Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera Review

Olympus TG 5 Waterproof Camera Review

The new Olympus TG-5 is a compact, rugged, and waterproof camera that is becoming highly popular these days and is a handy device for all the adventurers who cannot skip traveling. We all know the equation between travel and camera.

A trip is just incomplete without photography, and this model can be a treat for you to carry along for all your outings. This camera has bang-on features to cater to all your picture clicks. So here is a quick Olympus TG-5 waterproof camera review that will let you know all the characteristics of the camera in detail.

Features of Olympus TG-5

The rugged appearance and waterproofing ability of this camera define a few leading aspects of this camera. There are a lot many features that can make you believe that this is the best action camera for scuba diving. Read further to know the real reasons why you should add it to your travel kitty.

Control and design

TG-5 has retained a few design features from its predecessor TG-4 for some good reasons. The dual latch design that was seen in the Olympus TG-4 compartment doors has also been adopted by its counterpart. It helps in protecting the camera against any accidents that may occur due to water flooding inside those memory cards and battery compartments.

There are other controls as well, such as dials, point shoot, and switches, which are added-on highlights to make this camera well suited for all your water sport moods. The new TG-5 camera comes with the control dial button that is present at the top right corner on the panel, and the best part about this is that you can gain control over it and vary the exposure settings and other settings available in the list in quick time.

Also, you can access different modes and features by clicking the OK button on the LCD screen. When you deep press the OK button, you will get to see a lot of settings towards the right-hand bottom corner, and you can navigate amongst all the options and select one according to your preference by clicking the OK button.

Image quality

The image quality of this camera is something that you can boast about as it captures high-quality images using its 12MP camera. It can capture impressive images in acceptable lighting conditions. The images are reproduced in the actual colors and probate all the fine points accurately.

The TG-5 can also shoot in RAW file format and can be opened using software like Adobe Photoshop and a few other image editors. The built-in flash of the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 Digital Camera is another impressive feature that will compel you to purchase this camera.

Image quality

Video performance

The TG-5 camera provides you 4K resolution and is fully HD to enhance the quality of your video shoot. The camera also has a time-lapse option and offers a good quality video shoot. The videos shot by this camera are sharp and display even the most exquisite details and colors of the shooting done underwater. The slow-motion video option is another good thing about this camera, which can shoot at 240 FPS in full HD.

Wireless capability

Another feature that makes this camera a convenient option is its ability to get connected with your phones and tablets through a wireless mode. The only thing that you need to do is to download OI to enjoy the wireless transmission mode. Once this is done, you can even transfer the images and videos remotely to your phones.


The battery life is a prime cause of concern while you are out on your holidays for scuba diving in Thailand or any other waterpark in the world. The battery life of this camcorder is feasible and can click up to 340 pictures on single charge. It makes this camera worth a point and shoot.

InterfaceThe integration of the various controls, dials, and menus has been done right in this camera and allows you to acquire quick access to multiple settings. It further allows you to switch to your preferences within no time. But before you enjoy this quick time delivery, you need to get your menu structure accustomed. Though you may find a lack of organization while browsing the menu considering the grouping aspect, the prominent features of this camera are highly expressive and worth your money.


Talking about the added-on accessories, this camera comes with multiple components such as TCON-TO 1 teleconverter, which can be screwed into the lens using an adapter, a fisheye converter, and a few camera cases. Also, it has a silicone jacket, floating hand straps, sport holder and diving harness, and floating hand straps that can assist when you are underwater.

Underwater modes

Underwater modes

There are four underwater modes available in the TG-5 camera. The fish icon that you see represents the underwater modes, and you can click on it to gain access to all the four styles. The first one is a snapshot mode, which allows you to click pictures in the close proximity of the surfaces. The underwater wide mode can work exceptionally well underwater and can click your images even in the depths of water. Underwater macro mode allows you to shoot closer macros. And, underwater HDR can help you in shooting the pictures and videos in an upward direction when the water surface is too bright.

Quality and performance

The Olympus TG-5 waterproof camera review is incomplete without talking about the performance of the camera. If you own a TG-5 camera, then one thing that you can be sure of is the need for speed. Yes, this camera can take pictures within 0.9 seconds and is really quick with the start and locking focus aspects to provide your high-quality images within no time.

For short bursts, it can click pictures at 19.5 FPS. Furthermore, you can set the camera to shoot in the range between 5 FPS to 10 FPS if you find the speed overkilling it. You can also take advantage of the pro capture feature by holding the shutter midway to buffer the limited frames.

Pros and cons of Olympus TG-5 waterproof camera

Though this camera showcases promising features, it has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Read further to browse all the aspects of the unit to judge it on the basis if your requisite frame:


  • High-quality images
  • Plenty of sensors
  • Indestructible
  • Slow-motion video recording capability


  • The zoom range is limited
  • Low light performance

Now since you know all the pros and cons of this product and find the upsides outweighing the downsides, what are you waiting for? Get set and click here to purchase an Olympus TG-5 to give wings to all your expeditions.

Who should own this camera?

Who should own this camera

If you are an adventure lover person, then this camera can be your best friend for all your trips and outings. Whether you need it for hiking, climbing, underwater diving, kayaking, or deep-sea scuba diving, this camera can serve as a handy option to click all those beautiful memories that can take you down the memory lane.

It is one of the most versatile cameras that can cater to almost all your photo and video shoot requirements. The RAW file support is an added-on feature to this model, which will surely compel all the photo enthusiasts to fall in love with this masterpiece.


TG-5 is a great camera that allows you to shoot videos and click pictures in almost all types of weather conditions. For all your diving and snorkeling trips, Olympus TG-5 camera can serve you at its best with several options for you to cherish. It is a versatile camera and can fulfill all your casual shooting needs with excellence. We are sure that you might have gained a slight insight about the features of this camera by reading the Olympus TG-5 waterproof camera review.

Diving under the waters is a fun-filled activity, and we know that you will never want to miss out on capturing those underwater moments. In such a case, Olympus TG-5 can serve you right and is fledged with all the features that no photography freak can deny. It is suitable for experts as well as novices and is a fully rugged and water-resistant camera that can give wings to all your underwater delights.