Best Scuba Tank for Sale That Gives Value For Money

Best Scuba Tank for Sale That Gives Value For Money

Are you a scuba diving enthusiast and you are looking for the best scuba tank for sale? You are in the right place.

There are many, some new, some used. Even if you buy the used one with care, you will get some good value for your money. Buying outdoor gear can be costly, so you need to know that you are buying the best.

Since a scuba tank is going to set you back a good amount of money, it is important that you ensure you get value for money. You can do this by reading user reviews first before you can buy a scuba tank.

Luckily, your hunt for the best tank for diving does not have to take you further than here. After doing wide research on the best ones, we bring you a few of the best tanks for diving. Just know that your getting out alive or perishing in the water could depend on your scuba tank more times than you would care to count.

Scuba Tank Reviews

Cyl-Tec 80 CF – scuba diving tank for sale

Cyl Tec 80 CF

Cyl-tec 80 CF Scuba diving tank is the most popular size among aluminum diving cylinders. Its high strength is a result of manufacturing material; aluminum alloy 6061-T6. Manufacturing standards strictly match the United States Department of Transportation and Transport Canada requirements.

Do you know what this means? It means that the highest authorities in the land have passed this tank. Therefore, it is one of the safest dive tanks in the world. You can buy without fear.

This is a very efficient tank thanks to its 80 cubic feet air capacity, working pressure of 3000 psi (and ability to fit salt-water buoyancy while empty or full.

Included with the tank is a new combo valve, which accepts both DIN and K-type connection. The inter-connection is enabled by the center plug which can be removed by an 8 mm Allen wrench.

The plug supports the K-type connection while its removal enables the DIN connection. These great features suit the tank for scuba diving in addition to making it a perfect match for both beginner and experienced divers.


  • 30 inch height strikes a balance between a size that is comfortable for the user and a good capacity for the gas.
  • Larger capacity to hold enough gas
  • The lighter aluminum ensures comfortable portability of the tank
  • The designed cylinder’s buoyancy suits underwater adventure
  • The provided guidance ensures no overfilling beyond the specs


  • Aluminum is less buoyant in water. This might require larger weight to fit the standard buoyancy, which could inconvenience the user.

Catalina 80 CF Alum – Best Scuba Dive Tank

Catalina 80 CF Alum

This is another aluminum tank. It is an 80-cubic foot Aluminum cylinder tank with pro valve is popular in cave diving, both cold and warm water diving, night diving, open water and recreation.

Besides having a pro valve, the plug assembly enables conversion among K-valve, yoke and DIN. In addition, it is a heavy-duty design with a chrome plated marine brass finish making it the cylinder with the highest flowing capacity available.

The cylinder meets all the industrial standards. The aluminum cylinders do not rust, unlike their steel counterparts. The cylinder has a thread size of 0.750 to 14 NPSM and working pressure of 200 bars with nitrox ready of up to 40%.

Its certification from United States Department of Transport and Transport Canada justifies the quality of its specifications. With such useful, admirable and safe features, the 80 CF alum tank is great both the beginners and professional divers’ choice.


  • Specifications give good value for money
  • The cylinder has a smooth operating valve mechanism with high flow valve capacity.
  • The cylinder is corrosion resistant
  • The 3000 psi pressure is effective in deep diving activities
  • Underwater weight specification makes deep navigation more possible


  • The finishes are limited to the specs of the manufacturers.

Faber High Pressure Tank – Best Steel Scuba Tank

Fabe High Pressure Tank

Faber is a very popular name when it comes to the best dive tanks. This one is a high-pressure tank, which holds a wide range of capabilities as compared to other scuba diving tanks. They have nitrox ready up to 40% and contain a valve that easily converts to either DIN or K-type.

Its integrated weight system grants the diver the ability to remove lead weight supporting optimum distribution of weight. Besides, as the diver breathes, the weight of the air creates positive buoyancy close to the end of the dive.

The tank is equipped with a size dependent cylinder boot. It has acceptable buoyancy characteristics. Buoyancy ranges from -2.42 lbs to -9.41 lbs. On the other hand, size dependent buoyancy ranges from -1.2 lbs.

Its polyurethane and epoxy finish gives it the durability supporting more time for underwater adventure for the diver. The perfect diving characteristics with the special buoyancy characteristics make the tank an admirable choice for many divers.


  • Good buoyancy characteristics enable different types of diving
  • Has a durable finishing
  • The tank is small and light efficient for diving
  • It contains a well-balanced air system with reserves when needed
  • It has an optimal volume, which is also easily portable on the surface.


  • The tank’s manual can be hard to understand

Luxfer Compact 80 CF Tank – Best Commercial Diving Tank

Luxfer Compact 80 CF Tank

Luxfer shows why diving tanks should be made of aluminum with their brushed aluminum 80 cubic feet tank. It is corrosion-resistant, light and more affordable than most. With this feature, the tank retains its quality for longer enabling frequent usage.

Its efficiency is also realized in its heavy-duty capacity and high flow capacity pro-valve. The valve’s plug assembly too allows the user to convert between yoke and DIN valves.

The tank is specified for a maximum fill pressure of 3300 psi. It has a capacity of 80 cubic feet with a length of 25.5 inches and diameter of 7.25 inches.

It weighs 34.7 pounds when empty. It has a buoyancy full of -5.8 pounds and empty of 0.0 pounds.

The brand is very safe for use as certified by US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada. This, alongside its specifications makes it a great choice for both commercial and recreational diving.


  • Comes with VIP inspection sticker that provides the user with guidance on how to use
  • The brand has a wide variety of colors for color preferences
  • Certified safe in accordance with DOT and TC safety requirements
  • Its floating ability makes it a perfect choice for stage bottle.
  • It is the most popular brand globally


  • The tank requires keen handling and maintenance due to the sensitive nature of its valve

Sherwood Aluminum 100 CF – Best Scuba Tank for Sale

Sherwood Aluminum 100 CF

Sherwood Aluminum 100 CF tank’s specifications show how much this company specializes in high quality dive gear. Its durability is assured provided that a visual inspection is carried out after every year and a hydro test is conducted after every five years.

The tank has a maximum fill pressure of 3300 psi. Other specifications for size are 8 inches diameter, 30.3 inches length (including valves) and 46.2 lbs weight. Its floating efficiency is enabled by buoyancy full of -7.8lbs.

The tank provides a continuous delivery of gas ensuring that the unwanted seawater is cleared from the diver’s mouth. It is small and together with its light weight, it increases the comfort level to the diver.

The brand experiences no or less wear and tear due to strong manufacturing material; thermoplastic polyurethane finishing. With the assured durability and a capacity of 100 cubic feet, the brand is a very good choice for commercial as well as recreational divers.


  • Its small size and lightweight makes it easily portable
  • The aluminum alloy is corrosion-resistant thus durability
  • Being a 100 CF tank, it has a large air capacity as compared to other tanks
  • Comparing its quality to the value of money portrays cost efficiency with this brand.
  • The tank has easy breathing regulators.


  • The tank’s durability depends on maintenance
  • Not many reviews for the tank online

Faber Blue Steel – 80 Cu Ft Scuba Tank

Faber Blue Steel 80 Cu Ft ScubaTank

The quality cylinder is made from molybdenum steel. It has internal finishing of epoxy and external coating of polyurethane. This is a full assurance for their corrosion-resistance and durability.

The high-pressure tank is nitrox compatible up to 40% and conversion valves convertible between DIN and yoke. They are compatible with any regulator current hydro and have a self-draining tank boot. Among the most notable features are the 3442-psi fill pressure, buoyancy full of -8.05 lbs, buoyancy empty of -1.74 lbs, height of 20.87 inches, 7.24 diameter and 28.6 lbs weight.

The brand meets a DOT E-13488 specification allowing no overfilling. Similar to other Faber cylinders, the tank’s specifications match all the certified standards as per DOT and TC security measures. These features make the brand good for casual, recreational, advanced and professional diving.


  • The cylinder is shorter and light in weight, convenient for portability requirements
  • The excellent buoyancy characteristics suits deep diving requirements
  • The price specification comparison portrays a good investment by the divers
  • The cylinder is protected by zinc with an internal epoxy and external polyurethane coatings thus assured durability
  • The cylinder comes along a VIP sticker with user guidance for the user


  • The corrosive nature of steel makes the tank vulnerable to corrosion. 

Faber Stealth HP120 – One of the Best Faber Scuba Tanks

Faber Stealth HP120

The tank is a high quality model from Faber cylinders made from steel. The steel is processed from chromium molybdenum. It is also protected with zinc, epoxy and polyurethane and has a painted finishing adjusting its durability.

Experts say that if you have not used steel dive tanks, then you really do not understand what true, happy diving is. Where the alum scuba tanks create more positive buoyancy the more you breathe, the steel tanks are able to maintain negative buoyancy throughout the dive.

The Faber Stealth comes with a premium valve and a pro valve that matches the black and exclusive Mil-Spec finish. The DIN can be manually handled by inserting or removing with a hand wheel.

The high-pressure steel tank meets all the United States Department of Transport and Transport Canada requirements on safety and security. Because it is a new brand in the market, it is an exact match of what divers have been missing.


  • Convert valves by inserting and removing for efficient flowing capacity
  • Tank boot enables it to stand up on a flat surface.
  • Steel has high water buoyancy – little weight will be required for its buoyancy needs
  • Steel is readily available thus less difficulty in assembling the tanks.
  • Good manual for adjustments to required designer’s specifications


  • Steel is susceptible to rusting

Faber FX Series 100 cu ft – best Steel Scuba Tank

Faber FX Series 100 cu ft

Best for: recreational diving, beginner diving.

The Faber FX series of scuba tanks for sale brings a new generation of tanks in the market. This one is a high-pressure tank of 3442 psi that is compatible to nitrox up to 40% besides being oxygen cleaned.

Because it is made of steel, this means you can drop off up to 4 pounds of weight, thus making your diving experience all the more awesome.

The tank is much suitable to recreational uses and comes along with free visual inspection upon purchasing. The tank is made from chromoly steel, which means a kind of steel alloy that is made from the blend of chromium molybdenum.

The tank has DOT E-13488 specification. It offers a high quality performance, which is also supported by a self-draining boot and DIN/yoke convertible valve.

This brand fulfils at times beyond consumers’ expectations. The evidence is well-articulated in its quality and performance as justified by its wide range specifications. For divers who seek assurance with safety and enjoyment of their adventures, this is the best tank.


  • The tank comes along with free visual inspection as a VIP provision
  • The divers experience less strenuous adventures with the less weight of the tank
  • The high-pressure gas fill enables the tank’s efficient performance
  • The tank is compatible with all other regulators
  • Fair price and convenient shipping services contributes to cost efficiency


  • The valves get loose with frequent usage

House of Scuba 19 Cubic 3000psi – Scuba Tank for Emergency

House of Scuba 19 Cubic 3000psi

The manufacturer says this one is only to be used as spare tank for emergency diving situations. It is small, at the capacity of 19 cubic feet, with a Sherwood valve, high pressure valve and weighing only 7.8 pounds when with valve, you want to carry this is a good backup.

Although it is small, it is the most secure diving tank of all. It has certified physical requirements such as toughness and industrial standard specifications. The tank is made from aluminum. Aluminum is not prone to corrosion ensuring the tank’s durability.

The high-pressure tank has specific features of 19 cubic feet and 3000-psi pressure. The tank contains a simple compression K-valve, which is simple to use.

These specifications make the tank highly regarded in terms of safety, performance, efficiency and simplicity. Having fulfilled the United States DOT requirements, it is the safest, best choice for any kind of diver. Note that you are only to carry this as back up for emergency situations, for example, when you are on a rescue mission. Once the bigger tank is depleted, you can use this one to stay longer under water.

While we are still on emergency diving, remember to pack your dive knife too. You will need it down there.


  • Safe as it meets the DOT and CT safety and security standards
  • Aluminum is non-corrosive
  • The valve is simple and efficient
  • Small weight – barely 8 pounds
  • Affordable


  • As an emergency backup tank, it is too small

Hopefully with these reviews, you can now be able to find the best scuba tank for sale without worrying too much. These tanks are tested rigorously for defects in regard to safety and are certified ok to use by the relevant authorities. You can buy yours without fear at all and then stick to the recommended times for inspection. Now, with the best scuba tank for diving, you can go on to choose your favorite diving destination and see what the ocean has for you in her bowels.