Snowboarding Gear for Women – Latest Releases

Snowboarding Gear for Women – Latest Releases

Snowboarding is a winter sport where you slide down a snow-covered slope with the help of a ski board attached to your feet. This sport has been there since the 1920s. Snowboarding was introduced in the United States in the 1960s & it soon became a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998.

In recent years, snowboarding has evolved in time so much that it`s also popular amongst women. Studies say, around 34% of women are engaged in this snow sport today. Mammoth Mountain, Mount Bachelor, Mt Baker are some of the best places in the US where you can experience the fun of snowboarding.

Undoubtedly, you will come across bumps on your way, but if you have patience and keep doing hard work, you will definitely get better and able to perform new snowboarding tricks. Since the weather in the mountains is highly unpredictable and varies from season to season, you should dress up properly with all the snowboarding gear for women to keep yourself warm, dry, and safe; it will help you to focus more on your game.

There are countless numbers of ski gear for safety and comfort available in the market; from goggles to bindings, you can choose any ski gear. Make sure you are always prepared for the quickly changing weather conditions. Without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the list of women snowboarding gear available in the market.

List of Snowboarding Gear for Women

Body Base layer

Body Base layer

Thermal tops: It is one of the most vital snowboarding gear women will need while on hills. It should be warm and comfortable and definitely something which can wick the sweat away. You can check out the one size fits all Strapless Seamless Active Base Layer Bandeau Tube Top, made of a premium blend of spandex and nylon.

Not only the thermal tops are light in weight, but they also offer stretch-ability and softness. The two-layer soft cotton technology traps the body heat and keeps you warm. The flat-seem gives you extra comfort and a perfect fit. This snowboarding gear for women is available in multiple color options and also in plus sizes.

Thermal underwear: Choosing the right underwear while you dress up for snowboarding is very important & probably the best investment one can make. You should go for non-cotton, a close fitted garment designed to wick moisture swiftly from your skin.

You should also look for anti-microbial features to avoid retaining odors. Choose from the hipster panties or thermal throngs from the range of snowboarding equipment women that is made of super-soft, lightweight fabric for a classic fit. Pick your size and color that suits you right.

Socks: Keeping your feet warm and comfortable is important to help you enjoy such outdoor activities in cold winters. So, make sure not to forget a good pair of ski socks while counting down your snowboarding items.

Socks Snowboarding Gear for Women

A good pair of ski socks should be ultra-thin, medium weight, breathable with moisture-wicking qualities to keep the feet dry as our feet perspire a lot. The Shin and Calf Support skiing socks available in Amazon are specially designed to give that extra support to your calf and shin regions while out on the slopes.

Mid layer

During those chilly days, a mid-layer is required to keep your body warm and protected from the harsh cold breeze. There are different hoodies and T-shirts available in the market. However, a snowboarding hoodie is not only about cool looks; they also keep warm & absorb the moisture. Make sure it is too tight or too loose. Otherwise, it can lead to chafing.


Jacket: Jackets provide you protection from elements like water and wind. Hence, it should be made of breathable fabric. Another functional feature that you should look out is that the jacket should come with several pockets.

Jacket Snowboarding Gear for Women

Also, make sure the jacket is lightweight and made up of skin-friendly fabric. The fleece material inside will keep you soft and warm. These jackets normally have a removable hood with adjustable cuffs that help seal in warmth. The high collar gives protection to your neck.

Pants: For the outer layer, you need to put on a kind of water-resistant pants. While selecting ski pants, don’t focus on the latest fashion, but see that they are loose, comfortable, and definitely water-resistant. An inner layer polar fleece keeps you warm, and the zip pockets let you easily carry stuff.

Beanie: Another essential snowboarding gear for women is beanies. The temperature at the ski resorts or mountainous terrains is cold enough to freeze your head, and helmets can’t protect your head completely from such cold and windy conditions. Also, make sure that the beanie cap is made of wool and breathable material; otherwise, it will make your head sweaty and can also cause cold.

Beanie Snowboarding Gear for Women

Boots: Snowboarding boots are specially made to shape up your feet so that you can easily connect your feet to the board via bindings. It is necessary to choose a pair of the best snowboarding boots that correctly fits you and provides you with comfort and enhances your snowboarding ventures.

Disproportionate or improper boots can lead to accidents as one may slip off with them. That is why it is recommended to purchase the right size and perfect shaped boots before going for your snowy adventures.

Snowboarding Scarves: Women generally love to wear scarves, then why not to wear them during skiing. Only helmets, caps, and jackets are not enough to protect you from cold. Therefore, you can choose woolen scarves to cover your neck and throat.

Snowboarding Scarves

Woolen scarves not only keep you warm but also provide comfort and are breathable enough. Moreover, they are available in many colors and designs. You can easily grab them from any store as per your choice.

Snowboarding Bindings

Bindings are very crucial in snowboarding, and it is another essential snowboarding gear for women. Bindings help to create a connection between your snowboard and you. There is a wide range of snowboarding bindings available for women, such as rear entry bindings, highbacks, freeride, freestyle, flex, etc.

If you are a mountain-rider, you can opt for binding with a medium flex, as they offer versatility. Stiff and soft bindings are highly recommended for experienced or professional snowboarders.


Just like pants and jackets, even your gloves need to be waterproof and breathable. In Amazon, if you check the snowboarding gear for the women segment, you will find the Women’s Gore-Tex Mitten pair that is ergonomically designed with a pre-curved fit, having a two-layer fabric and Gore warm technology.

The brushed microfiber fixed lightweight lining with Thermacore insulation keeps your hands warm. The Sticky Icky promises a good grip while the removable wrist leash lets you adjust conveniently.


Keeping your head warm is equally important as your body while snowboarding on those cold days. Even if your jacket has a hood to give you protection against the cold, your head also needs some protection.

Helmets with holes on the sides make them breathable. You should take care that it fits well with the goggles on. The H2 2-in-1 Convertible Snow Helmet is a lightweight sports helmet that can be converted into a bike helmet by removing its earmuffs and fleece cap. The adjustable dial on its back gives you a safe fit.


Goggles Snowboarding Gear for Women

When we discuss the list of women snowboarding equipment, goggles are a must. They protect your eyes from sun rays, snow, and gusty wind. With the right pair of goggles, you wouldn’t have any issues with fogging up. Goggles come with different lenses; some are for the bright sunny days while the other for the gloomy and dark days with low visibility.

The HUBO SPORTS Ski Snow Goggles for Men Women Dual Lens comes with the anti-fog feature combined with the UV Protection. These ski goggles are perfect for people who wear glasses. It offers ultimate comfort and performance. The elastic strap of the skiing goggles ensures helmet compatibility.

Protective Gear

Whenever you are going out for a venture, the first thing to make sure is to have adequate protection. There are chances of slipping over snow and falling on your back or knees. Therefore, it is vital to wear protective padded shorts and pads to protect yourself from any major knee, bone, or hip injury.

Especially women, who are beginners and trying skiing for the first time, must keep this in mind and carry proper safety precautions while going for snowboarding. You can easily get them from any store that provides snowboard gears for women.


Sunscreen Snowboarding Gear for Women

Women are generally fond of their skin and prefer to take care of it thoroughly. Skiing under the sun can affect their skin and tan their face. That is why women are highly recommended to carry a good-quality UV protection sunscreen with you and apply it before going out in the sun. It helps you to enjoy snowboarding without worrying about your skin getting tanned by the sun rays.


It is mentioned above to carry several things before going for ventures, you require a backpack. It doesn’t matter if you are departing for a small snowboarding venture or a long trip, you need a sturdy snowboard backpack that is spacious enough to carry all the essential items.

Backpack Snowboarding Gear for Women

There are different sizes and trendy bags available in the market specially designed for women. You can easily get them at an affordable rate. However, make sure to check all the pockets of your bag and the space inside it.


Snowboarding, being an outdoor winter sport, requires a lot of preparation. You need to dress appropriately to enjoy it up to maximum. Dryness, warmth, breathability, and safety are the key factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing your snowboarding equipment. Proper layering of clothes normally provides you warmth and protects you against moisture, water, and stormy wind. Though you can rent skis and boots, you must carry your own helmet for protection and clothing items to maintain proper hygiene. Amazon offers a range of snowboarding gear for women at affordable prices. You can easily get the required snowboarding gear ordered from Amazon and conveniently delivered at your doorstep.