Best Snowboarding Gear For Beginners

Best Snowboarding Gear For Beginners

Snowboarding is one of the top winter activities that you can indulge in this year. Drifting through the snow at high speed will surely excite you more than anything else. It is a very popular sport around the world as people of almost all ages tend to participate in snowboarding. But for beginners, a snowboarding trip can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time.

If you are planning to go snowboarding for the first time, you need to be really confident and have a strong will power before you start coming down the cliff of the mountain. Also, you will need to wear snowboarding gear for beginners to experience the thrills that are waiting.

However, many snowboarders choose to buy their own gear while others choose snowboarding gear rentals, depending upon their budget and the frequency of snowboard rides. So, if you are on a tight budget and do not want to invest a lot of money on the gear, then renting snowboarding gear can turn out to be the best option.

With countless numbers of options available, it is not possible to make the right decision. So if you are not sure which gear should you wear on your first trip, have a look at this article where we are going to discuss the best snowboarding gear for beginners. We have carefully chosen every item and placed them on this list based on their real-life experience and usage.

The top snowboarding gear for beginners


Snowboard For Beginners

The snowboard is obviously the most important snowboarding gear for beginners that you will need for snowboarding. But there are different kinds of snowboards available in the market, categorized depending upon the riding style. It includes alpine, freestyle, and freeride. If you are a beginner, then we recommend you to purchase the freeride snowboards. It is because they are much easier to control and allows you to steer through the snow in a more efficient manner. Other categories of snowboards require a bit more experience before you use them.

Snowboard bindings

The Snowboards come with bindings to keep your feet in place and keep a firm grip over the board’s surface. So you need to make sure that the bindings are of the right size and fits comfortably. Always make sure that your bindings are compatible with your snowboard and compliment your desired riding style.

Snowboarding Boots

Snowboarding boots are specially designed for those who want to go for snowboarding. These shoes have thick soles and a waterproof body so that your feet stay warm and dry even in the cold weather conditions. They also provide you with a much firmer grip and traction on the ground that will be covered with snow and thus preventing you from falling frequently.

Good snowboarding boots are well insulated and have several layers of mesh that keeps your feet warm. Make sure to choose a good brand boot. Even though they will cost you a bit more initially, they will provide you with a more durable and long-lasting service throughout the year. So it is always better to purchase a good quality snowboarding boot than a cheaper variant from the market.

Snowboard Helmet

Snowboard Helmet for beginners

No matter how experienced a snowboarder is, they will never forget to wear a helmet. The best helmet for snowboarding is designed to protect your head from any damage in case you meet with an accident or collision. Any injury to the head can be life-threatening, and hence, you will need to make sure you protect it the right way.

Choose the size of the helmet depending on your head size and make sure it is not too loose or too tight. Make sure your helmet has proper ventilation. Check whether your helmet is made of polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar, or any other such kind of robust elements. These are the best when it comes to making helmets.

Snowboard socks

Socks may seem to be less important in real life, but actually, they are not. Socks do play a very vital role when you go out for snowboarding. Due to the extra warmth from the boots you are wearing, your feet may tend to sweat. So socks wick that moisture and prevent sweating. They help you to keep your feet dry and warm.

Make sure that your socks are made of comfortable and good quality materials like synthetic. Also, your socks should be of ample length to prevent any irritation that may be caused when your boots are rubbing against your skin. Socks are an essential part of snowboarding gear for beginners.

Snowboarding Jacket and Pants

Probably two of the most crucial items of the snowboard gear list, a Pullover snowboarding Jacket and Pant is very much necessary. These are specially made to counter wind and water, thus preventing you from getting wet and feeling extreme cold due to the snow and cold winds.

Snowboarding Jacket and Pants

When you are in the mountains, the weather takes a second to fluctuate, and therefore, you need to keep yourself equipped with the right jacket and pants to stay warm and covered. Good quality jackets are made of several layers of material which allows the jacket to keep you warm. At the same time, they are also breathable that won’t let your body become too warm or suffocating.

Snowboard gloves and goggles

Snowboarding gloves are important to keep your hands warm and dry. Make sure that the gloves you purchase are well insulated and waterproof. Since your hands will be very frequently in contact with the snow, you need to make sure that they are dry and warm, or else you will not be able to hold or grab anything because your hands will freeze.

Snowboarding goggles are also important because they protect your eyes from different things like snow, water, and dust particles. They also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. The goggles are the best gear to prevent the particles from entering your eyes due to the wind when you are drifting in the snow at high speed.

Final Words

So here are the top snowboarding gears’ that you need to purchase before going on the mountains for snowboarding. All the gears on this list have been placed while considering the real-life experiences of the experts. Before packing your bags for your first snowboarding trip, don’t forget to check the list of snowboarding items.

Several companies make amazing quality snowboarding gear for beginners. Snowboarding gears are designed to protect you from any injuries in case you meet an accident during extreme snowboarding. Never neglect the importance of wearing all equipment and create some amazing memories in your first snowboarding trip.

All the best for your first snowboarding trip & happy riding!