Top Hot spots to cliff diving in Mexico

Top Hot spots to cliff diving in Mexico 1

Did you ever come across the term, cliff diving or might have heard but don’t have any idea about What is Cliff diving? Have you ever heard of cliff diving? Cliff diving is supposed to be one of the most extreme sports taken up by daredevils who have the guts to jump into the waters from a cliff. And you do not have any harness for the same, just your protective helmets, and you are good to take a plunge in the water.

There are various places where one can opt for cliff diving, with Mexico being one of the most famous and popular destinations. So here is a quick guide about the places for cliff diving in Mexico and various other activities that you can consider doing while holidaying in Mexico.

Where to Go Cliff Diving in Mexico?

Mexico is a nation that welcomes numerous tourists from all over the world all-round the year. Ranging from the exquisite destinations to the culture and vibrant colors of the place and most importantly, the waters, Mexico offers numerous opportunities to the travel buffs to take a break in the country’s lap. Water sports is something that Mexico is famous for and lets the backpackers experience the water madness of the nation by offering various water sport thrills such as Mexico scuba diving, kayaking, flyboarding, and a lot more.

Cliff diving in Mexico is one of the most enthralling water sports to take a summer break in the Mexican homeland. Jumping from a cliff and getting drenched in the water as a fearless soul is all that you may need to get a respite from the monotony of life. So here are the top spots of Mexico where you can proceed to have a thrilling cliff diving experience:

La Quebrada, Acapulco

La Quebrada Acapulco

La Quebrada is situated in the beach town known by the name Acapulco which is analogous to the word cliff diving. La Quebrada is a 100-foot famous cliff that witnesses thousands of divers every year to take up the cliff diving acapulco mexico challenge. Also, there are professional divers at this place who also perform diving shows every day for the visitors to showcase their talent of diving down the massive cliff across the Pacific sea. La Perla stands as one of the best spots where you can get to see the divers perform their cliffing tricks. Not only does this cliff invite daring divers all through the year to take up the challenge, but it also holds a place in the Guinness book as one of the world’s highest regularly performed head first dives.

If you are a diehard fan of cliff diving, then should surely go to the La Quebrada cliff for cliff diving, but if you are a beginner who wishes to get a cliff dive, we would not recommend you to start with this peak as there are several scuba diving dangers. Instead, go for some easy options to start your cliff diving.

Matacanes, Santiago

Matacanes Santiago

Another top destination in line with la Quebrada cliff diving is Matacanes in Santiago. Matacanes is situated towards the north-central part of Mexico and is known to offer countless options for adventure. Water cliff diving stands as one of the significant water sports to undertake being in this city.

This city is known to have a renowned name in offering canyon escapade to all the tourists who seek some holiday time in the lap of the city. One can enjoy the slides, 27 cliff jumps, caves, and swimming by bucking yourselves with all the safety gear to face the tingling sensation running down your spine when you plan to jump from the cliffs. Matacanes is a perfect family spot for tourists that has something or the other to offer to all the family members.

Parque Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, Mazatlán

Parque Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada Mazatlán

If you want to enjoy a top-class diving site, then you should not miss out visiting Mazatlán while being in Mexico. Mazatlán is located on the western coast of the Sinaloa state of the Mexican country. ‘The cliff diver ‘is another popular name of Parque Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada and derives its name owing to a few prime cliffing locations of this place. The cliff height is about 50 feet and lies six feet above the deep waters, which poses a tough challenge for the cliff divers of this place.

You can take a tour to this city to try out Cliff diving in Mexico, or you can also consider watching the expert divers making their way down to the waters from the high cliffs. These pro divers who take up the task of jumping down in the waters do it for money. So, offer them some tip amount and see how their cliffing talent arouses those goosebumps on your hands.

There is no regular cliff diving or jumping in the water shows at this place, but you can get to see the daring men and women pro divers jump into the waters for the promised amount.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Towards the Southern part of The Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, there lies Arch of Cabo San Lucas, which is another hot spot for Cliff diving in Mexico. The rock formations of this brilliant and breath-taking place provide the right potion of adventure to all the daredevils who wish to take advantage of this extreme water sports at San Lucas. This place brings the opportunity for everyone to witness and get an idea of how deep can a person dive in extreme situations. The San Lucas arch faced continuous erosion for thousands of years and has resulted in three-storey high rock formations. Thus, this high cliff offers all the divers a high-end elite-level competition in a magnificent location to stoop down deep in the blues from a higher altitude.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas


Yucatan Peninsula is not just famous for Cliff diving in Mexico but also for various other things such as the rich food and culture of the place, the pristine beaches, cenote diving, and a lot more other electrifying water sport activities. Cenotes once marked the entryway to the Mayan empire but, in today’s era, is considered as one of the best globetrotter locations of the country. This place stands as a must-visit place for all the adventurous souls and is there to express its underwater offerings for a good reason.

Yucatan 1

How High is Cliff Diving?

Usually, cliff divers dive from 18-27 meters in the air, which is approximately 57-86 ft. high. However, different people prefer different heights, and the effects also differ in diverse situations. A diver diving from 10 meters is likely to hit the water at a speed of approximately 30 miles per hour. But it is always safe to avoid excess height, and not dive above 20 meters or 65.5 feet.

Talking about cliff diving, the red bull cliff diving is another interesting sport event organized in Mexico. It is a World Series created by Red Bull in 2009. Competitors have been creating many records in this event of cliff diving from the past several years. Now, if we talk about how high Red Bull Cliff Diving is, then it will give you an idea of why it is considered as a real competition. The height determined for the red bull cliff diving series ranges from 26-328 meters. Thus, it is understandable that this sport is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Other things to do in Mexico

Apart from cliff diving in Mexico, there are a few more exhilarating water sports that you can try out in Mexico, here are a few of them:


Snorkeling is one of the best water activities that you can prefer over others to explore the underwater life in the Mexican waters. The underwater environment is exceptionally serene and can take your wanderlust to the next level. All you need to do is to buy the underwater breathing mask and get ready to swim with marine life. Snorkeling in Cancun, Baja Peninsula, the Sea of Cortez can be a few places to mark in your list for snorkeling in Mexico.

Underwater walking

Walking in the ground is way too normal, have you ever heard of walking in the waters? Yes, we are talking about a sea trek to discover the marine beauty of the place. All you need to have is a helmet that allows nonstop air, and you are good to go to have a look at what the sea has to offer you.

Water rafting

If you are planning to drop down in Mexico’s vicinity, then rafting is another fun sport to enjoy with your friends. It raises up the bar of adventure and is considered as fun plus risky water sport activity. But make sure that you are fledged with all the essential gears and perform this enthralling water sport under the guidance of a tour guide. Lacantun river, Rio Pescados, Rio Antigua stands as the most popular place for water rafting in Mexico. For a splendid adrenaline rush, water rafting can be your best bet to place on.


Apart from cliff diving in Mexico, Surfing is another water sports activity that you can try out along the shores of this beautiful country. There are numerous beaches in the nation that are a home for water surfing activities to wake up the delight buried deep in your heart by surfing on the waters. To have a super surfer ride in Mexico, you can consider visiting the surfing sites, namely Puerto, Huatulco. Los Cabos, Mazatlán, etc. Predicting the wave intensity may not be your cup of tea as it is unobvious and may vary from time to time. But if you are audacious enough to face the waves, you can go surfing to experience the amusement of this water sport activity.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Mexico is another essential sport that you should try your hands on being in this tourist paradise. To explore the underwater world and to get some merry time with the marine animals of the waters, scuba diving is one such sport that can give you access to all these at one go. Scuba diving Mexico offers you an opportunity to swim with the diverse and colorful inhabitants of the water to unearth the secrets of marine life. Diving in the blues gives an ethereal feel to buck up for this awe filled water sport activity to unwind yourselves in the Mexican shorelines with a few marine mates accompanying you in your dive.


Another water sport that requires one to maintain a balance between one’s weight and a rope gives a pleasant experience amidst the waters. Apart from playing the balancing game, you may also feel the freshness of the gentle waters as it splashes on your kayaking drysuits when you row your way along the shorelines. Cancun, Lucas, Acapulco are the favorite spots for tourists to get themselves engaged in Kayaking activity in Mexico.

Speed boating

If you do not wish to taste the thunder by taking up some of the daring water sports mentioned above, you can go in for a drive on a speedboat. Speed boating allows you to traverse on the turbulent waters in solace or along with your trip mates to enjoy the calmness and serenity. And since this sports activity focuses more on solace and peace, it doesn’t mean that it is not fun-filled. One can still experience the fun and happiness factor by going in for speed that is one of the most common and easy sports adventures. Cozumel stands as the best spot to take up a speed boat drive in Mexico.


Flyboarding is another breathtaking and mesmerizing sports venture to experience in the sea waters of Mexico. You might have fantasized such a sport in movies and may have always had an inbuilt instinct of trying it once in your lifetime. So, if you are someone who has always dreamt of jumping up in the skies standing over a strong water current, flyboarding is something to try on your Mexico visit. Your feet stand fixed on a fly board, or you can say it to be a platform that goes high in the air with an upward force. Further, you stand there in the nowhere land for a few seconds, and again you are back in the water with a thump to take advantage of a short and quick dive into the blues.


We hope this guide is helpful enough for you to identify the top spots for cliff diving in Mexico. Also, we have listed down a few other major water sport activities that one can enjoy to experience the thrills at its maximum. Note that there is a lot more that Mexico City has to offer you, and you should try paying a visit to this place once in your lifetime to explore the length and breadth of this coastal city that is home to various water sport adventures.