the car and drive it on yourself. Both options are easily available. The major connecting highway routes to the city are the Mexico 180 and Mexico 307. But as for driving, it is advisable not to drive till late nights.

Bus Routes:

The major bus station of Cancun is located at Calle Pino. Bus rides are considered to be the best. Be it the prices, or enjoyment, or the travel feel, bus rides give you all. There are numerous standards of a bus that almost all the companies offer, such as first-class, and second class. The bus routes normally stretch out to many cities in nearby countries. With bus drives, you get to enjoy each thing of the vacation – the route, accompanying tourists, food and rest stops, etc.

Water Routes:

Within the city, ferry services operate only from Isla Mujeres to Puerto Juarez. For those traveling from locations like South America and the USA, you can easily avail of the regularly running passenger ships.

Choosing the travel mode carefully for a lovely vacation is an utmost necessity. Hence, for tourists planning to visit several places along with Cancun should choose the airways, while those having nausea issues or bus phobia should opt for a car trip. But if you are the one trying to enjoy the entire journey along with exploring the destination, a bus ride is the best option for you.

What to Do in Cancun Mexico?

If you are a thorough adventure freak and love to travel, a visit to Cancun should definitely be there in your bucket list. The beautiful and exotic location is enough to mesmerize you to make you fall all in praise for this dreamy city, but there is a lot more than this city offers with open hands.

Apart from falling in love with the Stunning Mayan river view, you can bonkers enjoying the thrill-filled water sports and activities of this place. One can enjoy a perfect diving holiday being at this place to build moments for a lifetime. So here is what you can enjoy scuba diving Cancun:

Reef diving

There are more than thirty diving sites in Cancun that you can explore to have a diving escapade far way in Mexico. When you feel like you should steal some time and take a break from your hectic schedule, then hitting the National Cancun Marine Park can prove to be one of the best ways to kill the monotony of life. This park witnesses a long list of people all around the globe visiting this place to explore the diverse under the blue ecosystem.

Wreck diving

Adding some additional excitement quotient to your Cancun trip, you can consider going for a wreck diving trip wherein you get to fathom the shipwrecks. An awe feeling is sure to come as soon as you dive down the blues to witness the shipwrecks underwater for the very first time. Not only it fills you with thrill and excitement, but it also allows you to explore the colorful fishes and fauna deep under the sea. Scuba diving Cancun, Mexico offers some breath-taking experience for you to make the most out of your adventure trip.

Night diving

Diving deep under the sun is common, but have you ever heard of night diving? Nightlife is something that you do not get to encounter at all places. Thus, many people dream of being in places where they can party all night and get to do things that they can never do in their city.

Going in line with the night activities, night diving has also gained popularity over a few years now. Oceans can be extremely scary at night, but for those who love taking up challenges, jumping in the waters can be another spooky and adventure-filled activity to take up.

Experiencing marine life during the night can be all different from exploring it during the day time. So, if you are brave and gutsy enough to take up challenges, a night dive is all that you may want for a different venture.

Underwater museum

What to Do in Cancun Mexico? - Underwater museum

We all know that life does exist under the sunken seas, but what about spotting an underwater museum deep down there when you swim your way through the chilly cold waters? Yes, you have heard it right; apart from scuba diving Cancun, Mexico, you can also be a part of the underwater museum, where you can browse more than 400 statues that are being metamorphosed to coral reefs with each passing day.

Also, you get to swim along with a countless number of fishes and other marine animals to experience the real joy of swimming underwater. It is one of the top spots to enjoy a dive, and no one can save themselves from the temptation of revisiting this spot.


Snorkeling is another water sport to undertake apart from scuba diving Cancun, Mexico in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you haven’t taken up a slip in the Mayan Riviera warm waters, then you haven’t lived the Cancun life is what people say. Also, you get an opportunity to go for a night snorkeling trip in this city to explore the eels, fishes, squids, and a lot more.

However, people often make a mistake in identifying snorkeling and scuba diving. Do not get confused with the two, as the basic difference between scuba diving and snorkeling is that the former takes place in more depth of water than the latter.

Yacht chartering

If you wish to enjoy your holidays in a lavish way and have some extra money to spare for an exclusive and private excursion, then a one-day yacht charter trip should definitely be there on your to-do list. There are various sizes of yachts provided by the yacht operators, and thus you can choose one according to the number of people on your trip. Booking a yacht is also very easy; you can contact the operators via phone or email, and a valet will respond back to you to confirm your booking, providing all the details.

Bull Shark diving

This kind of diving is usually undertaken between November and March. One can take away some awesome memories by going for a bull shark dive at diving sites located near the Playa Del Carmen.

Cenotes Diving

If you get a chance to delve into the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find that this place has an ample number of sinkholes throughout its vicinity. Thus, getting a dip in these cenotes can be all different empiricism to expose yourself to a cave aura.

Whale shark diving

During the summers, one can find a bountiful number of sharks paving their way in the Cancun waters. And thus, it is apt to be at this pace between May to August to get a swim session with these superb marine animals.

Top Scuba diving and Snorkeling Locations in Cancun

Top Scuba diving and Snorkeling Locations in Cancun

Cancun is a place that offers you innumerable sites for scuba diving, Cancun, Mexico. Ranging from various types of diving to snorkeling and taking a tour in the underwater museum, there is a lot that Cancun offers you to experience the underwater. So here we have listed down the top 10 places to enjoy an extended holiday in Cancun.

  • Cave of the sleeping sharks, Isla Mujeres
  • Xel Ha, Vicinity
  • Akumal Bay, Vicinity
  • Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum
  • Punta Nizuc, Downtown
  • Yal Ku Lagoon, Akumal
  • The underwater museum, Zona Hotelera
  • C58 Minesweeper wreck dive, Downtown
  • National reef park, Puerto Morelos
  • Cozumel reefs National Marine Park, Cozumel

For more information about these places, you can consider giving this a read, and you can also hire a tour guide to escort you during your trip so that you never miss out on a place worth visiting.

However, since a safe scuba dive calls for owning all the scuba dive gear on the go, ensure that you have packed all your safety gear and they all are working properly and are handy when you go deep down the Cancun waters.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Cancun For a Scuba Dive?

What is the Best Time to Travel to Cancun For a Scuba Dive?

Diving deep down the blues in Cancun can opt at any time as this place welcomes tourists from all walks of life all through the year. But if you ask us, when is the best time to go to Cancun Mexico and opt for scuba diving, then the answer will depend on your interest as also avoiding the hurricane season.

Well, don’t get too worried about the hurricane stuff. The answer to your question on when is the hurricane season in Cancun Mexico is that this devastating season sets in June and rampages for about 4-5 months and ends around November. The intensity rises, especially in August, September, and October. However, the chances of getting hit by a hurricane are quite low as they’ve arrived only twice with a difference of 17 years.

Now, besides the hurricane season, depending on your interest, if you are planning for a cenote dive holiday, then the time between May and September fits the frame. We advise you to pay a visit during these months because these months’ witnesses bright light, and you can get some picture-perfect photos to capture your Mexico cenote diving holiday.

Other than that, if you love to explore marine life, then the months between June to September are also ideal for checking out the Whales and sharks at Isla Mujeres. And, if you want to have some calm respite without surrounding yourself in a crowded place, then you can consider traveling to Mexico between May and September. Photography lovers can consider diving to MUSA.

Apart from this, a Caribbean dive can be preferred while visiting Cancun. Though the waters of the Caribbean Sea remain the same throughout the year, you would not notice much of a change to go for a dive in the deep blues. But visiting this place between December to April stands as the supreme months to land down at Cancun as you can dive in moderate water rather than expecting cold chilly waters in the winter month.

Where to stay?

Cancun offers numerous places and hotels for you to enjoy your vacations. You will never have to face a space crunch being in this bizarre destination as there are budgeted and luxurious hotels all around the city that you can choose according to your comfort and budget. So whichever month you plan to visit, you will always be fledged with numerous options to pick on your favorite residing place in Cancun.

Also, these resorts facilitate scuba diving by providing trained professionals. They strictly abide by the safety rules and regulations, for instance, adhering to the scuba diving age restrictions, carrying of proper security equipment, etc. Hence, you can be dependent on the resorts here, for dwelling as well as scuba diving purposes.


We hope that this guide must have surely given you a brief idea about what it is like to go for scuba diving, Cancun, Mexico. Getting off on the beaches of Cancun and exploring marine life is an extreme fun, and you can go bonkers by getting a chance to live life in the Cancun style.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Cancun and get ready to unearth all the surprises waiting for you in this city. We wish you a happy journey, travel safe and live life to its fullest by reconnoitring Cancun once in your lifetime!