Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Review

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Quality 1

Are you a travel buff? Do you love to explore the mountains or go against the winds to explore a whole new world of excitement and thrills? If this is your case, then you may be well aware of how important it is to have a camera that can serve you right when you are out for an expedition or Scuba diving in Mexico. A new name in the world of premium and compact cameras is – Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II.

It is easy-to-use and offers high-quality images. For all those travel enthusiasts who only love to explore the world, this camera can do quite an impressive job for them. Check out the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Review to gain an insight into what this camcorder has to offer.

Key Specifications

  • 1080/60p video capture
  • 1/2000 sec shutter speed
  • 3 inches LCD tilting touchscreen
  • 20 MP 1-inch BSI CMOS sensor
  • 24-100 mm F1.8- F2.8 lens
  • Digi 7 processor


  • RAW Burst shooting mode
  • Clickless and click front dial
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent hue accuracy
  • Ideal for night photography
  • Excellent touchscreen functionality


  • Not ideal for 4K video recording
  • Flare issues
  • Autofocus performance is not good
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Design and Ergonomics

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Design 1

It is a compact version to its predecessor and comes with a small grip that proves to be handy for every photographer who makes this camera a travel buddy. This small grip eases out the task of holding the camera and also has a thumb grip, which makes shooting and recording a lot easier.

It weighs about 319 grams and thus can be easily carried off in your pockets, making it an ergonomic and easy to use alternative. At the top of the camera, you can find the EV compensation, power, toggle, and zoom button, allowing ease of operation. At the rear side, you can find a video recording button and shortcut key designated to allocate specific functionality to the front ring. The ring also has a lock that allows it to make a switch between stuttered and smooth operations.


The lens of this camera allows you to zoom up to 4.2x, which is approximately equal to 24-100mm. It is suitable for shooting everyday pictures. Though it may not be ideal for pro photographers who earn their livelihood through their art of photography, for everyday use and travel pic, this camera serves as a decent quality camera with a 24-70 full-frame lens option.

It can support wide apertures and has f/1.8 that can also expand to f/2.8 to reach the furthest optic. The degree of details shot by the camera is exceptionally good throughout the range of the focal length, and thus you can show confidence in using this cam at either lens end.


The screen of this camera can tilt, offering the user to click images even from awkward angles. It also serves helpful when you are shooting at places when the bright light is hitting the camera screen. In such instances, all that you can do is to tilt the screen in a direction opposite to that of light and resume shooting and capturing pictures. The way forward aspect of the screen is best suited for clicking self-portraits.

Talking about the other features of this scuba diving underwater camera, the screen is touch-sensitive and displays good colors. You can tap the screen and set the AF; it also allows you to navigate between the main menu and quick menu. Also, when you want to have a look at the images in a playback mode, you can opt to zoom to check the focus and can swipe between the images.

Quality and performance

Canon Power shot G7 X Mark II Review is simply incomplete without talking about the performance characteristics of this camera. This camera makes use of a modified G7 X Image processor hiking the performance in return. The camera can lock the focus in 0.1 seconds and can fire it in about 1.9 seconds. The buffer can manage up to 32JPG, 22 Raw, or 19 Raw plus JPEG before slowing down, thus offering a perfect buffer for a camera of this class.

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Quality 1

It makes use of two focus modes, including subject recognition mode and wide-area with face recognition. It can identify both human and pet faces for face tracking, and you can also track the subject when it is moving by holding the shutter halfway down, setting the lens to AI Servo.

Overall, this camera can be considered as a strong performer and can offer high-quality images even when you zoom and focus the camera while capturing a shot. It has the capability of capturing crisp images without showing any signs of degradation through ISO 400, whereas the images may smudge off a bit above ISO 800.

Image Quality

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera offers a higher level of sharpness and details to the pictures clicked using the camera. The noise reduction is minimum and showcases coarse details within wide frames.

One can also adjust the feathering, threshold, sharpening strength, etc. using the picture styles. This camera can perform exceptionally well in lower ISO shots and can maintain the color accuracy even in low light. It reduces the noise level and does not tend to ruin the photographs with grains.

The performance of the camera is even in low light and can record about 2742 strong edge to edge lines at 55mm f/2.8.

The flash range of this camera is about 7m at ISO 100, offering decent quality performance. The pop-up flash stands as a neat addition to the camera, which can bounce flash against the walls.

Other features

Here are a few more features of this camera that completes the Canon Power shot G7 X Mark II Review:

Battery Life

This camera toggles a reasonable battery life. With a one-time charge, you can click up to 300 shots making use of this remarkable camera. For casual photographers, one can expect to shoot for about three days in a line.


Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Connectivity 1


You can take advantage of NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity using this camera for snorkeling or scuba diving. You only need to download the Canon Camera Connect application on your smartphone, and you are good to go. Downloading this application allows the user to make file transfers while traveling, and you can consider using your phone as a remote-control system for your cameras. It provides on the spot image transfer by making use of the NFC mode, tapping at the bottom of the phone. You can conveniently zap your photos to your smartphone to post it over social media getting your friend a sneak peek to your trip.

We hope this Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Review is convincing enough to guide your purchase decision. If this guide has convinced you to make this camera as your possession, you can click here to order it within minutes and get it delivered at your doorsteps.


The Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Black inherits and retains a lot of characteristics from its predecessor but offers extended services and features in terms of performance and high-tech features. If you are a travel freak who dearly loves to hang out with your friends every now and then, Canon Powershot can cement its way to take place in your hands. You will surely not regret buying this camera as it has features that serve value for money as an appreciable compact shooter.