Image of diving masks with prescription lenses

Diving Masks with Prescription Lenses

Diving with poor eyesight is possible. You just need to get one of the diving masks with prescription lenses. Prescription dive masks can come with corrective lenses for short sightedness or long-sightedness. You can also get lenses to help you read your instruments correctly so that you know how much ...
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Image of is Neutrogena sunscreen reef safe

Is Neutrogena Sunscreen Reef Safe? Find Out Here!

Snorkeling and indeed any other surface water sport leaves your body exposed to the sun. That is why you need the best sunscreen. One of the most revered sunscreen brands out here is Neutrogena. But is Neutrogena sunscreen reef safe? To the question of whether Neutrogena is a reef safe ...
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image of snorkeling for non swimmers

15 Tips for Snorkeling for Non Swimmers

All you need to do for snorkeling for non swimmers is float on the water. And float is something you can do easily, either with a life jacket for snorkeling. But this can be a bit sluggish. However, beggars cannot be choosers. So, when you cannot swim, it is anything ...
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Image of SSI vs PADI

SSI vs PADI Main Differences and Similarities

What are the main differences and similarities between SSI vs PADI? For a start, PADI is a diving training and certification agency. We know that because we discussed it earlier in this article. But then there is SSI scuba retail and training agency. This one has been in the business ...
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Image of family beach vacation packing list

Family Beach Vacation Packing List – Must-have Items

You must have a comprehensive family beach vacation packing list when you are a planning for a sun and sand rendezvous. And why not? After all, the US has more than 94,000 miles of coastline, with some of the most fantastic beaches in the world. That, plus the many water ...
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