The Best Dive Watch For The Money For 2019

No outdoor adventurer can overemphasize the importance of having the best dive watch for the money when you are going diving. But at the same time, many people ask why they should buy a dive watch when they have a computer. The answer is very simple. A dive watch is ...
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Image of top diving mistakes

10 Top Diving Mistakes You Should Avoid

Being underwater is one of the most exciting experiences you will enjoy as a newbie diver. However, you should allow emotions to get the better of you, since you can make life-threatening mistakes under the water. Even pro divers were also new learners and they did some of the mistakes ...
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best full face snorkeling mask

10 Best Full Face Snorkeling Mask Reviews

Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews Choosing the best full face snorkeling mask can be hard since there are so many in the market. However, if you love exploring the wonders of Mother Nature inside the water, you know you have to get your face inside the water. This is a ...
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Image of best places to snorkel in Florida

15 Best Places To Snorkel In The US

With one of the most extensive coastlines in the world, it should not be a problem to know the best places to snorkel in the US. Just imagine what a gem the shoreline of 95,471 miles is to snorkel and diving lovers! Snorkeling is not a tropics’ exercise where you ...
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