Best Diving In The World – Unmissable Locations

Best Diving In The World

The best diving in the world is normally found in exotic locations. At least this is what many magazines write. However, top diving locations can also be seen in less-exotic countries, such as France or Spain. However, some of the most spectacular locations are to be found in the Philippines, in Indonesia or even in Mexico with its unique cenotes.

From a more popular view perspective, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia offers some of the most amazing underwater scenes. Since it is endangered, it’s worth visiting as soon as possible. Other barrier reefs are to be found in Belize and the best part is that accessing these locations is easy. Most scuba divers and snorkelers can find their way to these impressive locations or book a group trip.

The best diving locations in the world are not automatically placed with warm water. There are plenty of great locations which are originally representing cold water diving. One of them is Iceland. It is here that divers can go deep in-between continents. This unique experience might need a bit more protective gear, but it is at least as spectacular as warm water diving. Here are the best diving locations in the world.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Lizard Island is where many divers from across the world dream of getting to. It represents one of the most impressive locations as humans don’t reach it easily. To get to the reef, divers need to rent out a boat or join a tour. Due to preservation reasons, access to the reef around Lizard Island is based on pre-booking.

Apart from the reef itself, the crystal-clear water represents one of the best reasons to visit the location above all other. At the same time, the fish, the sharks and the whales seen around the reefs are what makes the experience to another level.

2. The Red Sea – Egypt, Jordan, and Israel

The Red Sea

The Red Sea has inspired divers, poets, and musicians for centuries. Today, it offers one of the must-see diving destinations in the world. As a unique location with access from various countries, the Red Sea is vast and it offers distinct types of diving.

Open water divers can consider the various famous wrecks found in the Red Sea. Giannis D. and the SS Thistlegorm represent top attractions which can combine free diving with pieces of history in unique exotic locations.

3. Côte d’Azur, France

Côte d’Azur, France

France is an unlikely diving destination but it enjoys quick access and some of the best airports around the world. Diving locations around France are mainly suited for those seeking to see all types of fishes and sea life. Barracudas and octopuses can be seen around Côte d’Azur. At the same time, there is a large selection of locations featuring historic shipwrecks so history fans can find something of interest as well, great for exploring with a snorkel mask as well.

4. The Andaman Sea, Thailand

The Andaman Sea, Thailand

Thailand is a top South East Asia diving and snorkeling destination. It is known for its low prices and divers can take weeks off work to enjoy amazing underwater scenery for a fraction of a price of other countries.

Apart from affordability, the Andaman Sea is one of the best locations to see unique fish and sea life. Whale sharks are among the scariest things to see and photograph. Sea horses might prove less scary and more interesting to see and photograph for the entire family.

5. The Riviera Maya, Mexico

The Riviera Maya, Mexico

The Riviera Maya is one of the most spectacular locations for best diving experiences. Its deep sinkholes are known as Mexico’s cenotes and it represents a unique opportunity to see what real rock formations can do for underwater scenery. These sinkholes can be found around Mexico and they vary in depth and rock formations. They also require different diving skills so those who might not have the confidence to tackle the deepest locations in the world might consider Mexico’s cenotes as there are a few great locations to practice in.

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6. Silfra, Iceland

Silfra, Iceland

Silfra might not be the most popular location for diving, but it is quickly becoming a hit with amateur divers as well as for those seeking unique cold water diving. It sits between two continents and this makes the dive very spectacular, even if the water is not the clearest.

There is not much sea life to look at during this dive. But those traveling to Iceland can also book other dives which would get them closer to fish and whales. One of the best parts about the Silfra dive is that it brings divers close to where heated volcanic water is pumped out into the cold sea. The unique sight is worth the visit on its own.


It is hard to differentiate between these best dives in the world. But all of them should be seen at least once. Many divers will be able to improve their skills in different environments. Some of these locations such as those in Australia come with crystal-clear waters. Other such as those in Iceland require better physical conditions but the rewards are somewhat different.

Even the best diving locations in the world need the best diving equipment. This is why divers and snorkelers of all levels need to come prepared. Good research about the depth and the duration of the dive is a great place to start planning. Gathering friends or groups of divers is a must-do when it comes to traveling in such remote locations. A good tip is to check available dates for boat rentals as many of them are restricted, especially those in areas with reefs such as at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.